We went to the high school game last night and saw our youngest one march in the and. She was a flag tosser and they performed really well. The band as a whole sounded really well to me. We left with less than five minutes in the fourth quarter behind by at least a touchdown–and then the other team fumbled on their own thirty-five yard line and we scored and won! Such a nice surprise to come home to after giving up. We are going to watch State tonight, I think.

.Talked to my middle one who is handling COVID much better the second time around. She’s had the vaccine now and i handling it well. Bob finally went in to take the vaccine because their work insurance plan insisted everyone get it or submit to weekly testing. I am glad he finally decided to; With his lung problems, he didn’t need to keep going without them.

I think I’m going to take a nap after I finish. Bob didn’t sleep well so neither did I. I will enjoy a nap. I hope I can get phone calls done the first of next week and finally wrap up this story.

Need todo a couple more emails before I do. Hope everyone stays safe this weekend. We seem to have passed the peak in this wave. Hopefully cases and deaths will keep dropping. Pray for Louisiana–people are still suffering there.



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