Still Very Down

I’m still really down and upset.  I went to therapy and talked it out and tried to come to terms with what’s happening, but I still don’t want to write about it.  We will see.

My youngest one is sick-she has pharyngitis and is missing out on volunteering at Vacation Bible School.  We hope she can go back tomorrow and be well in time for the trip to Chattanooga this weekend.

My middle one went and chopped her hair off–it’s up to her shoulders after being halfway down her back for so long. It looks really nice on her and I hope she keeps up with it.  She ships out the July 2 for college.  I hope I am ready for this.

I need to work on my essays for class and more work on 46 Reasons Why Not.  Maybe I will be up to it tomorrow.

Keep thinking about me and praying for me.  I really need it.



So I spent last night throwing up. I’ll spare you the details.  But I took Zofran and it’s stopped. But I don’t think I’m going to be worth anything today.  I need to get a little laundry done and will see what I can do up that line this afternoon.    Bob was wondering if it might be the meds and I said I don’t think so.  I’ve taken Klonopin at these levels before.  We just think I got into something that made my stomach turn.


Still Ill

Had a hard time getting out of bed this morning.  I didn’t go work out because I don’t want to ache anymore than I already do.  I am seriously thinking about going back to bed and staying there as long as I can. I didn’t cough any last night because I took some serious cough syrup. So that is good.

Waiting on my class to start up.  We have a reading assignment first thing so we will see what that is.  Hopefully it’s not too complicated since I still don’t feel well.




I just feel physically ill today.  My cough has come back, I ache, and I’m chilled inside the house.  SO I’ve set up a doctor’s appointment and will see if I am really sick  or what.  I took my temp and it was fine so I’m not sure about that.

I started the day off okay–I thought maybe the ache was from my work out, but it hasn’t gone away like it normally does.  SO I put on a big fluffy robe to help with being chilled and have a nest fixed up on the couch to sleep in.

I’ve been sleeping on and off since then so not much to tell.  Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow since classes start then. Don’t know of anything else exciting going on.


to the “Hamilton: An American Musical” this morning.  It really is a cool album.  I’m glad the kids talked me into it.  It’s not too hip-hop for my taste–I understand why it freaks some people out but I like it.

Went and worked out this morning.  I’m looking forward to when it stops hurting as soon as I start pedaling.  My oldest is packing to go back to school tomorrow.  She’s busy and so I am leaving her alone.

I’m going to see if I can do my interview this morning and start working on the story.  We’ll figure it out as we go.



So today has been a bit of a busy day.  I went and worked out my fifteen minutes then went to the church to do the food pantry for the month.  That went really smoothly today but I had to leave early to go to an appointment with my oldest.  Then we ate lunch at Amerigo’s in Flowood and enjoyed some pasta.  Then went to the grocery store to shot for the weekend and all that.

My oldest leaves this weekend to go back to school.  She says she is looking forward to it just like I am looking forward to my school starting.  She is fully into her culinary curriculum now so things will be easier and harder at the same time–she’ll likely enjoy herself more in these classes but they will be very performance-based and stressful.

I got my other interview subject to email me back so I am excited about that.  I’m going to try to get it in to Creative Nonfiction and see if they will be interested.  If not I’ll try selling it locally. I shouldn’t have too much trouble.

I’ve felt really well today but I am ready to just be home for a little while and sit and read.   I’m going to finish my Neil Gaiman book soon and start on Carrie Fisher’s.  I’m looking forward to that.