Today we play Vanderbilt in football–hopefully we can win. If not, we are worse than I anticipated we would be this year. But we will see. Our home team won for the high school ame last night so that was good. My youngest wanted to participate in the band tradition last night of hanging out at Waffle House after the game so we told her she could. It’s been a thing they do ever since my oldest was in band, but neither she nor the middle one ever did it because they never asked us to since they thought we wouldn’t let them. So. Cue the whining when they find out she did. (I’m kidding, mostly. Our oldest tends to accuse us of favoring the youngest and letting her do things they never did. So) But she came in saying she didn’t have time to go and be home when we wanted her to. That’s all right, too.

Waiting on lunchtime–we’re going somewhere we haven’t been in a long time. Frisco’s serves embarrassingly huge portions of chicken tenders and fries so we are going to take the youngest there to fuel up for the band competition this afternoon and tonight. It will be yummy.

The baby did great at his other grandmother’s yesterday–she sent my oldest a short video of him giggling as she played with him so my oldest sent it to me. So now I can watch him laugh and carry on whenever I want to. 🙂 I am so glad things are working out for her to go back to work with the baby all taken care of.

I slept good again last night so hopefully I have turned a corner on that. Maybe I won’t be manic after all. I am glad of that. My mood is still good so that helps as well. I am going to try to finish my MCIR story today after my youngest goes to competition but before the game starts. It will be short but sweet.

I guess I will go and get dressed for the day. Hope everyone has a good weekend. Stay safe of the virus. Godspeed.

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