A Monday

Another slow morning. I did not sleep well last night so I have been dragging around. I finally went to the grocery store and bought for the next few days. So I’ve accomplished a little something finally. I guess next needs to be laundry after I make a few phone calls.

I take my youngest to the doctor today for a checkup. So we will see what is going on. I do that this afternoon at 1:30 p.m. So I don’t have much time to accomplish much more. I am working on two COVID stories and another inmate story. So we will see how this turns out.

I still feel good today for the most part. Most of my work is still rocking along. I’m staying up with the house stuff pretty well still. Bob finally went back to work today so I know he is feeling well. He won’t be home for lunch because he is having to catch up from being out almost all of last week.

I am seriously slipping on my diet plan the last two days. I stuck with it pretty well last week but Sunday and today, not so much. It may be because I am using more energy than usual since I am up and about and a little more active that I used to be, but I am getting hungrier between meals. I’m not sure why, but that is as good a reason as any. I did lose another two pounds this week and I was kind of surprised. But I will take the progress.

I suppose that is all for this Monday, which feels like a Monday. At least the weather is good and will be until Wednesday. Hope everyone is doing well and seeing how they can also accomplish their best here at the first of the week. Thanks for reading.


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