I have no words, mystery reader. You now know about as much about me as I do myself :). Hope you’ve enjoyed your journey through my story.

Slow going this morning. We overslept by about an hour but I’m still going to make church, I think. We obviously needed the sleep so that was okay. I’m still going to make church by nine a.m.

We had a very good day yesterday looking at art.  They did not have any prints at the museum, which made me sad. The artwork was beautiful–there were some lovely pieces of Monet and Van Gogh that I liked immensely. A lot of Degas as well because the owner of the collection was a horseman and Degas loved painting horserace pictures. Bob liked the more realistic looking work–the kind that almost looks like a photograph and there were several pieces by artists that had studied the Dutch masters and were of that persuasion. So those were his favorite. There was one Picasso which was obviously out of place.

Then we went to the Mississippi Craft Center to see if we could find a piece there and saw a set of three stunning fused glass pieces mounted on a canvas. I was really tempted by it but I would be so scared it would fall off of the wall and shatter. SO I am just going to ask my sister to do one of her abstract pieces and see what she comes up with.

SO our day was lovely and we enjoyed it. Today I plan to write my piece for BPHope this afternoon and see what I can do. But now I need to run and get going for the morning.  Hope everyone is staying safe from the virus–we all start school tomorrow and and will see how well things go. Godspeed.


Mystery reader, I am glad you are finding my posts here so interesting. Please reach out via comments if you ever want to talk.

Just woke up good so not much is going on right now. Bob and my youngest are going out for a drive in just a bit, then I will fix hot sandwiches here for lunch and we will go to the museum after that. I am so looking forward to that.

I’m doing something I am proud of–i am now paying for my own medications. The prices are manageable enough and I am drawing enough that I am writing checks for my meds out of my own checking account. Baby steps. But steps nonetheless. Next week I pay my next-to-last tuition check. I pay for that, too, out of another account.

I am back to losing weight–I’ve dropped a few pounds this week so that is good.  I am trying so hard to be careful. My appetite has come back so it harder to control.  I’ve still lost a solid 20 pounds on the year so I feel good about that. Hopefully at least that will be permanent.

My mood is holding steady so I am glad of that. I need to read some research for my next article and waiting on getting some more contacts for it. Next week we will see how everything goes. I’m looking forward to serious thesis work and getting focused, useful feedback on the work and making it the best it can be.

Hope everyone has a good day today. Mine is looking good from here on out. Hoping you are all staying safe from the virus. Godspeed.




Blowing Up

Wow! Whoever spent all of yesterday afternoon and last night reading my archives and history, I hope my posts somehow helped you, encouraged you, enlightened you, or otherwise edified you in your own mental health journey. Godspeed to you.

Bob was able to work all day yesterday and that was good. He’s getting better little by little. I am hoping we can still go to the museum tomorrow as we planned. I am so looking forward to that.

I have a couple of interviews to do today–one at ten and I just need to contact the other person and try to catch her. Then check our survey again and see if anyone has responded. Then at some point work on my latest post for BPHope. That will be good as well. Today I won’t be bored, I don’t think.

I’m pretty much awake this morning. I am so glad that the all-the-time-sleepiness is finally gone. I hope it stays gone forever. I slept away my baby’s childhood and will always regret that.

WE go shopping for school supplies today to get ready for next week. I hope this year’s schooling works out.  I know how much the kids need school and I hope we have hit upon a way to do it safely. I am just praying that everyone will be safe from the virus.

Guess I will wind up and go shower and wash my hair. It needs it; my hair is sticking out in all directions. 🙂 Hope everyone has a good day today and sails right into the weekend.  Godspeed.




Bob’s Still Sick

He came home from work at lunch and stayed yesterday the rest of the day. Took Nyquil at 1 p.m. and just rested the rest of the day. He said this morning he felt a lot better so he hoped he could stay all day, I hope so too. I need to do laundry today and make some new phone calls. My editor and I brainstormed a slightly new way to get at the question we’re trying to answer about telehealth–does it really work to benefit the patients? So I’m going to make a few more phone calls and see what I can find out.

I slept in this morning–woke up with Bob but stayed in the bed until right at 9 a.m. I’ll need to go soon and take my meds and get dressed and all that. It’s raining here so I’m going to have to maybe get out and get some groceries in it. We will see.

Closer and closer to school actually starting.  We will see how this goes. I’m not worried about my school starting so much on Monday as I am my younger two. The one at State will still be online, but the one at home will be going to school two days a week for two weeks then they wil evaluate the situation and see if they can go full-time face-to-face or have to go back to online.

My mood is holding up well so far. The rain is dampening it a little but we really did need some rain. Hope it clears up before band this evening. Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Until next time. . .

Well. . .

We tried having a family lunch at Kismet’s yesterday and someone close to us ordered a big order of fish and  sent Bob home for the rest of the day. Something has happened in his system that has made his allergies worse by an order of magnitude than they used to be. My middle one felt awful about picking the restaurant she did but he assured her that she had no reason to expect it to happen there.

SO yesterday was slow after that. I did go see Tillie and had a good talk with her. I think we’ve figured out that it’s not good or bad circumstances that send me into a tailspin–it’s uncertainty that cripples me the most. Not knowing what’s going on. My doctor continued all my prescriptions so that was good. But that was a good revelation from my counseling session. I need to learn to cope better with uncertainty because that is just how life is.

My middle one left this morning at 8:30 and me and the young one sent her off with goodbyes and hugs. She’ll be up there soon and get settled in for the fall semester. My only plans for the day are doing my laundry and taking my youngest to Half Shell Oyster House for lunch. Going to be a long day, I think.

My stories went up at yesterday.  Hopefully they will get some play around the state. I did the best I could with them, I think, considering how many people didn’t want to talk to me for for the mainbar. Need people to start responding to a survey we have up. We haven’t had any respondents.

So that is kind of a roundup of where we are. Still betwixt and between and waiting for everything to get going. But I feel better. There is still a plan even if I don’t know exactly what it is. I can rest in that. Godspeed.



Too Early

Got woke up this morning by Bob setting off the burglar alarm when he left. SO I had to answer the phone when the alarm company called and I decided to go ahead and get up.  I am very sleepy though.

My middle one got here and we had a good time visiting with her so far. She’s been sold a bill of goods–they said classes were going to be face-to-face this semester, but all of hers just got moved online. Including a lab, somehow. So her diploma, once she gets it, might not be worth the paper it’s printed on. SO.

Another week for classes to start for my youngest one. My classes start next Monday, though I doubt I do much of anything . at first. I’ll have to send in what I have and she has to take out time to read it. I don’t figure we’ll get started until September or so.

I go see Tillie today and Dr. Bishop right afterwards–lunch may be a scone from the hospital coffee stand. We will see.

Waiting on Candy to get here–not sure how much we will be able to chat but we will for a little while, I think. My mood is holding pretty steady so far–a little disgruntled but not much. I wish I were still in bed, but I’ll get over that soon enough. Need to go take my meds and what not. See all of you folks later. Hope e3very is staying safe from the virus.



Waiting on my middle one to come in from Mississippi State University this afternoon for a little while–she comes in this afternoon and leaves Wednesday. Me and the young one may go out for lunch–her grandmother usually takes her out before school starts but she’s still quarantining with her husband who has kung cancer. So she wants me to take her out for her.

We will probably go today since the middle one will be so busy the whole time she’s going to be home–doctors’ appointments and such.  Our paths will just have trouble crossing again.  I have appointments around lunch tomorrow so I can’t do it with them both then, either. We will just see how it goes.

I am not having trouble with actual sleepiness. Just still a bit of desire to go to bed to escape.  But it is already disappearing as I move through the days. So maybe that will stop again soon. I still feel your prayers uplifting me so I appreciate that.

I have read through my thesis and there are definitely two pieces that are either in the wrong place or don’t belong there at all. I think I will go ahead and cut them and move them to that orphans folder Ellen Ann told me to set up. If she asks for a revision where I can use them they’ll be right there waiting.  Just to free up some room for more revisions.

So suppose I will get going and do that this morning. The rest of the morning looks pretty empty from here on out. I will talk to Bob in about an hour and nail down when my middle one will get here and make plans from there. Hope everyone has a great day today and stays safe from the virus. Godspeed.


Sunday Morning

Well, we didn’t make it to the museum yesterday–the parking lot was covered in cop cars with lights flashing like an active crime scene so that made Bob nervous and we decided to go next weekend instead. Bummer.

Today is going well so far–I got up on time and and ready for church. In a couple of weeks we’re going to open back up church in a less stringent manner once the government lightens some restrictions it is signaling it will do. So that will be nice. Hopefully we can sit where we want and can go up to the balcony here Bob can breathe.

Another week until school starts. I keep hoping for some miracle that the kids can go all day without restrictions but that really would require a move of God at this point. Not saying he can’t do it; just saying that it seems highly unlikely our world deserves it.

I guess I will check on my youngest and see if she is going to church with me. I am feeling a good bit better and look forward to hearing a good sermon this morning.

Everybody have a good Sabbath day!|

Getting Going

Slow moving this morning as well. I got up with Bob but went back to sleep after he left.  My sinuses are acting up again, so my nose is all runny. So I didn’t feel really good this morning. But I’m better now. I washed my hair this morning so it’s behaving nicely. But boy, if I move around too much while I’m asleep, I wake up with it standing straight up. i have to wet it with a wet comb and try to get it back into shape or wash it and style it wet!

Logjams seem to be breaking with some of my work so maybe I can finish this up soon.  We will see. I am expecting a call later today that may get me some information.

My youngest’s school start has been put off for another week, according to an email she got. The governor made an announcement yesterday where he mandated five counties to wait until after Labor Day to start and announced a statewide mask mandate for two weeks. We will see what gets accomplished in that time.

I think I am going to go take some sinus medicine and get rid of the last of of this nose-running business. Sorry nothing profound to say today. We are just getting through the days one by one and hoping people get and stay well.  I have appointments next week and hopefully can get through those well enough. Godspeed.


Longest Spring Break Ever! :)

It’s hard getting up in the morning after so MANY months of not having to. 🙂 But so far I am making it. Waiting on Candy this morning and looking forward to visiting with her. I’m actually waking up a few minutes before the alarm goes off–I just don’t feel like getting up directly with it. I like to laze around a bit before I get up. Like 15 minutes.

WordPress needs to fix a kink in its stats.  I keep getting messages that people are liking my posts this morning, but it has registered no views or visitors on my site today. I don’t know what is going on. Unless it’s some sort of bot doing the liking. That’s the only thing I can think of.

I need to try the lawyers again for my story; they never called me back yesterday. We will see what happens. I wonder if I should go ahead and try to do a story on the finding of the body in Choctaw County and it being linked to the kid that disappeared a year ago. Maybe be able to call and prod the state crime lab along to doing something.

My mood is holding well  so far today. I’m just hanging around the house a lot still trying to avoid the coronavirus still. I am still really nervy about the kids going back to school.  I don’t know what they should do about protecting the kids and the teachers.

What I do feel strongly about is that they should cancel all extracurricular activities until the coronavirus is calmed down.  I have a kid in the band and I still feel that way. I really don’t understand what is holding that up. Bob says it’s the money generated for the school by football, etc. but to me it’s just not worth someone catching this stuff and dying over.

Anyway. We will see what happens. Hope everyone has a good day. Until next time. . .