Moving The Needle

FInally got some information on one of my stories so that is good. Told MCIR that I was going to be taking a part-time job. She was supportive–I told her I would try to clear these last two stories before I began in February so that made her happy. I told her I still wanted to work for her if I could so i think that helped as well. They’ve been so good to me that I don’t want to give them up for good.

I weighed this morning (early) and I’ve lost three pounds already. So that encourages me to keep going. I’m slowly getting to where I’m not as hungry during the day as I was at first. My coach says that means I am moving into fat-burn mode and will probably be able to lose pretty easily if I stay with the plan. So that is that.

I am doing good mood-wise. Just tired from Bob tossing and turning last night. He said he feels good today except for his cough is trying to kick back up how that he’s off the steroid. But we will stay in this weekend again so as to not aggravate his situation and all. Me and my youngest may go out to eat and bring him something back tomorrow just to get out of the house. We will see.

My father-in-law is home from the hospital, and they are scheduling sitters and home health to come in and help him with everything. He is still in congestive heart failure and he still has pneumonia. But they are controlling it at home. Bob’s mom sounds optimistic, so we are too.

I see TIllie next week and will have a lot to go over with her. I will need to start scheduling my appointments on Monday and Friday so as to not have to take off on my days I work. I am so looking forward to being out and working. I know from talking to the people that it’s not really going to be a challenging job, but just a new routine is sounding exciting.

SO I guess that’s all this morning. I will have to start training my attention span to be longer so I can stay on task longer for work. But it will come. Hope everyone has a good weekend. Godspeed.

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