First Day

I actually got up before Bob left this morning and have stayed awake all morning. So that makes me feel good. I have a phone call coming in this morning at ten so I will be busy most of the rest of the morning. Hopefully I can get laundry started and maybe do some work on my MCIR story. We will see.

Candy and Christy are here so we have had fun talking. They thought my purse was cute. Christy had to take her daughter to Memphis for a doctor’s appointment so they came today instead of yesterday. Not much chatter this morning, so that is why I am back on this right now.

I am starting to yawn–I might start lunch right after my phone call. I’m already getting a little hungry from getting up so early. But at least I have my new medical regimen going. I don’t feel as down so I am hoping this is a real change.

I thank all you folks who leave comments cheering me on. It’s nice to know someone is pulling for you to succeed. I appreciate all my readers, new or old. I’ll make it. I have a good support system, good health care, good counseling, and a good God to lean on. Godspeed.

Dr. Bishop

So I went to Dr. Bishop and explained the kind of trouble I was having. He cut out some of my medications and re-added one I used to be on back in. We will need to see what kind of reaction I have to that–I go back to him next week and see how it’s going. He said if this cocktail had the effect he hoped it had he didn’t see any trouble with me going down to help my oldest when she has her surgery. So we will see how things turn out next week then make travel plans.

I did switch everything to my new Snoopy Coach purse and love it. I need to work through the papers that were in my old one and see what needs to be kept and what needs to be tossed. I may do that this afternoon.

All I know is that I want to feel better and do better. I hate how I’ve been feeling. I don’t want it to go on. I want to be so much more well. I guess I will sign off at this point. Pray that the new medication works and that I will start doing better. Godspeed, everyone.

Home From Visit

So we are home with everything unpacked out of the car. My middle one had birthday presents for Bob and me–she gave Bob a really unusual book series–it has charts and graphs and quotations and notes that if you read and study them, they make clear many plot points that you might otherwise miss. And she gave me a Coach purse, and when I took it out it just looked to be a plain purse. But she had me turn it around, and it had what looked like scout patches with different “Peanuts” characters on the front! I said, “Did you put these on here?” and she said “No–it came that way!” It is really cute; I think I’m going to start carrying it immediately. So that was a great surprise.

We visited without middle one and went to the Indianapolis museum where they had the immersive Van Gogh Experience–you walked through rooms where various van Gogh paintings were projected on the walls, ceiling, and floor. The pictures were continually changing in each room of the exhibit. The best way I can describe it is that it felt like you were inside a van Gogh landscape. It was stunning.

We also ate out a lot and talked a lot. So that was great too. She seems to lie her new job an awful lot–she is still training but she is learning lab work as it relates to the baking, flavoring, and preservation processes. She seems to love it So that makes us glad too.

Bob talked one time to our oldest while we were there–they are getting settled in and trying to manage the baby boy as well. Hopefully I will be able to go down and help when she has her surgery October 5. Unless something goes bad wrong between now and then.

Well, I guess that covers our trip. Hopefully I will be able to continue to blog this week. Hope everyone stays safe from COVID. Godspeed.

Busy Day

Have had a busy day. Candy and Christy came and we visited while they cleaned. They wanted to know about the concert and how it went, so we had a good time talking about that. Then I went to see Holly and get my hair trimmed and we had a good visit as well. Now that I am not coloring my hair anymore, I don’t see her as often. She has a daughter getting married and a son looking for part-time work so I told her to have him go by and see Robert, Bob’s dad, and see if he could get on at the warehouse since they need someone. She said she would see what she could do.

Then I went to lunch with my friend Carol. She has been in PR for years so we talked a lot of shop and different things. We stayed there two hours, just really talking about all kinds of things. She talked about how she wanted to be like me and blog but couldn’t get herself to sit down and actually do it because she was afraid of comments and criticism. I told her I knew how she felt–the same kinds of issues were holding up my own writing outside of the blog. So we commiserated a bit about that.

In a bit I go back to the dentist. I went last Thursday, and they said my appointment was the next day, which I completely forgot about the next day. So hopefully today is the final day to go get it done. I am tired of all the run around.

Then I go to the grocery store and buy up through Thursday since our meal kit service isn’t delivering this week. Still more busy. I am also working on laundry and getting it ready to pack this week to go see our middle child this weekend. Long rides ahead.

But I am holding up well. The weather is prettier today and not such a mess to go out in. Can’t believe it’s just about September already. My 51st birthday is coming up. And my Mom’s 73rd. So quick between year to year now. I guess I will windup. Pray for Louisiana. Godspeed.

Harry Connick, Jr. Concert

My friend and I had a wonderful time at the concert last night! We had gotten great seats on the floor and had the best view of him and everyone in the band we could have asked for at the price we paid :). He had fun joking around with the audience–calling one girl out for her “laser” on her phone that shone right in his eyes as she was filming one of the songs. He said “Film the whole show and put it on Facebook, I don’t care–but turn off that light!” He was glad to see how many people came out; where we were was full and there were a lot of people in the elevated areas but there were big bare spots too. So it wasn’t a sell-out but at least they let it go on with masking and such.

He played a lot of standards–Cole Porter, jazz standards, blues standards–I don’t remember all the names. He messed around with the band a lot, but in a way that showed he considers them his partners instead of his backups. He gave his testimony, too–he played “Because he Lives” and “How Great Thou Art” and talked about being a Christian and how his faith got him through the lockdowns. He said he had actually recorded an album of gospel songs during it all by himself in his home studio, not even a sound engineer. So I want that for my birthday. 🙂

So now we are waiting for Hurricane Ida to see if she knocks out the power or not; they say it came on land just under a Category 5 storm in south Louisiana. It’s supposed to curve and cut right through Mississippi and take in the upper corner of Alabama. High winds but a tight rotation–not nearly as spread out as Katrina. We will see what happens.

Hold on tight, those of us in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. We’ll make it. Godspeed, everyone.

Breaking Down

I finally fell apart last night where Bob could see me. I had gone to bed and just started bawling–I was thinking about the baby and what kind of world he had just been brought into and I just started crying. I told Bob I felt like the world was doing nothing to all of us but chewing us up and spitting us out. I told him I was so tired of fighting and struggling and trying to cope. I said my brain knew things were about to get better for everyone but all the stress was still in my body and I couldn’t get rid of it. I told him my life felt like a big “So what?” to me and that I couldn’t find reasons to keep on pushing forward. He didn’t have any answers for me–he just held onto me and let me cry.

I did get the nod to do my suggested columns for BPHope–I’ll need to make sure I do work on those. Maybe they will help me find some answers inside myself. I hope so. I just need some hope. That’s all I’m looking for. Just some hope

First Day of School

So my youngest left this morning with backpack and everything else at the ready. She’s a junior this year; she is on the downslope of heading off to college. I miss her even though she spent most of her time in her room, she would come for lunch and sometimes talk. I jut hope the school is going to be careful these coming weeks and we don’t have a Delta variant outbreak right off the bat. I’ll feel better when she can have her next shot.

I am proposing a blog post for BPHope in hopes that it will help me as I write it. I’m having a dickens of a time establishing a daily routine without school. I haven’t worked at it this summer because I was trying to be open to whatever my youngest needed and whatever needed to be done. Now I am alone and I am having trouble thinking of reasons to get up in the morning. I just want to lie in bed and do nothing. And often, that is what I m looking forward to doing even if I do get up–nothing. I’ve got very little to do now with the older girls gone and my youngest able to do so much for herself.

I should be using the time to write since I do have so muh free time. But I am having such a hard time doing that. And I don’t know why. It’s like the universe is playing a joke on me–all that time I spent writing where the time would have been better spent elsewhere and now I have time–and the big desire is gone. I don’t understand.

Well, let’s see if I can get a handle on what I’m going to buy at the grocery store. I need to run i and pick up supper for the weekend. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Last Day of Summer Vacation

So my youngest goes back to school tomorrow, then is off for the weekend again. We have been taking care of last minute appointments–she went and got her hair cut then went to the dentist to have a tooth capped. So we have been a bit busy this morning and are just now settling in to eat lunch and whatnot.,

She has a band function tonight so we’re not sure what we’re going to do this afternoon. I’ll probably let her goof off this afternoon since it’s the last day. I’ll see if I can’t get something done. Not sure what, but I will try,

My oldest sent my youngest some film of the baby just swinging his arms around and being irritated. I imagine he was kicking up a storm as well. He’s growing, she says. So they are doing well.

I feel pretty good. I like that my youngest has her own car so I don’t have to try to drive into school early or be in the madness of picking her up. That will ease my mind enormously.

I guess I will wind up and finish lunch. Hope everyone does well this weekend. Get the shot! Be safe!.

My THESIS is Here

I finally got my copies of my thesis! It looks so substantial and serious. I really accomplished a book-length manuscript and now have my own copy to show for it. I have to take two copies to the W for archiving, and I need to send the last copy to Mike. I need to get his address and box it up.

It was such a good feeling! I flipped through the pages and smelled the cleanest, woodsiest, freshest smell I have ever smelled in my life. The heft and thickness is perfect. Not too short and not too long. I feel such a sense of accomplishment and relief at seeing it. So amazing.

I’m going grocery shopping in a bit and pick up a few things. And I’m going to deposit money in my account. Then hopefully come home, eat lunch, then try to work a bit before I take my youngest to the dentist. So much excitement in my life. The only thing left to wait on is my diploma so i can get it framed and hung in my office. That will be a cool day as well.

I did do work yesterday, most of the afternoon. I plan to start revising on my next project this afternoon. I went ahead and blocked in the other essays I’ve already written into the document and took an entry from the source document and blocked it in to revise. So hopefully I can get that small assignment done. I’m looking forward to it.

I guess I will run to the grocery store. Hope everyone has a good rest of their week. Be safe. Get the shot. Godspeed.


I feel better today. I am going to try to work this afternoon. We will see how it turns out.

My youngest is off with her grandmother for lunch and playtime. We will see what they have been up to when she comes back. Tomorrow she has a dentist appointment and I need to set her up for a haircut soon. I think I will call about that right now.

Candy and Christy both came today. Christy had to get over another case of COVID, but at least this one did not nearly kill her like the one last year. My youngest goes back to school Friday and I kind of hope they keep masking because she has announced she will not do it on her own. So we will see how that decision comes out.

I need to go out and refill meds today. At least I am getting to where I can refill more at a time so maybe I can get them to where they can all be refilled in one trip instead of going once a week to do them. I need to call that in too.

My oldest and her husband close on their house on Friday. I am so glad they will have a secure future again. I just pray we don’t have another shutdown in Florida; Disney has mandated everyone get vaccinated, so I think that will be good. My son-in-law starts back at Disney August 15, so he will have some time to help my oldest arrange everything unless he is continuing his current job right up to the date. She goes to the doctor tomorrow, I think, to get cleared where she can drive. And baby is fussy when he’s awake but is sleeping pretty well–i think they only have to get up once with him at night.

Well. let’s see if I can conquer this stage fright and do some work. Hope everyone has a good week. Get the shot. Be safe. Godspeed.