Bad Mood

I am in a really bad mood today.

I didn’t go to sleep on time last night, but I’m not sure if that is all of why I feel so bad. It’s part of it, because I feel hungry, sleepy, thirsty, fat, and stupid. I can do something about some of those–I have a glass of ice water I am sipping on, I will fix lunch in a bit, and I can take a nap this afternoon, but the rest is a mystery. I just don’t feel good at all.

We won our game last night, so that was good. My youngest one’s boyfriend came over and that was fine. Dinner was a mess because I had a Blue Apron recipe that was not tasty or appetizing-looking, so we threw it out after a few bites and ordered pizza. So that was embarrassing to me. But we made it. I am going to cook jambalaya for lunch and pork cutlets tonight. So that is taken care of. But I just want to eat and collapse into bed. So I suppose I will this afternoon.

Tomorrow I will start on my new MCIR stories and see what I can find out about the edits my editor wants me to do. I am going to try to push through this bad mood and hopefully it will be better tomorrow. Hopefully I can feel better after lunch.

Hope the rest of you are doing better. I hope to be feeling better soon. Godspeed to all.

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