Another Sick Day

Bob is trying to figure out if he needs to stay off another day. He feels really nauseated still but has a big job due today–he asked his boss if he needed to come in and do it so he is waiting on that. I hate it for him–being sick at your stomach is no fun.

I never did get to work on the catalog for my work–never heard back from the computer people on coming to give me the software I need. So I guess I will wait until next time.

Going to write more today on my fiction project. I am looking forward to it! I am enjoying it so far. So we will see what happens today. I also go see Tillie so that will be a nice break from it. Have a lot to talk about.

Probably will also break to do some work on my next MCIR story. I really, really am still enjoying doing that and it isn’t strenuous on my brain like I thought it might be once I started at UPress. I am managing it just fine. Still keeping everything low-key and not doing a lot of high-stakes reporting but still doing meaningful stories. Good balance.

Well, I suppose I need to get going on all of that. We will see how it goes. Thanks for reading!


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