First Date

Well, the youngest has a dinner date tonight–a boy asked her out to the Homecoming Dance, and the rule is that a prospective date has to come eat dinner with us before plans go further so we know who we are dealing with. She’s pretty closed-mouthed about her friends (All our girls have been). So this is how we devised to know something about who our girls are dating.

SO I am cooking and cleaning up for the event. I just put the red beans and rice on for the crockpot and I’m about to cook a chocolate cake for dessert. I forgot to buy cornbread mix at the grocery store so I think I will have to think up the recipe my mom taught me and try it again (I got where I couldn’t cook it right after I got sick so I had to go to a mix.)

I’m listening to “Hamilton” while I work. I just needed something to perk me up. I was more or less in the bed until 12:30 this afternoon. So I have been VERY busy this afternoon.

I guess I wil go cook more I am getting nervy. But we will see how it goes. Think about us trying to put on the impression that we are a normal family :).

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