The Worker Shortage is Real

I found another job to apply for on LinkedIn. I have never seen so many PR-sorts of jobs available in Jackson. Hopefully they plan to fairly compensate everyone they hire. It was an online application and they use those sons-of-guns to weed out the less persistent, I swear. Took me thirty minutes to find out the page illustrated on the instructions-to-apply-PDF did not exist, and I just had to start pressing buttons to get the screen I wanted.

Told Bob I had an interview Friday the day they sent me the email. And yesterday he said he didn’t think I could handle working full-time. He might be right. But then again, he might be wrong. And the more he tells me I can’t, the more determined I am to prove I can. I may can only work a few months. I may have to have lots of support and accommodations. But what I cannot do is sit around the house until he retires. That is what he seems unable to understand.

Getting closer to being able to ship out and help my oldest after her surgery. I leave Sunday afternoon and fly direct, thank goodness. We will see how me and the grandbaby get along. We did last time I saw him so hopefully we will this time, too. 🙂 He’s heard my voice over the phone enough he should be a little familiar with it. So hopefully that will help as well.

Well, Bob is about to head out for work and I need to pack up soon so I will be ready to leave. Sort out the last of the laundry today hopefully and go to the grocery store for the next few nights. Hope everything is going well with everyone else. Stay safe from COVID. Godspeed.

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