Funny Discovery

I’ve discovered it puts me in a much better mood to listen to these silly recordings I had as a kid. I have two Disco Duck albums, which are pretty much what Kidz Bop albums are today–songs that were hits of the day sung in kind of a parody way. So that’s interesting. Not sure what I’ll be working on ths morning but I’m certainly going to try.

Got a notification on one of my applications–the one with the VA. They said I was qualified, but they were giving veterans preference hiring on the position and would keep my application on file to see if other people didn’t work out or dropped out. So we will see.

Candy and Christy came today a day early because of their schedule with their other job working with the Ampitheater. So that was good to have the house clean. I am going to pick up more tomorrow because my youngest is having a boy over to dinner tomorrow night. This is the rule–he’s asked her to the Homecoming Dance, so he has to come here for dinner before they can go to Homecoming together. Homecoming is October 1. So we will see how this goes.

I am in a pretty good mood. I slept in a bit–had a hard time waking up for Bob and my youngest to leave, but I got up when the girls came over. I am noticing a lot more trouble sleeping solid at night. But that just may be the price I pay to feel better during the day. I wrote my BPHope article yesterday and didn’t have a bit of troube getting it down. So that really felt like a victory. I hope the editor likes it, too.

Almost time for lunch–I think I will go get ready for it. Hope everyone has a good day today and a good week as well. Watch for the virus. Godspeed.

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