Long day already. I went to the dentist and had a crown put back on that had come off last Friday. Bob is back home–he started running a fever at work so he came home and got a PCR test for COVID done at the doctor’s office. It will be a few days before it is giving results. He says he feels better–that’s why he went in to work in the first place. So very frustrating.

I am just out of sorts today. I just don’t feel right. I want to go back to bed so much. I did this morning and slept a bit, but I think I have things to do this afternoon and will not really have time, I’m afraid. But I am so worried about Bob and just don’t feel good today.

I don’t have a lot to say. I am going to have to cancel Candy coming because we won’t have his results back by then. At least I don’t have anything else I have scheduled this week I will have to cancel. But I guess we will make it–we always do. Godspeed.

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