One More Day

So tomorrow I will be snuggling with my grandson by late afternoon in Florida. Packed my stuff, got my meds, about to go get toys out of storage. I have about tied up all the loose ends. So glad I will be able to relax.

My youngest had a good time last night for homecoming. She got home after halftime and changed, waited around for the boy; he came with his parents and we and they took pictures at our house, then they went for a quick dinner and photoshoot in Flowood then came back to the school for the dance. She got in right around midnight. They ate at a Mexican restaurant, which is her favorite. SO everything went really well, and now she is on her way to a band competition in Gautier MS, so Bob and I have the house to ourselves again.

There’s a game today but I’m not sure I’ll watch it. I may try to catch up or get ahead on my sleep. We ate a late breakfast and looks like well eat a late lunch as well. I’m feeling pretty good–I can tell I’m a little apprehensive because my back is a little tight and I made sure to buy Dramamine in case I get really anxious on the flight. I may carry all my meds in my purse just so I can get to the Klonopin if I need it. I will have to see if it fits in the carry-on.

Guess I will go find those toys if I can. Love to all.

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