Going to Be A Good Day

This day is going to be a good day. I can tell.

I feel good and have a plan for the day. Not sure I’ll follow it, but that’ll be okay too if I don’t. I need to go grocery shopping and that is all that has to happen today. I also want to call people for my story but I’m not going to stress over it if I have to leave messages.

I only marked one pound lost this week but I lost an inch off my waist so I am counting that as a win. Bob lost down to 285 so he was happy after only losing one pound last week. I asked him yesterday if he really wants to continue with it and he said he did even though it was hard. So I’m going with that.

Got some very satisfying professional news. Can’t share because it’s about one of my recent legal stories but it made me feel good about my choices for what I am doing that I am making a difference in people’s lives.

I guess I will go and get to work. Hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for reading. Godspeed.


New Computer!

Got my new computer last night! It’s the same type as my old one, a Surface Pro, but the newest model. The old one had developed sticky typewriter keys and was becoming such a pain to type on, plus the touch screen had cut out a couple of years ago. So that is taken care of. My new one is so responsive and really, really fast at processing everything. I am so glad I finally pulled the trigger and bought it. Still waiting on my work computer to come in–that will be good as well.

Getting ready to go to church. It’s cold down here right now, but later this week it’s supposed to warm up. We will see if that happens. It’s about time for it to–usually around mid-February it starts warming up for good. I’m looking forward to the warmer weather outside to travel in.

Tomorrow I have a dental cleaning and plan to do more work on the medical marijuana story. Call my last round of people, do another round of internet research, and then write it up. I thought of an idea for a personal column on it so I proposed that. We will see if she is interested. Basically saying that it will take a lot more research and studies before I feel comfortable taking it for bipolar disorder. So I think that’s a worthwhile perspective to have in the story coverage.

Bob’s dad is home from the hospital–they let him out Friday. I haven’t seen him, but my oldest did before they left and she said he looked a lot better than right before he went in. We will see how things go.

My mood has rebounded quite a bit. I think some of the news has been cheering–how hard Ukraine is fighting back, etc. The resistance may be doomed to fail, but they are trying to give the Russians a run for their money, which is better than everyone expected. I’m glad I fought back against the low mood as hard as I could. I do NOT want to slide so far downhill that I can’t come back. Doing my best.

Hope everyone has a good day and week. Good to hear from you if you have comments or want to share your difficulties. The comments are always open. Godspeed.

All Gone

Just heard from my oldest–they are about two hours out from home still. But they have made it fine, and the baby has slept so they have had an okay time of it. I’ll be thankful when they are safely back.

I’m glad they were here. Seeing them was good. When we see them again, little man will probably be walking. He was scooting across the floors pretty good while he was here. We are going down in July for his birthday. But they facetime and send us videos and all that good stuff. So we’re not going to miss out on too much.

We have a dance competition today and I need to pick up my computer this afternoon at Best Buy–I am going to leave my computer with them to transfer files and get the other one up and running. I will have to learn a new version of Word and get used to all the other new stuff. But it should be a vast improvement over this one with a new keyboard and having the touch screen back and all that. So I am looking forward to it. I may not get to blog tomorrow depending on how long it takes them to get around to working on it.

My mood is better. I am avoiding the news and twitter. I don’t need all that evil filling up my mind right now. I want to have a restful weekend and hit the work again Monday and see how things are going to go. Thank goodness I have the job so I am not just mooning around the house unsupervised.

I suppose I need to run get ready to go to dance. Keep my mind off of things. I hope you al are doing well. Godspeed.

Low Mood

I guess it’s because of all the insanity going around. My mood is shot.

I went to bed early last night and woke up early this morning and my mind was running amok. I am glad I have a counseling appointment today. I need it. I am praying for a clear head and avoiding negative stuff like the news programs, etc. I plan to pay music all day today to try to drown out everything tripping off in my head.

I managed well yesterday–I had work to distract me. Even playing with the baby was a relief. But right now I just feel sick in the head. I am praying for my mood to improve before my oldest and her family get here but I’m not feeling confident about that for some reason. I am going to try to pamper myself in ways that I know work to elevate mood for me–a serving of hot chocolate mid-morning, maybe a good book while the baby is sleeping, etc. We will see.

Praying for the world. Godspeed.

And The Day Stayed Rough

My father-in-law wound up back in the hospital yesterday. So it was not a good day for anyone much. My oldest was really upset yesterday. But they get him in a hospital room after being in the ER last night and are monitoring him. So.

Baby didn’t nap yesterday at all. So that was rough on everyone. Hopefully he slept well last night. But I’m not optimistic. I hope he will sleep well on the way up to my mom’s today. Incessant fussing is wearing on anyone, and my oldest really does not need that stress right now.

Work went well yesterday–I lost myself in trying to do one job and almost overstayed my hours. But my direct report reminded me of what time it was so I got off in time. We will see how it goes this morning.

My mood is still good but sobered a bit. I am just trying to stay aware of what all is going on around me and be aware of myself as well. I want to be calm as I can be while being empathetic. We will see what happens.

I need to finish getting ready. Hope all are doing well. Love to all.

Rough Start

My oldest just came in with the baby and said he had been up and down all night–they finally got him into a solid sleep by driving him around. So they are here early this morning. Poor things.

Headed in to work today and we will see what happens. Hopefully the work I did last Thursday saved to the cloud and I can pull it up today. And hopefully the computer will work well.

Things went really well yesterday-we all played and had fun, then went out ot lunch, the grocery shopped, then the kids went over to my in-laws’ for a bit and had kind of a rough visit–my father-in-law wasn’t doing well at that moment. Then they came back and my oldest cooked while the baby slept.

Well, I need to run. Have a good day.


So my oldest and her family made it here fine yesterday. My oldest slept while Bob and I played with the baby. I’m glad his daddy stayed awake for a bit because he was really scared to be in a whole new place and couldn’t see his mama. But his daddy being there reassured him. So he played well and crawled/scooted wherever he wanted to go. He was so sweet to see. We went over to my in-laws, and Bob’s mom made a big fuss over him, playing with him and having fun. I’m glad we went.

They’re supposed to come back this morning but I’m not sure what time. I will be here since it’s a non-work day for me. Tomorrow I will go back and stay up on my job. I’m sure I can stay busy and not worry. They’ll go up and see my parents Wednesday so that will be good as well. I look forward to Friday when I can spend all day with him again. We are just enjoying them and him visiting.

We did lose more weight this week–I am down 22 pounds total and Bob is about the same as me–maybe a few more pounds, but not many more. We need to re-up our order so as to not run out soon. But that’s the way this works. I hope we can keep losing. Otherwise, there is no use. 🙂 We will see how it goes.

My youngest is home today for President’s Day. She is going to see her boyfriend this afternoon–not sure what they are going to do but they will figure out something. Probably go hang out at the tea shop or somewhere similar.

Aaand my back is killing me already. I told Bob this is why I want to lose my weight–so I can bend over and play with him without pulling my back out. So that is extra motivation to stay on plan. We will see how it goes. Hope everyone has a good morning this morning and a great day. Godspeed.


Just got a call from my oldest–they are about 30-45 minutes away so they will be here in just a bit. Said they’d had a good trip so far which is good. They will go to sleep once they get here so that will be good. We will play with the baby for a while, and then he’ll likely want to go to sleep himself. So we are looking forward to that.

My youngest is tired, tired. They got in late last night–she is still sleepy. So she is resting before all the excitement gets here. I don’t blame her–things are about to get raucous.

My mood is good–I was more excited than I let on–I woke up early and like to never got back to sleep. But soon I will be good and tired from being worn out chasing the baby around the floor :). He’s going to be so surprised to see us here–he’s used to us coming to him. And he gets to meet new people this trip as well. That will be fun. We will probably spend the afternoon at my in-law’s so they can meet him for the first time. That’s going to be fun too.

I suppose I will run finish getting ready–undo the couch bed in here so they can go right to sleep for a while. They have a hotel room but can’t check in until this afternoon. So they will be with us for a while before that. Looking forward to a fun week. See you all later!

Early, Early

First woke up VERY early this morning to see my youngest off for her flag competition this weekend in Gulfport. She left around ten ’til five this morning so we hugged her and told her good luck. We will see what time she makes it in. Tomorrow by this time our grandson and his parents should be here so we can play with him. They’ll be here for a week so I am looking forward to that.

Yesterday was fun–we went out to eat with Bob’s cousin who is here for a visit. We may see them today–not sure. But that’s all right–they are supposed to head back today but they were still going to be in town for lunch. We’re going to Primos for lunch–a meat-and-three place. Looking forward to that.

So we have things planned for today. SO may as well get started. Hope everyone has signed up for a good day wherever they are as well. Godspeed.