Happy Birthday to ME!

So today is my birthday–not a big-round-number one, but one more that I’m glad to see. I got my other present from my youngest yesterday. My middle daughter had found me Fantasia 2000 several years ago on CD, so Bob decided to find me the original Fantasia on album, He did–one of the original albums issued when the movie came out! He didn’t realize it–he bought it through Amazon but it was from a third-party Marketplace vendor. I’m listening to it now and it is in perfect condition. So now I am going to order Harry Connick Jr’s gospel album as my present from my oldest. We worked this out beforehand šŸ™‚

The First Date went well. The boy was very nice and polite and personable. He had red hair, was a year or so older than my youngest one, is looking to go to State and major in cybersecurity, and is the same height as my youngest one. A bit skinny, too. But that’s all right. They got along with each other and with us; we found things in common to talk about over dinner, then left them alone for about half-an-hour then moved him along so she could go to bed on time. (And the house is cleaned up. I made sure of that.)

Well. I’m going to try to get to work and see what all I can find out. Hope everyone has a great day and week going on the downhill stretch. Godspeed.

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