Baby slept until 5 am without a feeding last night! So that was good that he is getting back to normal for him. He tried to wake up one time and I gave him his pacifier since his eyes weren’t open yet, and he went right back to sleep. So that made everyone feel better with a good night’s sleep.

My oldest overdid yesterday when I was sick and is paying for it today. But hopefully she will start feeling better today. My back is not as bad so maybe I am getting used to the lifting and bending.

I’m soon going to eat lunch and try to rest up from messing with him all morning. I am still holding up better than I ever expected to but will be glad to get home–I miss Bob and my youngest.

I went into the baby’s room this morning to grab something and found one of the dogs in my blowup bed I’ve been sleeping on. (Have I ever mentioned that dogs are not my favorite?) So I chased her out and let her go in the room with my son-in-law, who was still asleep. He works a afternoon/night shift and has to sleep pretty late.

Well, I’m going to get my lunch. Hope everyone has a good day. I hope to go shopping for the baby today–larger clothes, new formula, a few more toys, etc. We will see how it goes. Godspeed.

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