Baby is Asleep

So I am eating lunch while the baby is napping. My son-in-law is home trying to catch up on his sleep since he couldn’t get tonight off. My daughter had just gone into surgery when he left. He said they told him they wouldn’t need him until 1:30 pm or so. We’ve had an interesting morning–they put their dogs up in their bedroom once they left and they howled and barked and whined and scratched the door intermittently. So when my son-in-law came home he let them go outside.

But the baby has been very sweet most of the time. When he is grumpy, nothing will do but a bottle. He won’t really take a pacifier unless he is already half-asleep. But we’ve played with the toys I brought and sung to each other (Me in Elvis Presley and him in babble). We are getting along pretty good so far.

The rest of the world is turning out there, but I am not really paying attention. I have a special time and I am going to enjoy it. Godspeed to everyone.

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