It has been a slow morning. We did go to Sunday School but came home instead of going to church because my youngest didn’t get enough sleep last night after her competition, and we came back to check on her. She is doing better now after sleeping an extra hour or so.

I may take a nap myself. I’ve been typing all morning on my little fiction project and need to let it cool off for a bit.

I’m in a really good mood today. I had a good day yesterday–I went shopping for a new Easter pantsuit and had a frustrating time at Belk’s with them not having enough staff to man all the dressing rooms and checkout stations. But that didn’t depress me long because I did so well with the pieces I found. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money since I’m planning on losing more weight, and I succeeded admirably, getting a Kasper jacket, top, and pants for $55 total–a real steal.

I’m still working on my MCIR stories and hope I can wrap at least one of them up tomorrow. Need to hear from some more people to do that, but I have high hopes for that. I’m just glad to be able to work so well right now!

I have been holding back saying this. I am beginning to hope maybe we’ve found the right combination of medicine, therapy, and lifestyle to control the worst of my bipolar disorder. I know what goes up must come down. And I know the signs of depression are sneaky. And I know the signs of hypomania are even sneakier. But I really feel like I did when I was freelancing the first time–healthy, optimistic, and calm in my spirit that I am doing the right things and being in the right place.

Please, God, let it be true.


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