End of the Week

SIgh.  I am so glad the week is over. I am not quite overwhelmed but the list of things I need to do regularly and often is growing. ANd time is just slipping through my fingers.

Barely half the class showed up today.  Some are excused and let me know ahead of time, but some were just absent.  One girl was fifteen minutes late, so I am counting her absent.  I know it was the long weekend that some were taking early.  I wonder at them doing this skipping out so early in the semester.

I will read the play today I think, and I ordered my other books yesterday. I finished the second book for Memoirs last night and will use the time I am ahead to do the reading for the other class early the next two weeks or so.

WE order my youngest one’s new curtains today.  Of course she didn’t  go for the one I lied the most, but te material she picked out is pretty and will go well with the bed linens she picked out when she moved up there.  So I think it will all go well.  Hopefully they will come in time for her birthday.

I am already hungry.  But I have about an hour until lunchtime so I will wait. After I finish this entry I think I will do the laundry to pass the time.

I need to refill my Lexapro soon. My mood is holding steady so hopefully I can stay on the even keel throughout the spring.  I kind of wonder at my impulses to get the house stuff done if I am going a little hypomanic, but I often work to reorganize after Christmas so I don’t think it’s something to worry about yet.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!



Second Class 2019

Well, I managed my way through it.  It went pretty smoothly and everyone seemed to participate.  One of my lost students showed up so I added him to the roll.  I need to go over and take attendance.  But I will do that after this.

Went to the Ladies’ Dinner last night at church and was really convicted by the talk.  I am so bad about asking Jesus to bless what I want to do instead of seeking out and doing what he wants me to do.  I keep trying and failing at that.  I think through this fast I am learning to pay more attention to how I spend my time so that is going to be a good thing. Doing the prayer journal is also a good thing in that it focuses me on what all I am praying for and how much of it is self-centered.

I forgot to eat breakfast this morning so I am starting to get a little bit hungry.  I just got in a rush and didn’t do it.  I had to prepare for class and see how that went. I started my W classes yesterday and have to read Aristophanes’ The Frogs.  I read it a very long time ago in a Greek classics class and barely remember it.  SO I will read it again.

I am debating on something in my Forms in Drama class–we have to pick out books out of two different periods and I have two of them from when I took 20th Century Drama from this same professor.  So I am wondering–do I save money and time by just going back over those plays or do I order new ones to get the most out of the class as far as new studies go?  I feel like just picking the old plays is the lazy way out.  SO I suppose I will buy new ones and see what to do with them.

Waiting out my office hours this morning–usually there are people in here between classes but not so far this year.  Monday I had it to myself and it seems like that’s going to be the case today.

Well, I will go check my mail in the mailroom then do my attendance.  We will see what happens the rest of the day.  Happy Wednesday!


Fun Day

So I planned myself a fun day today since I did not anticipate yesterday going as smoothly as it did.  I get a massage at 9, meet Jo for lunch at 11:45, and go to a church gathering tonight at 6:30. And I get my house cleaned up.  SO it will be a good day, I think.  I’m looking forward to it all.

I keep going and looking at my story online and marveling that it got published. 🙂  It’s such a good feeling to see my work in print somewhere other than just here.  It makes me feel accomplished and valued.  Like maybe I have something worth saying. I can only imagine how magnified that feeling is for a book.

TOmorrow I start teaching in earnest. The course has some fun activities listed to start with so that is a plus.   We will see how smart some of these kids are.  I’d like to think they have a lot of the ball since they signed up for a 8 a.m. class but that is not as sure a bet as it used to be.

My prayer journal is really growing.  I love being able to pray without my mind wandering or going to sleep in the middle of it (when I tried praying at night),  I am enjoying putting it all down on paper/computer.

GOing to go check and see if my courses have published in the W’s computer. Wish me well!





I go and teach Comp II tomorrow.  I;ve read over the activities for the first week and they look manageable. I thin k I have a better handle on things than I did a couple of weeks ago.  Not sure where the newfound peace is coming from, but it is certainly feeling like a God -peace. I still don’t want to begin teaching it on a regular basis, but I think I can make it through a semester. Or at least the first week of the semester. Beyond that I have not investigated in detail.

I talked again journalism and business departments for next year–journalism said they couldn’t give me answer right now, and business does use adjuncts for business communication but they have two long-term adjuncts that he said weren’t going anywhere soon.  SO that sounded like a polite rejection. WE will see how it turns out.

I had a jittery talk with Bob last night about how I’m so nervous about trying to lose weight–that whenever I do, I seem to slip into mania and my treatment team wasn’r sure if I was manic before I lost the weight or afterwards, but I had definitely established a pattern of feeling good about how I looked after a weight loss and my obsessions.  This last night was the first time I had shared this with Bob.  He took it well but said he didn’t know what to say to me about it.

But I seriously need to look into losing–I have maintained the same eight now for almost six months without gaining so that is good. . I’m trying to add one good habit a month–this month it is drinking water more than other things.  I’m praying that God can help me alleviate my fears about losing and protect me from mania in this.  But the goal needs to be lifestyle change and long-temr weight loss because I have 100 pounds to lose.

On a good note in that arena, my oldest is looking to train to run a half-marathon. You could have knocked me over with a feather when she told us this today,  I could see hearing it from her middle sister, who loves taking on challenges, but the oldest has never been that active a person.  So we will see what happens and pray for her to try it if the Lord leads.

SO I guess that’s all I’m nervous about right now.  We will see how tomorrow goes–I will write it up on the blog after class.  Oh, one more thing–my story “The Devil’s Punchbowl” can be seen at today!  Take a look and hit the “Tip the Artist” link if you liked it.  Or if you just want to anyway!  Hope everyone has a good end to their weekend!



Rainy Day

We’re not doing much of anything today with the rain and Bob getting over his stomach bug, so I decided I may as well write since my fingers are kind of itching to type and I don’t have a story in mind.

Reading one of my books for class and it is tough going.  It’s Roxane Gay’s “Hunger” and it hurts to read.  She was gang-raped at age 12 and developed several comorbid eating disorders in an attempt to make herself unattractive so that would never happen to her again.   SO I am reading it in bits and pieces.  I will likely finish it tonight while soaking in the tub.  So sad a story.

But something similar goes on with me and eating–I eat too much for much the same reason–if I am not too attractive, then I don’t get attention from men and therefore can’t get tricked into an obsession with someone.  SO I can feel that kind of pain–I certainly don’t equate my difficulties with hers, but I can certainly see the thinking behind what she did to herself with food and understand it.

ANyway.  Our toaster oven died yesterday morning so I am going out to replace it.  I need to go while there is a lull in the rain.  Hope everyone is having a good weekend.




Home Improvement Two

The painters got the job done and my youngest’s room is now the soft pink she likes instead of the loud hot pink my oldest loved.  We bought the bookshelf and it’s supposed to be delivered today between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.  And I’m waiting to hear from a store that does custom curtains about redoing the curtains in the youngest one’s room. I may also get a price on adding curtains to all the downstairs windows; I’d like to at least do valances on them.  WE will see.

I am sleepy this morning.  I had bad dreams last night–one that I was back in school (like going to physical classes) and I couldn’t find anything to wear in my closet that fit. So that wasn’t any fun.  I don’t really remember the other one; I just know it wasn’t good either.

Bob wound up getting sick yesterday so he came home and spent the day. He threw up on the side of the road coming home.  But he took medication and didn’t get sick any more so we’re not sure what the problem was.  But he went back to work today and we will see how he does.

I’m hoping all this home improvement push is not the start of something manic.  I’m not obsessing over it–I just want to make the changes gradually and make the house prettier.  I’ve decided that once we do the bottom bedrooms into separate offices, I’ll just do them blue so as to match the rest of the public areas.  But that’s a ways off–once the oldest two really get settled in elsewhere.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!



Home Improvement

Bob said yes to the bookshelf I picked out and the painter is coming today to paint my youngest one’s room.  Both of those things make me feel good.  Maybe we’ll have more order in the house with a new shelving unit.  I hope so anyway.

I am up early today.  With him starting at abut 7:30 a.m. I have to be.   I need to eat breakfast and take my antibiotics still so that needs taking care of. But I will get to it.

I finally found a way to pray that doesn’t make me fall asleep. I type it out.  I think that is how GOd wants me to pray right now.  I put it in a file called Prayer Journal and will see what comes of having my prayers recorded.  I prayed last night about this class I’m teaching.  I am so frustrated with the mechanical aspects of it.  But I think clarity is on it’s way; I had an idea last night and I think it is going to work.

WEll, I need to start reading.  Hopefully I can cut through this book and be ready for class next week having read it.  I will also start laundry and see what all needs to be done for it.  My mood feels really good and even today, so I am anticipating a good day.  Hope everyone else can ease into the weekend as well.  Happy Thursday!