Grandbaby Time

I got into Orlando yesterday and got to ride in the car backseat with my grandbaby. He has grown and has quite the sunny personality–until it’s time to go to sleep. Then he turns into a screaming terror. He slept good–only got up once and his daddy had come in and wanted to mess with him, so he put him back to sleep and he slept until almost seven a.m. I’ve been messing with him all morning, but he wanted to be put to sleep by his mom so we did that.

I was up and down with him just because he makes burbly and cooing noises in his sleep so I didn’t sleep too solid. But I am making it so far. My oldest has his surgery tomorrow so I will have him all to myself. (scared emoji). But we’ll manage.

I’m about to eat lunch while he is sleeping. Hope everyone is doing well. I am sleepy but happy I can do this for them and help out. Godspeed.

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