Hello Again!

We are back from Florida!  We had a good visit with my oldest and middle and youngest all together with us for the first time in a while. We went to Disney Springs, Silver Springs, Jacksonville, and St. Augustine.  A lot of fun and visiting and driving, too, but that was okay.

We met our oldest’s boyfriend and he seemed really nice and friendly. We found out a lot about him–he talked easily even though he said he was really an introvert by nature. But we got him talking about fishing and hunting and different things he likes to do so he opened up. It was a nice visit.

My nerves held up until the very last bit coming home–I wondered when we would see my oldest one again so I started sniffling a bit.  But I got over that fairly quickly.  I am glad to be home though. I missed my routine and my writing and all that good stuff.  I did get a writing book read while we were gone so that was good. I am excited to turn in my  story for MCIR then start in on my thesis again.

So we will see what happens this week as I get back acclimated to the house and to cooking. 🙂   Very glad for those of you who came by in my absence.  Godspeed.



Going to see my oldest (and meet her boyfriend for the first time) this morning! WE have CD’s picked out, bags almost packed, and have woken up everyone for the trip.  So we are moving along well. I am going to pack up the last of my meds once I take them this morning and I should be good to go. Hope everyone else has a safe and happy Fourth of July!



I am taking a break from blogging to focus my energy on NaNoWriMo this month.  It’s a challenge to write a novel in a month, that designated month being November.  So I do not think I will have time or energy to write on both; therefore, I am taking a leave from Day by Day.

I do hope some of you will range through the archives and read something helpful to you–I will continue to check on the blog periodically and would love to hear from you in the comments.  Pray for me as I take this challenge.


Days Off

I’m going to take Thanksgiving Day off from the blog and maybe Friday too.  I will be without access so that is the way it will go.  I’m woefully behind getting ready so I will not be here long.  To everyone I say:  be thankful. Be kind.  Be good,  Show the love of Jesus to everyone you come across. Happy Thanksgiving!


Back From Vacation

So Disney World was fun, fun, fun.  I only got furious one time and it was at my husband.  WE were in MouseGear at Epcot and he insisted that it couldn’t be raining that hard and if it was, then it wouldn’t stop in time for us to get to our dinner reservations in the Japan area of the World Showcase.  He was wrong on both counts, and I had told him so before we stepped foot out in it.  So that part was not fun. The dance was also difficult in that it gave both kids blisters that hurt them for the res of he trip.

But otherwise it was great particularly our last day when we saw a STOMP-style group called The Jammitors dressed as park cleaners playing garbage cans as drums.  I thought our middle child was going to go bonkers with joy.  She got to play their set after their performance and talk with them. So that was fun also.

So we got back yesterday and have been doing laundry ever since.  The oldest has checked on her job now that she’s home for good for the summer.  They said they would call her if they could use her to sub for other teachers at the daycare.  SO that was good news.  WE go next weekend to Dance Teachers United for our last competition.  So that is a good thing upcoming as well.  WE’ll have about a month or so off from dance practice, etc. and we will enjoy that.

So all is good on multiple fronts so far this summer.  WE will see how the rest of it goes.


Preparing to Go

We’re getting everything together to leave tomorrow morning for Disney World.  ALl I really have to do is get some medicine filled before I go and make sure we have all our meds and other things.  We bought most of our supplies and have our suitcases packed.  The really big thing left is picking up the rental car at lunch–Bob and my oldest are taking care of that.  I hate packing because I always feel like I’m going to forget something important.  But I think we have it all together this time. The kids are washing the last of the dishes and we’re going to eat out the rest of the day :).

I’m really happy with how I am feeling thus far this summer.  I’ve largely stayed awake during the days and I haven’t been using caffeine to do it–I’ve just been  able to function better than usual. I’ve stayed up with my class and am accomplishing good things in it.  I hate that Bob doesn’t feel comfortable with me leaving this fall and having to cancel that, but I understand his feelings.  Maybe if I have a good spring I can sign up for the spring one. We will see.

Hope everyone enjoys their independence day!




On The Ward Again. . .

So I finally gave up and went back into the hospital.  I was feeling helpless, hopeless, and super angry at myself and everyone else.  So that’s where I’ve been since Friday. 

It actually went pretty well.  I told them my tale of woe about the insurance company and my old medicine, so they simply put me back on it and said they would file the paperwork with my insurance company to see  if they would cover the Abilify now that we could prove how  sick I got without it.   And Bob said even if the insurance company refused, we would just pay it out of pocket rather than me stay that sick.  So once they put me on it, I really improved quickly and returned to rational thinking faintly soon.  That was a good feeling.

So now I’m out and hopefully fully restored to rationality.  Hopefully I can have another long run of stability now that I’m back on Ability.



THe pacing is getting more and more worrisome.  I find myself just wandering around the house not accomplishing anything.  I don’t know if I’m really having high energy or not.  I’m just bored right now.  I’m reading on my books for my course this fall, but for some reason at certain times of the day I just feel like I need to move around.  I wonder what is causing all this.

But I’m tired at the same time.  Sleepy is more the feeling.  I don’t do a lot to get physically tired.  But I just want to go to back to sleep.  It’s very frustrating. I have things I need to do  but I don’t feel like doing them.  I just want to sleep or pace around.  If I could get something done pacing, it would feel so bad.

I just want to feel normal again.  I know that I’m really functioning on a higher level than I have been since I was diagnosed, but I want to feel like my old self again sometimes.

Packing and getting ready for vacation. Will probably be on hiatus while I’m gone, so feel free to wander through the archives  while I’m gone. Hope everyone has s good week.


Going out of town this morning to celebrate Easter with my parents with a visit.  I’ll also give my dad and sister their birthday gifts from when we couldn’t go in March.  So today will be a fun day visiting with them.  I’ll be back to regular blogging on Monday.