Months ago we saw an advertisement for a LEGO display show down te road from us in Peal. I bought three tickets since Bob was so excited about it. It finally came today, and Bob was too sick to go. So my youngest and I went. There were some really impressive LEGO installations–the Taj Mahal, Washington, DC, Jabba the Hutt’s Court, a whole two tables of NASA installations, from the Saturn V to the ISS, flat LEGO pictures, etc. My youngest took lots of pictures and brought them home to show Bob. Then we went out for pizza and brought him a personal one home.

So that has been my morning. Need to do a little laundry this afternoon and figure out what to eat tonight. Then start putting together the stories I’ve contracted to do. Time has snuck up on me. Wednesday’s my birthday, next Saturday band competitions start, then the next Saturday I fly out for my oldest’s surgery. So I am about to be even busier.

We slept late this morning, but we both needed it-I am having trouble going to sleep and then staying asleep late into the night. I think it’s because of the cut down on some of my medicine, but I’m going to try to stay awake more today and see if that makes a difference. I usually take a nap beginning about now but we also have the ballgame this afternoon. So I’m going to watch that. Maybe we can keep our winning streak going. That would be interesting.

I suppose I will run. I need to go to the grocery store before the game so I need to run. Have a good weekend!

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