Waiting Again

Bob was just checked for COVID again. He has a lot of pain in his bronchial tubes and went to the doctor. He is home waiting on the COVID test results right now. So we will see what comes of it. I’m not anxious about it–we’ve all had it by now and haven’t had problems with it, and I just got boosted so I doubt I’ll catch it even if he does have a case of it. My youngest may have to be out of school, but we will cross that bridge later.

I am at serious loose ends this morning. I have made all the phone calls and sent all the emails I can at the moment for my stories. I am going to send formal requests for information next week to some of these people if they don’t call back. I am ready to offload some of these stories and get them into print instead of just in my head. But I want them done well so I need to work on a lot of angles.

I am in a good mood and have good energy, which I am trying to use while I have it :). I may have to break out my creative writing prompts and spend time with them to burn off the excess emotional energy I have. I don’t want to just check my emails over and over and over again. I did that yesterday and the day was LONG.

Maybe I can just read today. That would be fun. We will see.

The weather is supposed to be bad upstate so I don’t think we’re going to see my family this weekend. They are talking about snow and sleet. It’s not supposed to hit us here, but we don’t need to be caught up there and get stuck until it all melts. So I suppose we will be home this weekend.

Hope everyone is winding up the week well. Godspeed.

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