I just read about a new memoir coming out from HarperCollins. I know the author. She is young. She is talented. She is angry. She is everything I am not. And I am infinitely jealous. When will it be my turn? Will it ever by my turn? Is it too late to be my turn? I was writing at her age–and I was grateful for the success I had. I didn’t know it could be so much bigger if I had been certain things. I wasn’t talented enough. Now I know to reach my goals I need to put in the work. But it feels so late. I know it’s not. But I see this success for someone else and I feel left out, passed over. And old.

I know. I’m whining. So I will stop.

We did not get all the snow–we just got a bit that has already melted. But lots of places north and east of us got 3-6 inches or more. Talked to mom–they still have power but have a good it of snow. She said they are staying inside and out of it. If I know my dad, he will go and traipse around a bit. But I don’t think they have ice under it. We will see how it goes. The kids are already out of school tomorrow for MLK Jr. Day so no worries about that. It shouldn’t last long enough to affect Tuesday’s school.

I am cooking lunch. So I need to run. Hope everyone has a good day. Godspeed.

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