My body and mind are rebelling at the idea of being awake and productive all day long. Trying to convince me I can’t do it. I just need practice again, that’s all. And if I want to work, I will, by God.

Bought tickets for the trip to Orlando. Nice price on them considering they are round-trip and on weekend days. Maybe its the time of year. But I’m all set up for going. I so hope I am able to help as much as is needed. I know my temptation will be to play with the baby all day long. But my oldest will need help with cooking and etc. as well. I hope I can be a help instead of a hindrance.

Waiting on Bob to bring lunch–he said he was in the mood for Ramey’s. They do country food–fried chicken, turnip greens, butterbeans, etc. So that will be yummy.

My mood isn’t bad. I’m just very sleepy and feeling bothered by that. Not able to stay awake, etc. I need to do laundry today so I will get to that. Hopefully I can get something done today. Hope everyone continues to be safe. You’re all probably safer than me–we are now the #1 state in COVID deaths per capita. Pray that this nightmare can end,

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