My COIVD test hasn’t come back yet, but the doctor thinks Bob has regular pneumonia. They don’t want him to go to the hospital because with COVID, it’s not safe for him. So we are just waiting everything out. I went back to bed this morning and haven’t been up very long now. I will see if I can stay going this afternoon to do laundry, etc.

My mood is darkening a little just because I feel so bad. I just wish I felt better physically. Glad I don’t have real work to do right now. I have been offered the UPress job but am thinking more before I take it–I will let them know next week. So that is good. I am excited about starting somewhere. They went up significantly on the pay in their offer, so I feel better about doing it, not like I’d be working strictly for the fun of it. And it’s still under SGA for my disability.

Well, got the call–I don’t have COVID, but the nurse said I may be experiencing side effects from the booster shot. So we just don’t know. But at least my youngest doesn’t have to worry about getting sick as much.

I think I am done for now. Hope everyone is doing well. Godspeed.


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