Back to Possibility

Well, the group still wants me to write for them and is trying to work out alternate financing for me.  SO we are back in the land of possibility on that job.  It feels nice to be wanted–I’ll say that much. So back to waiting.

I’m having a potluck dinner party tomorrow so I need to be getting things ready.  Cleaning up the house and what not.  I’ve picked out the music–three Beethoven CD’s and two Henry Mancini’s.   That sounds like a good combination as background for good conversation.

Speaking of music, I bought two new Sandra Boynton CD’s. One came in yesterday and the other is supposed to arrive today.  They sound so, so cute.  The one I got yesterday features a lot of rock/pop acts, and the other one is supposed to be dance music.  So I am in suspense about that.  I look forward to hearing it this afternoon

I keep trying to stop the Cokes, but I am so sleepy all day long without them on this medication. I’m certainly not manic any more.  Now I’m just exhausted without doing anything very much.

I run my youngest back and forth to the high school for band camp,  I need to look up a piece of paperwork and turn it in to the school for registration finalization,  SO I better go do that.

Hope everyone has a good day today and is on the way to a good weekend.



Band Camp

Oh, it’s an early morning this morning.  But the youngest is at band camp on time and that’s what matters. I am so sleepy.  I may go back to bed.

She packed well–water supply, snack, music, instrument, etc.  Not sure if they’re going to do any marching this morning with the remains of the hurricane still lingering around.  I’ts really damp, muggy, and sprinkly this morning so they may not get out and march at all,

I’m finally starting my last stint through high school. I hope it all goes well for her.  We got word this weekend that she’s been placed in Pre-AP English, which is a nice honor but means she has to read the “summer” reading book in the three weeks left in the summer.  Hopefully she can do that and feel good and motivated to do it.  Hopefully she will manage that well.

Listening to the last of my Harry Connick Jr. CD’s this morning.  That’s all I listened to while Bob and my youngest were gone.  So I’m finishing them up today and will pack them back into my car for drives by myself.

I think I will go back to sleep. I can barely hold my eyelids up.  Hope everyone has a good day!

Hurricane Watch 2

So far we’ve gotten just a few sprinkles of rain–not even enough to wet my patio.  Hopefully we can avoid the torrents of rain that the weather people were talking about.  SOuth Louisiana seems to be getting pounded though.  Hopefully the levees in New Orleans will hold because they say it is raining there, too.

I have had an extremely slow day.  Bob and my youngest were at the dance clinic all day and they will come back late afternoon. So it will be nice to have them home.  I haven’t done anything worth doing but computer work and talking on the phone and on facebook.

I also haven’t eaten a proper meal since they left–I’ve been snacking on fruit and nuts all day.  I tried cooking a proper supper, but it was a frozen dinner and it didn’t cook well so I threw it out rather than eat it.

I wish I could hear something about my job opportunity.   I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself if I don’t have a job this fall.  All I can do is wait and see.

Update: THe rain has finally come in, but it’s not torrential.  Just steady.  Not sure how long it’s going to hang around–according to predictions, we may see it for the rest of the day.  But I need to get out today to church and whatnot.  So we will see how that goes.

Update 2:  Still raining–coming and going in intensity. Talked to Bob in Biloxi and he said the rain seemed to be gone from there.  So hopefully they won’t have any trouble getting home after the clinic today.  Looking forward to seeing them back home safe.

Update 3:  Finally stopped raining around 3 p.m.  I’m sure glad that was all there was to this.  And I’m glad that I stayed calm and stable through all the hype and fearmongering of the media.  Of course, it helped that I didn’t turn on the TV all weekend.  But it’s been good to stay calm through one of these considering what happened to me when Katrina came through.


Candy and Christy are coming over to help my youngest organize and clean up her room. Lord help us. It’s such a mess up there I can’t face it by myself.  She’s just overwhelmed with stuff and needs to do something with it all.

Bob and she head out for Biloxi this afternoon for the dance clinic on the coast.  I’m not going because they aren’t going to the competition this year so I’ll have the weekend to myself.  I was going to visit my mom, but the weather is promising to be so bad I don’t want to be out driving in it.  So I will just stay here and see what I can get accomplished.

I feel so worn out already.  I slept so hard I am having trouble waking up. I don’t want to go get a Coke this morning to wake up but I just feel kind of like doing it.  I’m going to try some orange juice instead.

WEll. they are here so I suppose I will wind this up. Pray for me to not sleep away this weekend and be able to get up and accomplish things.  Hope everyone enjoys the weeend and is not so impacted by the weather.


Cavities Filled

So it didn’t take long at the dentist to get everything done–she doesn’t need the nitrous oxide like I do so it doesn’t take as long.  We are settled back in at home for the day and will see what else it brings.

Bob and the youngest leave tomorrow for the dance clinic this weekend.  I was going to visit my parents but the weather is expected to be so bad that I am scared to drive out there with it.  So I likely will stay home and just vegetate.  Sleep.  All that good stuff.  I know it won’t necessarily be the best thing for me to do, but I don’t know what else to do.  If I need the sleep I need it.

TOmorrow Candy and Christy are coming to help reorganize the youngest one’s room.  Try to help her clean it up, help her with laundry, etc.  We will see how it goes.  Hopefully she will help them instead of being argumentative about what they suggest.

My mood is still holding in the positive direction so that is good.  I think seeing my oldest so happy is part of what has lifted me up since we came back. She is doing well and enjoying life and that’s what I needed to see.  The middle one is managing well as well so that really brought my mood up to see that.

Hopefully the rest of the day will go well.  Hope everyone has a good weekend.



Only in Mississippi. . .

Bob basically sells lawnmowers for a living.  I heard on the radio that one of the local casinos is giving away a commercial zero-turn mower as one of their summer promotions.  I had to call Bob and tell him–he thought it was funny.  Probably isn’t the brand he sells, but funny nonetheless.  Only in Mississippi.

Took the youngest one to the dentist and she has a couple of cavities, so we go back tomorrow to get them filled.  Also bought Sonicare brushes for both of us since mine gave out a long time ago.  We will see how these work for her for her next cleaning in January.

Summer is fast coming to a close.  Next week starts band camp, then a week off, then my youngest starts school.  I don’t start until later, but it certainly is closing in fast.  I really need to start reading books for my residency class.  I just haven’t been impressed with the look of them and haven’t gotten excited about reading them.  But I suppose I’d better.  I need to start with the poetry so I can get a sense of accomplishment reading them quickly.

I am feeling good this morning.  I needed a Coke since we started so early, but that’s okay.  I may just have to accept this about myself.  We will see.  The meds seem to be working well for my mood, so that is good.  Haven’t heard yet from my job offer–the editor wrote me and the grants were still under review.  So we will just have to wait and wait and see what the future holds.

WELl, I need to run to my next appointment.  Going to get my hair cut and what not.  Hope everyone is having a good day.



Birthday Party

So I just came back from Bob’s “surprise” birthday party at work.  His mom wanted to do some kind of party for him so convinced his dad to let him do it at their office.  Bob figured out something was up but wasn’t sure what.  I found out about it when she called me about a quarter of eleven to invite me.  So that was how that went.  She had cake and sandwiches and fruit and meat plates.  So it was a nice little happy for him and everyone he works with.

I need to cook him his home cake soon so I may not type very long.  And cook dinner.  But we will see about all that in a little while.  Otherwise it’s kind of been a slack day around here.  I sent off to some more opportunities with my writing  and wondering when I’m going to hear anything back on what all is already out there.  I’ve sent out a LOT of stuff.  So we will see how it goes.

I hope we can have a good rest of the day.  I am so sleepy still.  I did have a sip or so of Coke at the party so maybe I will stay awake.  Tomorrow is appointments and we will see how they turn out.  THe weather people are talking about a tropical depression coming into the Gulf and aren’t sure what it’s going to do to us, so there is that to worry about.  I hate hurricane watches and whatnot.  Makes me start flashbacking.

Hope everyone is having a good start to their week.  Happy Tuesday!