Another Application

Just sent off to another state job, newly created, they said. So we will see if there’s any interest there. Slow day so far. I really worked yesterday, so it’s no surprise I’ve been a little sluggish today. But I am up for more work so I am looking forward to that this afternoon.

I finally slept good last night. I had been tossing and turning terribly and keeping Bob awake, too. But I slept last night.

Got a rundown on the grandbaby last night–he is almost eleven pounds at two months and did really well with his shots. They were impressed with how well he held his head up and met other milestones so my oldest was happy abut that. I need more pictures, though. 🙂

I changed my headshot on Facebook and need to do it on the rest of my platforms as well. It looked kind of weird in the light and I kept staring at it trying to see why it looked weird. I finally hit on it–the light made my white hair look BLONDE. I have NEVER been a blonde. So that was funny.

My med combination seems to be working except I still have daytime sleepiness. But it may be as much habit as a real need for sleep. I’m used to going back to bed. But my mood is good–I don’t have that awful nihilist track running in my head and I am able to take negative thoughts and run through them and get them out of my head.

I’ve hit an interesting milestone with the blog–FeedSpot keeps up with rankings of blogs in various categories. I’ve been on their list of bipolar blogs for a long time, but I recently broke the top twenty in the list! I am so proud of the work I have done here and want to say how glad I am for all of you reading me and helping me reach this milestone. Godspeed.

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