Still Recovering

Slept last night without the daily painkiller and did pretty well–my back seems tender this morning but it’s not nearly as bad as it was. So I feel good about that.

Got back some edits from my editor at MCIR on my telehealth story so I will be working my way through those Monday. I made two preliminary phone calls to those and sent an email so I should have some of the answers early next week. I will also start on the others next week so we will see how that goes.

I am in a good mood. It’s amazing what happens when you just hurt constantly then get better. So I am looking forward to having the youngest one’s boyfriend over tonight. He really seems like a nice kid and is really sweet to our daughter. He’s always doing small things for her like bringing her a bite of breakfast at school and walking her to and from class. I’m happy for her.

I went off of Klonopin since I forgot to grab it while I was packing for Florida and I have felt so much better since I did. I am not so sleepy during the day and able to get so much more done. I haven’t had any anxiety also so that has been nice as well. Maybe I have finally learned how to handle my anxiety with prayer. I hope so because I spent all summer being so anxious and I don’t want to go through that again ever.

I guess I will leave it at that. Hope everyone has a good weekend. Love to all.

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