So Bob is home because of his cough and refuses to go get a COVID test. I am so frustrated at him and at his company for not making him get one. He developed symptoms well in the time period for incubation for getting it from our middle one, who’s last quarantine day is today. He says it just feels like a bad sinus infection. Sigh.

I did not sleep well last night. I just laid there with my head just spinning around. I went back to bed after everyone left and caught some up so I don’t feel like face-planting into the keyboard. I sent some emails and swapped around some laundry before I went down so I got a little bit done this morning. I need to follow up on other emails and do some reading. This morning while I was sleeping, I kept thinking I had final exams this week and I hadn’t had time to read the books for one particular class. Anxiety all over again.

It’ll soon be time for lunch–I need to run out and get me a coke or tea or something. Maybe that will keep me awake through this afternoon. I hope so.

4 thoughts on “Illness

  1. My husband and I have been sick lately with pharyngitis. Not COVID, thankfully. But it’s odd being ill after going so long without a cold or flu or anything (due to masks and social distancing). I am fairly isolated anyway. My to-do list includes things like “drinking coffee” and “take meds” which are both easy for me to do, and helps me feel like I accomplished something, lol. Like you, I want to return to writing.


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