Staying Busy

I’m just working along, staying busy when I go to work. I have two articles I am working on for MCIR and doing the house stuff, too. I am still in a good mood so that helps, too. I’m supposed to be trained on a new area of the job today, but it doesn’t sound very complicated. I have the marketing team caught up in several areas so that is nice to know I am making an impact there. And my MCIR articles are making an impact, too–my boss sent me an email he got from a reader that has led to another story for me to do, so that is good news. The kids are all doing well as far as I know, and Bob’s dad is still hanging in there. Things nearby seem to be going well.

But the possibility of world war is kind of knocking me off kilter, as many of you saw yesterday. And that powerlessness has the possibility to really throw me out of whack. I don’t like that feeling.

I suppose all I can do is give it to God. Otherwise I will go crazy like I did at the beginning of the pandemic. I cannot let it steal my peace. I just can’t. But it is doing just that. I’m trying to stay away from the news again, but it is ever-present everywhere I look. I’ve written about it and am trying to pray whenever the fear comes up. But staying busy over the work I can do something about seems to be what helps the most.

I have another post to do for BP Hope and may propose doing a post about how I’m feeling. I will see what I can do. Keep up hope and all that. I may not can do anything about the war, but I can change how I am reacting to it. Doing my best over here. Pray that you can do your best today as well.


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