I think the weather is making me sleepy. We are experiencing the leftovers of Nicholas down in the Gulf, with a lot of humidity and rain. I need to get out and get milk and some of my medicine. But it looks so yucky out.

We are trying to get tickets for me to go to Orlando to help my oldest when she has her surgery. Bob is supposed to take care of it at lunch today. Hopefully he can.

I’m really feeling the weight of this decision to try full-time work. It’s going to mean a lot of changes around here and a lot of change and determination on my part to get back into the swing of that kind of work. I’ve made several applications now and now am waiting on hearing back. I’m getting kind of scared now. What if no one will hire me? What if I can’t hack the work? Very much self-doubt all of a sudden.

I need to run out and do my errands while it’s not actively raining. Stay safe. Godspeed.

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