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SO much shopping.  We got a lot of stuff.  I was shuffling coupons and adding to lists and walking around all day long. But we have one more run to make to Wal-Mart for our youngest to pick out a gift for a party she is going to and then that should be it for gift shopping.

Cut back a little on gifts  this year because we are going to do a lot of shopping after Christmas for the oldest ones for their apartments and the youngest one got a phone starting the school year as an early present from us.  But we went from 9 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon hitting ten stores and giving up on finding one gift and ordering it on Amazon.  SO we were very productive.

And I wrapped what all needed to be wrapped once we got home and the rest of it is stored away hidden for Christmas  Eve.  So we are excited about that.  SO now I am trying to rest up before cooking dinner. My oldest is not feeling well and says she can’t cook.  So I know she is seriously not feeling good from her cold.

My feet hurt.  But it was a great day with Bob having fun keeping up with everything and spoiling our girls for one more year.

Hope everyone’s Christmas is a successful as ours was today!








So I gave my final and have done all the grades except for my remote student.  I’ve already gotten an email asking me to change a grade.  I didn’t respond.

Now my oldest is going to the doctor this afternoon as well.  We will see what she has come down with. The middle one is not acting too perky either, so I’m not sure how this weekend is going to go with them being sick.

I’m managing things fairly well so far.  We go shopping tomorrow for the rest of the Christmas gifts and will do all our wrapping and whatnot once we get home.  I am hoping for lunch at Biaggi’s at Renaissance but we will see what happens.

I have an appointment with Tillie next week and we will see how everything is going then.  Then I have a lunch date with an old high school friend that I have seen occasionally going and coming different places but not had a substantive conversation with in over 20 years.  And we live like ten miles apart.  SO that is going to be interesting.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.  Merry Christmas!


A Day

Just rocking along enjoying the restfulness of the daily routine.  A day like today reminds me that I don’t have a thing to worry or stress about.

Everyone in my classes is freaking out about finals week–I turned in my final project last Wednesday and have been done with schoolwork that long.  I am so blessed to be able to work part-time and go to school part-time as well and not have to take so many classes or take classes on top of full-time work.

The sun is out but it is colder than yesterday.  I love it when the sun is out in December,  Makes it not so downer of a day.  Tomorrow I give my final and Thursday we shop for everyone on our list for the rest of the Christmas presents. So that is going to be fun.

I am so looking forward to taking fiction workshop next year.  I need the teaching so that I can get more out there that is salable.  WE will see how it goes.

I am slipping up in the weight loss department.  I haven’t lost anything since Thanksgiving.  So I need to figure out a way to burn more calories and get more exercise.  I’m not sure what I need to do yet.






So today I finally got my ladies out to help me clean up my house extra.  Everything looks so nice and uncluttered.  Hopefully we can keep it that way for a while at least.  My oldest wants to start a house pool for how long it lasts.  I told her it would be FINE as long we stayed on top of it better.  Which I do plan to do.  So there.

Have everyone home for Christmas so that is nice.  The youngest is still in school until the 21st so not  quite everyone is in the house all the time but it is such a nice feeling right now.

The middle one just came back from the doctor–they said she has a cold so no worries about strep or flu which is good.   I know she doesn’t feel well though since she has gotten back in the bed.

Hope everyone has a good week.  Merry Christmas!






Well.  The weather decided to play a trick on us here in central Mississippi and give us three inches of snow.  My youngest is out of school but her older sister does not have snow at college and was supposed to come home today, so we don’t know what to advise her to do as far as driving down.  She’s never driven on snow before.  SO she may come in tomorrow.

Not sure what else is going to happen today.  Candy and Christy were supposed to come and help me today, but with school closed I doubt that happens.  I guess I can see what kind of headway I can make with my youngest helping.

Got a big surprise the other day,  I was in a bookstore and saw that the Mississippi Encyclopedia was out. I took a look at it. Way, way back beore I was even diagnosed bipolar, I was solicited to write a few articles for it–sent an ad asking for writers for it.  So I did a few articles.  THen the project languished and was rebooted under new management.

SO I didn’t think any more about the articles I had written. I was looking at the book in the bookstore and flipped to the name of one of the people I had written about, and FOUND MY NAME ON THE ARTICLE.  I wrote the people and found out they have used two pieces i did.  SO I added it to my resume and posted my discovery on facebook.  Such a cool feeling.  Now I need to get a copy of it to keep.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.



Empty Day

An ice cold, empty day.   I haven’t done anything to speak of today–I need to get laundry done but still have it in the washer so far–I need to switch it over but will probably eat lunch first.

Sometimes I just have days that feel like nothing.  I’m done with classes and don’t have any responsibilities for a while so i just feel empty without some activity.  We’re almost done Christmas shopping–we’ll finish it up together (me and Bob) on the 14th.  We were going to go tomorrow but his boss decided to take off instead so Bob has to stay. But the 14th will be fine.  It will be all kid shopping–our niece and nephews and our own kids.

I did write a bit for Defyingshadows.,com today.  It’s on discouragement.  I’ve felt so discouraged on and off lately I decided to write a post about it to help myself.  I was able to use bible verses and everything putting it together, so that was a nice feeling to accomplish something.

But I knocked Christmas out of the park for my friend Mary Jane yesterday. We met up to do lunch and I went shopping beforehand for a present and got some earrings from her favorite store.  She about fell out of her chair.  She said she had looked at buying them and walked away with the clear ones in the same style instead.  She got me an ornament of a Santa in the shape of Mississippi. He’s cute, so he went on the tree when I got home.

I have my cleaning ladies come out tomorrow to to help me clean up the pockets of chaos in the house.  There are so many that I feel too overwhelmed to tackle them by myself.   I have the laundry room, my kitchen table, my bedroom, and a storage closet.  I know I sound like a big baby, but it’s just too overwhelming to try to drag it all out. sort it out, and put it back. SO I need “babysitters” to help.

SO I hope everyone has a good weekend and is having a happy holiday season thus far.  Merry Christmas.


Last Class Day

So today was the last day of class for the course I’m teaching and I plan to turn in my final project for the class I’m taking as well.  Then all I have to do is give the final on next Wednesday.  (I keep typing it so I won’t forget about it!)

Everyone showed up for class today which was nice,  Had a little more discussion than usual on T S Eliot.  SO that was good as well.  But I am kind of glad to be done with this class–they weren’t a very participatory bunch.  Hopefully I get a new crop next year that does better.  It will be nice to have a bit of a break and rest up for the next semester.

Wrapped presents yesterday and have almost all the family ones wrapped.   We go shopping next week (me and Bob) to finish up. I feel a lot better having done more and will hopefully have my house totally cleaned up Friday before my middle one and my oldest come home with all their stuff.

Go to eat lunch with Mary Jane today and I plan to get her a Christmas present.  So we will enjoy that.