We have heavy rain going on, but the real worry is tomorrow–some forecasts say we are supposed to get snow. So EVERYONE was at the grocery store this morning. I bought food for up through Monday night. I hope it doesn’t snow; we don’t need more hassle keeping the kids out of school. But we will see how this goes.

Had a weird dream last night that worries me some–it’s like dreams I have had before when I’ve been manic or in a mixed episode. At least I can keep an eye on what is going on since maybe it gave me a heads-up about my mental state. Drat. And I thought I was just doing well.

Bob is getting better slowly. We plan to go out for lunch, and I hope the wet air doesn’t set him back too much. I think we are going to get Mexican. My youngest really likes a certain Mexican restaurant, so we will go there. Then settle in and wait for the weather to do whatever it’s going to do. I just hope if we have winter weather that it’s snow and not ice. I don’t want to lose power.

Such a dreary day. Makes me want to go back to bed. But I don’t think I will this morning. Maybe this afternoon after lunch take a nice nap. We don’t really have anything scheduled to do today–Sunday I should go to church unless we’re snowed in or going to be snowed in at the church if I go. I’m not going to chance it if the weather is really cold. I don’t want to be stuck.

Well, we will be leaving soon for lunch. I hope everyone is doing well this weekend. Pray for Bob as he gets better. Thank you.

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