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Vlog Entry

Check out for your weekend viewing pleasure my new You Tube channel, “Julie Whitehead’s Day by Day”. An introductory video is up–I’m just learning how all this cool stuff works on my computer so be patient as I figure it all out!  Thanks for reading and now viewing available once a week.



Slow Day

My children are all going to be gone today so I have the day to myself.  Not sure what I’m going to do with it.  I got all the laundry done and actually put up so that is improvement.  I kind of want to meet someone for lunch but don’t know who I could get on short notice like this.  I need to go get some meds refilled and will do that and pick up groceries this morning so I do have things to do.

WE’re trying to see Infinity War finally and are running smack into screenings for Solo: A Star Wars Movie.  So that has been interesting trying to schedule a time.  Too many blockbusters at one time.

I wonder what it is that is keeping me from feeling better than I am.  I don’t think I’m sliding back down into depression, but I just don’t feel right.  Almost makes me wish for just a little hypomania.  But I know where that cycle leads so I don’t really want that.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Can’t Give Up

My pastor preached a sermon tonight on Kingdom ministry and what it looks like, and he said something I don’t want to forget–that whether we’re speaking to five or to five thousand that we make the name of Jesus known and that we continue to be faithful in ministry no matter what.   HIs words encouraged me tonight and I hope they can encourage you all as well.  I dont’ know what has made the past couple of days difficult except to say that I felt like nothing I would say could make a difference in anyone’s life.  I know now that that’s not true–every word I write is read by someone who needs to hear it.  As long as I encourage someone every day to keep fighting their own demons as I fight mine in the power of Jesus, I am making a difference.  Thank you Brother David  for your encouraging words.



The same feeling.  I don’t know what’s happened to my desire to write.  I’ve lost the spark somewhere.  I am so sorry about this.


Old Habits Die Hard

I went back to sleep this morning.  I need desperately to figure something else out to do during that early morning time so I am not tempted to sleep.  I guess I could start walking again; I need to train to be ready to walk at Disney. But I have such a hard time with that or anything else.

We go today to pick up my oldest one’s graduation present. I guess we’ll give it and her other presents tonight.  I’m looking forward to that.

So much for my novella keeping me busy–I’ve already finished the revisions they asked me to make and don’t see any other changes to make.  I just don’t know  what to write on next.

So I soon need to run.  Hope everyone has a good start to the week.


Cleaning Up

My oldest and I are going to both clean up today–I’m having my cleaning ladies come out to help us go through her room and other boxes and get rid of stuff she doesn’t need to take to Orlando and doesn’t need to stay here.   I will be cleaning up laundry and other stuff around the house at the same time.  I am hoping we can make a real difference in how the house looks and functions today.

Talked to my publisher yesterday. We talked about the story and various things to work on–really only two things that I need to change substantively.  So I will go back and rewrite two sections and get that done. She was really nice and really complimentary of my story, which made me feel good.

So I am feeling good today and looking forward to getting things done.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!