Saw Tillie today and had a good conversation with her–got a lot off my chest about things. I am very tired because I did not sleep well with my back acting up. I just hope the pain goes away soon because I can’t seem to take NSAIDS any more. They made me sick at my oldest’s house and before that shot my liver panels up with my doctor. So I am just hoping that being careful can help it.

I am waiting on my oldest to call about her doctor’s appointment to follow up on her surgery. I hope everything is fine. She is supposed to go back to work Thursday. I hope it goes well.

I am trying to accomplish more today–finish the BPHope story and get to work on the others. I just wish I felt physically better. I think I am going to get a heating pad and see if it helps. It didn’t happen overnight so I know it’s not going to leave me that quickly either. But I just want to feel better.

Bob has so far been able to stay at work. I hope he can keep doing better. The cold snap is probably not helping him any either. But it does feel nice outside.

I guess I will sign off and go get the heating pad. Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe from the virus. Godspeed everyone.

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