Early Birthday Present

Yesterday I decided to go ahead and open my birthday present that had it sitting in a delivery box from Amazon for several days. Bo had said I could open it whenever i wanted to as long as my youngest was there. So last night I opened–and it was a small record player that could fit on my desk and it included the soundtrack of the Disney soundtrack of the movie Soul. Supposedly I have another record arriving to finish out the package so I may get to open it on my birthday.

The funniest thing is that we both had a stash of records we brought to the marriage from our childhoods, so I have been playing a lot of old novelty songs that my parents bought for me when I was a kid, and Bob has several old Disney soundtracks you cant get anymore. So we’ve been listening to those too! 🙂

I had an epiphany today. Last night I had gotten down all over again about how good my life used to be before I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. So I had gone to bed not doing well. But the Sunday School lesson referenced The Screwtape Letters. Lewis was talking in Screwtape’s character and pointed out that all people’s lives are a series of ups and downs and it was Wormwood’s job was to find ways to distract the Christian from doing God’s will during the low times. I knew this fact but was just reminded it that I shouldn’t keep chasing that particular mirage because my life was so different now. So we will see if my attitude gets better.

I will try to work on my BPHope article this afternoon or this evening. Right now I need to finish my youngest one’s laundry. Hope everyone has a good weekend and your week goes well as well. Godspeed.

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