We’re Gonna Lose. . .

We play LSU today and they are calling us to lose. We won almost all of our non-conference games except one the refs screwed up–to the point that the official officiating organization put out a statement that they screwed up–but this game starts SEC play so we may be sunk. Then again, maybe not. You never know in the SEC and with Mississippi State.B

We slept in. We’re about to go get pizza and watch the game so we plan to have a good day. Our youngest has a band competition today at her school so she will go to that after lunch and probably come in late tonight. We will see.

Saw last night that my BPHope story came out on the blog about finding purpose with bipolar. It looked good to me, and apparently to her since she didn’t send it back for editing. I am really glad I have kept up with them–I hope I may can write more for the magazine too and get paid. We will see.

My mood has really been good except for me not sleeping at night. I’m not sure what is up with that. But I guess that is the trade off for being awake through the day. But I do feel energized to do work and that’s a good thing. Godspeed.

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