Cool Down

The weather has certainly cooled down, just like it always does right around my birthday. We are having some beautiful sunshine and breezes. I am trying to enjoy it and not think about November and how wet and gray it always is. October can really be beautiful early in Mississippi so I am looking forward to that.

My mom and dad came to visit today. They were on their way to the VA Hospital to do a checkup on Daddy. We had lunch together at the house and talked over all kinds of stuff–old memories, new kittens, and the kids. I meant to show them a picture of my grandbaby but we got to talking and I forgot. The grandbaby was babbling big to my oldest yesterday so she called me so he could pretend to say Happy Birthday. He sounded very content and cheerful and babbly. I think I will enjoy messing with him when I get down there after next week.

I had a thought last night–I tried hard to make my memoir as positive as I could, not calling anyone out abut how they made me feel at times. I think I need to go back and be more honest about some of this. Like some of the things that happened during Katrina, other stuff that has happened more recently that has made me aware of what was actually going on way back when. I think it’s going to hurt me inside to put some of that stuff in. That’s why I’ve avoided it so long. But being honest I think is best. I will see what I can write down.

I guess I will try to get to it. Either that or take another nap :). I also need to start some laundry t stay caught up this week. Godspeed, everyone.

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