My Feet Hurt

I went one day too long I my worn out black flats yesterday.  Walking was VERY painful. My tendonitis or plantar fasciitis or whatever new might be wrong flared up in a big way, to the point that I could not take a single step without pain, even once I ditched the shoes when I got home.

So I went out and bought new SAS shoes for the rest of winter and for spring, came home, and ditched all my old shoes that were worn out.  The ones that weren’t worn out I passed to my youngest daughter (mostly boots) because my foot is splaying out more and more and I am now a size 9.  Everything I had was like 7 1/2 or 8’s.

I kept my two newest  pairs of naturalizer sandals, my other brown pair of SAS’s, and put them and all the new ones in a shoe organizer my middle one gave me that she had been using in her closet here and no longer needed.  SO my closet floor is clean for the first time in ages and the shoes are nicely stored and I can’t buy any more because the organizer is full. 🙂

SO today I am working to make sure that  whatever has flared up in my feet has a chance to calm down.  I am staying off my feet as much as possible.  I dont’ have anywhere to be and not anything really pressing to do besides laundry.  SO I am being super  careful about my feet.

So I need to go sort laundry and get Bob’s laundry started. Hope everyone has a good rest of the week as we slide into the weekend.


One Step Backwards

So I’ve been all positive and chipper on here the past few days (weeks?) and then I get a rejection from a piece I had sent out in September that I was really hoping would come through for me.  It was a contest for new writers and the people who run the journal (which is closing in a few months)  are so lovely.  But they rejected me for like the fifth time I’ve sent in.

It may as well have been the 130th. It sent my mood into a bit of a tailspin, which led me to a little thoughtcrime I’d been resisting for a full three weeks (Google is my only confidante) and so on. Then last night I had dreams from past obsessions and woke up feeling crummy.

Just a reminder that I’m not immune to temptation and every other thing if I am not careful to keep my mind on the main thing with my writing, which is helping people.  So I will pick up my tattered self-esteem, repent, and move on.

I know I normally don’t post on weekends, but I felt that if I didn’t write about this kind of thing that I wouldn’t be being honest with you who read.   Am I embarrassed?  A little bit.  Some people who read this may be wondering what on earth I’m even talking about.  I mostly feel bad for myself, who is the only person I seem to consistently hurt.  But I know if I let these kinds of slips go on and grow, I can hurt more people.

But I’ll be all right. I will get over it.  It is Christmas after all and then New Years, a time of new beginnings. Every day can be a time of new beginnings.  It’s important for me to remember and realize that.


Long Week

So today is finally Friday.  I handed the tests back and got typical reactions to the ones I thought would react.  I did give the guy another chance to write his essay question and he is going to do that Monday.  And my students pointed out where I had made  an error on my syllabus so I had to go back and correct that and will hand out a new one Monday or Wednesday.

I turned in my first scene for my play due on Sunday.  I am hoping for some good feedback on it even though there’s not much to it right now. We will see how it goes.  I haven’t received any one else’s to read over before the conference, so I don’t know what I am going to do that night.  Just email and warn the professor I suppose.  Hopefully everyone will have their act together and will send them.

I need to go grocery shopping but I am honestly so tired I may put it off until tomorrow and hope I feel better.  Bob says I snored a lot last might so that may be why I am so sleepy.  Or it may be the Tripleptal getting to me again.  I don’t know.  I have been doing well not obsessing on anything so I don’t want to not take it.  But I am so tired all the freaking time.  I wish I knew better what to do.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.  Good wishes to everyone!



I am so frustrated with my grading. It is taking longer than I like and I dont’ know how to speed it up.  And now I am having to check for plagiarism out of the textbook.  Very, very frustrating,

Took the youngest to the doctor today to get some warts frozen off.  She was a trouper and didn’t fuss so that was nice.  We also get a new acne prescription that I will pick up later today once I see if my checks come in for the checking account.  In case it’s expensive.

It is still raining today.  I hope it stops soon; the suburb next to us started flooding in downtown.  I pray that doesn’t happen in Brandon.

WEll., I guess I’d better get back to grading if I’m going to finish today.  Hope everyone has a good rest of the week and weekend!

Test Misbehavior

Had a student be extremely disrespectful of me and himself during my test this morning, which he then went on to fail in spectacular fashion.  Aside from that, everything went well in class this morning,  So very sad.

Hope everyone else is having a better day.  Hope the rest of your week goes well.



So I interviewed with Tone, the guy who does podcasts for my publisher.  He was very nice and gracious, and we spent a nice 30 minutes talking about my story and about my life.  He’s going to edit it for content and for time and it will be posted next week on http://www.soundcloud,com/runningwildpress.  SO I am excited  about that.

I thought I might get to do another one that  my publisher found out about  but he does his in Skype and I don’t have a skype account so that is out.  Bob said it was okay to do, but I’m not going to sign up for that.   But since I’m not getting paid per copy, I’m not overly worried about doing much promotion.

Had a very sobering message last night at church.  About how if you witness, live a Christian life, etc. you are probably going to be mocked and ostracized.  If you aren’t, then you may not be living out your faith very well.  And about how we don’t need to let fear of being mocked stop us from talking about Jesus.

So my tiptoeing around such topics with my fellow students and professors in my MFA program is probably not what I am supposed to be doing.  I know about three students that I’m sure are Christians, and the rest are very, very liberal and antagonistic to church and conservative politics, etc.  And my professors are all very liberal as well; two of them are gay.  I dont’ know as I will be allowed to graduate with part of my bipolar story that is going to be incorporated into my thesis, how I finally came to know Christ.


End of the Week

Finally it is Friday  I don’t know why this week has seemed so long–maybe because I had a short week last week  But I got my test given today and hope to grade it over the weekend. My motivation to accomplish things has been missing in action today–I’ve been lazy about laundry and grading and everything else.  I’m just not sure what is going on .  Unless I am just exhausted.

THe cat has come back.  I am going to take him to an animal shelter and they can decide what to do with him.  I haven’t had any luck borrowing a cat carrier so I am going to buy a cheap one at Wal-Mart this weekend and take him away in that to the shelter and just leave it with the shelter so they can give it to whoever adopts him.

Thinking about all those people in the hurricane’s path.  I hope they don’t have as bad a time of it as we did.  Even though it’s gone down to a category 2,  that doesn’t mean it’s not still going to be an awful burden on people with flooding, power outages, and bad winds.  Prayers go out to them,

I need to run finish laundry,   Hope everyone has a good weekend and will see you back next week.