Life must go on.

I got my new laptop for work. I’ll finish getting it set up Monday and start working with it once that is done. I am so glad. The older computer was getting very, very slow and draggy about processing input. So now I have a new personal 2-in-1 and the new laptop, and everything should buzz along in tiptop shape from now on. I hope so. There’s always user error to consider. 🙂

I feel better today. I put on another pair of pants that had gotten too tight in the waist earlier and now they fit better–still a little tight but easier to wear. More hopeful in general. I’m staying busy and occupied and letting the world take up less space in my mind. So I think I am just going to have to keep doing this mind-over-matter mechanism and not exactly forget about the state of the world but ignore it more often than I have been doing. Otherwise I know it’s entirely possible for me to completely flip out.

I love how my oldest is able to keep a positive outlook. I am so mad at the world on her behalf–COVID and everything that came with that had, in my mind, seriously derailed her twenties. But she doesn’t see it that way, so I am grateful. She is still happy and excited to wake up and live her life. That makes me happy to think about.

I guess I will run to the grocery store and pick everything up. Not much to get but some. Then to the drugtsore to pick up my refills. Then try to get work done making phone calls and sending emails. Hopefully that will go well. I so want to keep going with the other writing I am doing. I feel like I am making an impact with it that my previous freelance work did not make. That makes me feel good inside as well–that I am able to use my gift of writing to do good in the world.



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