Back To School So Soon?

Getting inundated with Back-to-school paperwork already.  Rather, computer work.  Having to fill out online forms for them to keep up with contact information, etc.  Band, school, and residency forms are coming due.  So that’s just SO MUCH FUN.  I know there are over 1000 kids in the school she is going to, but what happened to the days of carrying over a child’s records unless someone told you they had a change of address during the school year/summer?  We haven’t moved over my youngest one’s entire school career.  Why do we fill out the same forms saying the same things every single year?  It is so annoying.

So I have that challenge to overcome this week.  And I’m trying to get the Cokes out of my system again so I am dragging around like a dead dog.  I have stuff to do and just want to crawl in bed and sleep.  I’m off kilter on my diet so I probably won’t have lost any weight this time when I go unless I do something drastic in the next few weeks.  And I’m having company this weekend so I have to get the house cleaned up for it and decide what plates and whatnot to use.  I’m just in the worst mood ever and don’t know what to do about it.  I want the company and know it will be a good time but I am so tired I can’t face getting ready for it.

ANybody out there got some good news to share?  Leave a note in the comments so I can share in your good fortune.  Hope everyone else is having a GOOD start to their week.



Third Time’s the Charm

The computer keeps eating whatever I try to post.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe it will work this time.

My youngest was supposed to go with a friend swimming today and the other parent cancelled since the child seems to have come down with something.  So today is even slower than we anticipated.  They have plans to get together Monday though.  So hopefully that will work out.

We did cook cookies–keeping some for the house and giving the rest away to the new neighbors.  Hopefully they will enjoy them.

I have appointments next week with the dietician and with Tillie.  Hopefully we can see some progress with my weight and I can talk to Tillie about the malaise I’m feeling.  It’s nothing new–I just can’t seem to counter it this time with independent activity.  But I am trying.

I suppose I need to do the youngest one’s laundry today.  I’ll get started on that. Hope everyone has a good weekend.


I got jolted last night–I remembered I needed to turn in my Defying Shadows post for the month.  So I wrote it up in an hour or so and posted it.  It was on “10 things no one ever tells you about depression”.  I think it turned out well.  I posted it last night around seven since it was supposed to be the new post for today.  But I was a little scared for a minute that I might not be able to do it because I had forgotten.  But the words came like they always do.  So that was good.

In other news, Mississippi State lost out in the College World Series last night.  So depressing.  But there’s always next year. Lost to Vanderbilt then to Louisville.

Getting geared up to go visit my oldest down in Orlando in a couple of weeks.  That should be good.  Not sure how much we will actually see of her with her work schedule being pretty intense, but we should get to see her some at night.  We will find out closer to time if she will be off any of the time we are down.  Doubt it, but you never know with these people.

I need to go get ready to take my daughter and her friend to the pool in a bit.  We should leave before eleven.  We will hang out there for a while then take her friend back home and come here and eat lunch.  So I will sign off and start getting ready.  Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Maybe I Can Salvage This

I sat down and wrote a humor piece last night that I had been thinking of since we went on vacation and saw some modern art museums where the talent of the artist was not so evident on first glance, but the contributor’s notes added another layer of confusion rather than explanation.  Anyone who aspires to be artistically cultured has seen this phenomenon, right?

So I wrote up a fake museum catalog’s page and sent it off to a humor site, and we will see what happens with it.  I really laid on the jargon and rhetoric of art museums everywhere, too.  We will see what they think of it.

I don’t want to leave out doing things with my youngest, but she certainly is not that deeply interested in doing much.  She has tried to get together with friends, but she says the dates keep lining up badly.  So we will see what happens on that front as well.

I guess I will go get ready for the day.  Hopefully we can find something to do together. And hopefully I can manage on a little ray of hope for my writing.  Hope everyone has a good day!

Goofing Off

I shouldn’t be goofing off, but I am.  I’m sleepy all over again and I assume it’s because I’m back home with nothing to do.  I don’t know how long I will be able to stand this.  I know the summer is already half over and it won’t be long until I get back into classes for my degree, but this year is my last class-taking year.  After that is thesis.  Then I am done.  I don’t know how I am going to  cope after that if I don’t have something to do.  That’s always been the plan–to have something to do once I finish.  But so far I haven’t shown any stamina for writing outside of my class deadlines during the summers except for on this blog.

I need to sell work and produce new work.  I’m finding it hard to produce new work outside of classes.  That is the real shame in how I am feeling right now.  I fought so hard for the right to write and now I don’t seem to be able to without something external motivating me.  SO I guess I can only point the finger at myself at how purposeless I feel. If I were for real, I would spend all of this empty time writing,  But I don’t.  And that’s the real problem, right there in black and white.  I don’t want to write badly enough.

And with that insight, I will close and go do laundry.  Then will I be woman enough to write after that just because that what I say I want to do?  We will see.


Don’t Know What To Write About

Today has been a pretty slow day so not much to say.  My middle one went back to State to pack up to go to GA on Sunday.  She made it there fine and is likely hard at work organizing her stuff.  My oldest comes in Sunday night so that is going to be fun.  We wil see what comes of the visit.

I’ve been sleeping in this morning so that seems to be how it is today. I have laundry to do and grocery shopping so I am getting a slow start on it all.  Tomorrow I have Candy and Christy come in a help me do some heavy cleaning to get ready for the oldest to get here so it doesn’t look like complete chaos.  I’ve found that stuff in the house I dread doing is easier once I get some help, whether it’s those two or one of the kids.  So we will see how it all comes together tomorrow.

Aside from the sleeping, I am generally coping well today.  I’m waiting on Bob to come in for lunch and see what news of the day he can bring in.  I asked three of my good friends at church to specifically pray for the opportunity I mentioned yesterday and for help with these empty days I am having so far this summer.  I am just in a very uncertain place right now waiting on God to move in my life.  So we will see what happens.  Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!


Terribly Rainy Day

Another day of storms, it seems.  My backyard has reached its carrying capacity of water–there are standing puddles all in it after about and hour and a half of solid heavy rain.  Not that it had time to dry out from the last batch of storms that came through last Thursday.  It’s not helping my mood or my energy levels any that it’s so dark outside.  I have too much to do to keep indulging myself in being lazy.

I did finally finish my weekly reading response last night.  Hardest 750 words I have had to come up with in a long time.  And I still have my revision project for that class to do.  I’ve finished one of my papers for Drama and still need to add the details for the next paper there as well.

I don’t know how I’m going to get the grading done.  So far it’s taken me fifteen minutes to grade each paper. That may not sound like a long time, but that’s only four papers in an hour–and with sixteen students, it’s a long time when all put together.  I did do one intelligent thing, though–I told them the final paper only needed to be 750 words.  That will really cut down on the reading time for them.

I suppose I’d better start on doing all of these things in some kind of order and accomplishing something.  Wish me well!

PS Laundry is in the dryer and a paper is turned in.

PPS Laundry is done and half of the papers graded.