I went to see my mom for her birthday today. I figured we would eat at noon, but my sister didn’t get there until after one. So I was late getting back. I need to decide if I am cooking tonight. I am exhausted, though.

My sister got me a MSU 2021 College World Series National Champion t-shirt for my birthday. So that was nice. I never told mom anything to get so I guess she couldn’t think of anything. Daddy was in a good mood, but my sister’s baby was NOT. He didn’t calm down until just before I left.

The game was so good yesterday/last night. We had a beautiful first kickoff return for 100 yards to start the game so that lit up the place up pretty well. It was the first home game too so that was fun. Bob was picking up pizza when it happened so he missed it. But we had other good moments too and won the game.

I guess I need to figure out dinner. I am really tired. I think I’m going to suggest Mexican. Hope everyone has a good week. I had a good day but the driving was tiring. Godspeed.

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