Sorry to be posting late–we have been busy today.

Went to the Greek place for lunch again and it was just as delicious–braised lamb and vegetables with salad, Very yummy. Then the youngest and I went clothes and shoe shopping at TJ Maxx and then Shoe Station. I found some lovely plates and napkins to replenish the picnic drawer for later on at TJ Maxx so we threw those in. I hope to continue to lose weight to go clothes shopping once it’s warm all the time. We will see how it turns out.

I plan to do laundry this afternoon after Bob’s clothes finish drying and I’ll get my laundry going. It was nice to go shopping–me and the youngest talked about stuff in the car on the way out to the shopping center so that was fun. Bob stayed home with his allergies so maybe he can go to church tomorrow. We will see.

I need to write soon for BP Hope–I’m slated to do a post about how I went back to work in a way that was good for my mental health. I will talk about the job search, the interviews, keeping my head held high throughout, and what the whole experience has been like.

(i wrote something here but had to delete it because of who might see it and misunderstand. This is the problem I am having nowadays. My blog has gone out to so many people that more people I know in real life are reading it. And I have to be more careful of what I post. And it wasn’t anything bad, even. Now I am a little angry and have no one to blame but myself.)


I suppose I need to get going on laundry. Hope everyone is having a good day. Pray for the world situations and that God will be seen at work through it all. Love to all.


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