Back to Work

Bob finally got to go back to work today–he is still on a soft diet but he felt strong enough to go to the office, so I didn’t stop him.  I’ve been puttering around the house and all–I’ll soon go to the grocery store and see what I can figure out for dinner tonight for him that won’t hurt him.

Had a conference last night and it went well. I was cut off right at the end–the wifi just cut out.  But they said I didn’t miss anything so that is good.  WE talked for about an hour plus 15 minutes so it didn’t take up a lot of time.   It was nice to finally be able to put a voice to the words I’ve been reading from the new people.

I slept in this morning–not sure why. I had some intense dreams last night, but they didn’t wake me up that I know of so I don’t know why I couldn’t get moving this morning.  My mom was screaming at me about cleaning in my dreams, and I was screaming back that she couldn’t make me do anything.  I have a lot of those kinds of dreams.  I don’t know what they mean.    But I feel pretty good otherwise today so that is a blessing.


On The Mend

Bob is feeling better.  He’s been able to drink without feeling nauseated today.  He still wants real food but tomorrow he’ll stil be on a soft diet.  We will see how it goes.

I’m still holding up really well.  I know this bodes well for the future.  Next week is going to be hectic with doctor appointments for the kids, but I’m confident that I’ll manage it. Then we have a dance competition so we will see how that goes with me feeling so much better than usual.

I can’t think of much else to write.  I still need to finish up my assignments for class and have a conference for it tonight.  I have the last assignment partially written but it needs about three hundred more words and I am just tapped out.  I’ll go back and look at it this morning and try to finish it.

This “living” thing just keeps getting better and better.  I love it!


Sick Day Three

Bob went to the doctor this morning and found out he has a severe stomach flu.  The doctor said he had seen a good bit of it the past few days and gave him a restricted diet to follow the next three days.  So I will be going to the grocery store and getting a few things for him off the list and see if he can hold them in his system.

I’m slowly working my way through my schoolwork. For some reason it’s hard this week. We have a video conference tomorrow night and will see how that goes. I need to get everything in before that so I will work some more this afternoon.

I’m holding up pretty well.  Used to I got really panicked when Bob got sick because there was so much to do.  But now things are easier and I’m not so paranoid about it.  That is actually a good feeling for me–I think it means I am still getting better every day.

I haven’t heard anything about my op-ed I wrote for the local paper.  THis issue I wrote about is still an issue, so I hope they take me up on the column. I will just have to be patient.  I’ve sent out a lot more stuff this week and so hopefully can get more published this year than last.

HOpe everyone had a happy Valentines Day yesterday and has a good rest of the week.


Sick Day Two

Bob is still ill.  If he still can’t eat solid food tomorrow, I need to insist that he go to the doctor.  Hopefully he will listen.  But he is resting up pretty good, watching movies and playing on the computer. He’s in  a good mood, so that is something.

Trying to work on my stuff for class and having a hard time of it. I’m trying to transition to  writing with a new voice and it is difficult.  Trying to undo the restraints of objectivity and detachment.   Hopefully I can accomplish it.

I think I am a little scared to open up really because I don’t want the sensations of my down times to swallow me up.  Kind of like trying to go back and work on my old fiction–I don’t want  thoughts of the salesman to swallow me up again so I avoid doing it. So we will see how this will go.



So Proud of Myself

I am so proud of  myself navigating this weekend and today.  We did a Vlaentine’s Day dinner out with the girls Saturday night and had my youngest one’s birthday party yesterday.  Then today my mom had her other cataract done this morning and that all went well.

I thought it might be problematic doing so much and really wondered how I would  I do after witnessing a terrible wreck Friday afternoon.  I was pulling up to an intersection when I heard brakes screeching, a crash, and saw a black SUV roll over on its top on the asphalt.  SO SCARY.  My hands shook a good bit and it took a bit for the traffic to clear up around it.  I was very shaky driving home.  But I got over it, didn’t nightmare about it, etc.  I prayed for the people and pretty much put it out of my mind, didn’t dwell on it.  So I am proud of the progress I’ve made.

MY dad was funny this morning.  He asked how I took out from my busy schedule to come up to sit with them all morning.  I said I wasn’t the busy one, it was my kids who were busy; once I get them out of the house, I do whatever I want to.  He thought that was funny.

I am waiting on Bob to feel better; he has some sort of stomach bug that has upset his stomach terribly.  We can’t figure out where it came from. The kids were okay this morning and we haven’t heard anything from his parents about being sick, and my parents were fine. So hopefully it’s not catching and it will work its way out of his system.

I need to run to get my ABilify and go to the grocery store.  Hope everyone’s week gets off to a good start.


I got the news this morning that Conclave Journal has accepted a piece I sent them about my last hospitalization called “On the Ward Again”.  I sent it in April last year.  So I suppose the lesson here is to be patient.  No money–just the publication credit and a copy of the journal whenever it comes out.  So that is nice to hear.

Good news in an otherwise slow day.  I’m just puttering around finishing up last minute stuff to get ready for the party this weekend.  Listening to Vince Guaraldi and just having a good day.


Steady Working

Went to the food panty today and worked my shift for the month.  We sent out a lot of food.  It never looks like enough when we start out, but  God always multiplies it so there is enough to go around.  They said last week was rough because they are renewing paper work for everyone that gets services and that it was difficult for some people to document their need.

It’s so frustrating for everyone involved when we have to adhere to paperwork and all.  But out church is in a network of churches that documents who gets aid from what churches throughout the county to cut down on fraud and double-dipping.  So we answer to several partners for how we run the program.

It’s National Pizza Day so Bob and I are going out to celebrate by eating pizza for lunch   :).  I’m looking forward to it; we always have fun when we go out.

I had such weird dreams last night.  They were so strong that I wondered if I wasn’t having hallucinations.    I kept thinking to myself, “only respond to outside stimuli,” because I couldn’t tell the difference.  I’ve never had hallucinations before so I don’t know what they are like.   But they were weird dreams.

Hope everybody has a good weekend. We have a birthday party for my youngest scheduled so I need to really work on that soon, wrapping presents and baking a cake.  SO we will see how that goes this weekend.



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