Feeling Good

Up early this morning for no discernable reason. ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess it’s a good thing that I’m not sleeping all the time anymore–it feels good to be awake and aware. But I so enjoyed sleeping in on the weekends. Anyway. So I will attempt to use the time wisely. We’ll see.

I think we have a slow day today–we’re going out with friends tonight while my youngest goes to prom. We’ll be available by cell phone if she needs us for anything so that will be good. She’s looking forward to going out–has her dress, her nails, her date, and a plan for her hair, so I suppose she’s prepared enough.

We’re going out with church friends we haven’t seen in a while; we were in the same Sunday school class, then they left to teach a new-parents class so they stopped attending. But we are still friends and do things with them occasionally. The wife was really close to my middle daughter while she was home so I am looking forward to exchanging news with her tonight about her. So looking forward to it!

Finally got my new diploma up on the wall in my office. It’s been sitting on the desk waiting for forever after I got it framed. I just had a few minutes to kill before I left for my appointment with Tillie yesterday so I put it up with hammer and nail. They all look really good up on the wall and the space reserved for it when I moved into the office is finally taken up. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am proud of myself for that diploma in so many ways.

I’m just looking forward to the rest of my life. That is an encouraging thought. I remember when I never thought past the next few minutes because that was all I could handle. I remember when I thought I would never have a future because I was so suicidal. But now? I can see my way to planning a future ahead. That is such a liberating feeling.


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