I’ve Done It

I’ve actually done some things this morning! I went to the grocery store and picked up a few things then made another phone call on my MCIR story and got some response, which was great! Still have calls to do but I am going to be speaking to legislators and such so I will get a lot of wiggly squirmy answers trying to not say anything that will hurt themselves.

I did lie down after doing so much until I got the phone call, so now I’m awake and back up doing things. I Will soon be getting lunch so that will be nice. Mike got his copy of my thesis and wrote me the nicest note about me sending it to him and including him in the dedication. So that was nice to hear.

I will soon need to work on my October piece or BPHope. I am trying so hard to stay up on doing these assignments. I need to find the fun in writing again. This part is fun to me–the blogging where I can just talk about whatever I want and share my thoughts. But the more structured stuff needs to be fun again as well and stop being afraid of the blank page.

I am hungry. I’m going to go ahead and wind up here and eat. Hope everyone has a good week. Mine is starting off well and I hope it can continue that way.

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