Odd News

Some odd news.  I had entered a literary contest the first of this month where the online publication, NoiseMedium, said they would give their favorite submission $500 to publish and then publish the next 100 favorite submissions out of the ones they received for this contest.  So I found out today that I did not win the $500, but I am in the top 100 submissions so I will be published. Go figure. (I wonder how many total submissions there were?)   It’s an online-only journal, so I won’t get a  print copy, but the story will be archived on site for future reference.  It’s just as well that this particular story went to them–it’s almost a novella at 73 pages and would have had a hard time finding a traditional publisher.  It’s called “Looking For Home” and will appear on www.noisemedium.com. on April 22, 2016.  I look forward to seeing it.  (Wonder if they edited it down any?  We’ll see.)

Today was a really, really good day even before this news.  I’ve been awake all day with no sleepiness and finally completed my closet reorganization.  I’m saving my new clothes for a trip we’re taking for dance to Birmingham in a few weeks.  DId some cleaning up with other areas of the house and had a video conference about my work in my class at noon today.  I got a lot of really good suggestions to improve my essay.  And I handled it fine, took the comments in stride, etc.  SO hopefully the revision will work well and I can turn this one in as my final exam.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.  Thanks for continuing to read and stopping by!



First Paper

Turned in my first paper for class   yesterday and got immediate feedback on it today. She liked it a great deal but wondered why there wasn’t more “me” in it.  What was I thinking and feeling as I wrote it ?

I told her I was scared of how powerful the emotions it stirred in me were.  ANd they were powerful.  I cried for a couple of days after I conceived it because it brought out such  powerful feelings about my daddy in thinking about it.  About how scared I am to lose him someday.  Wondering if that day is coming sooner or later.  How I’m not prepared for it. But knowing that it is coming, likely in the next ten years or so.  So I asked her how to not “write scared”.  So we will see what she answers

But it was gratifying to get such positive feedback from a new  professor that I don’t know much about on a paper that was so personal.  Now I move on to the next exercise and see how I can do on it.





I think I overdid it yesterday.  Today I dont’ feel like doing anything.  I have a paper to write that’s  due in a week and a half and I need to be working on my portfolio, but today I am just sleepy and tired all over.  I’m on my second Dr. Pepper so maybe that will chirk me up a bit.,

I did have one notable experience at the conference that I haven’t written about yet.  One of the writers is the marketing director for University Press of Mississippi, the local scholarly press.   I dealt with him a  great deal when I was dong book reviews for various publications and brought his press some good publicity in various venues, but I never met him in person.

WEll, at a reception THursday night, I was waiting for a break in the conversation he was in so I could introduce myself.    Instead, he finished his conversation, turned to me, and said, “You’re Julie Whitehead, aren’t you?”. He went on to say how glad me was to finally meet me, then as one of the other symposium writers was walking by, he grabbed him by the arm, called his name, and said, “This is Julie WHitehead, a really fine writer from Brandon. Julie, this is” etc.

I was floored.  WE talked a bit about my writing I had done, with the conversation digressing to how pitiful the freelance/news market was nowadays.  He said some of the nicest things to me–how I had really worked my way up in my career and how glad he was to see me doing more writing by signing up for he MFA program. It was really a nice moment in the entire week.

Computer Woes

I wrote a very nice 500 word post Friday only to see the computer eat it.  So I gave up until I got home to my usual internet connection.  ANyway.

The end of the symposium was really great.  We had a gala dinner with PJ O’Rourke as the guest speaker on Friday night.  He was amazing to hear in person. Just as funny as always.  He talked about the 2016 presidential race, and that was funny.  I saw my oldest daughter there–she’s required to attend for her scholarship.  She breezed by me, said hello, introduced me to her roommate and other friends, and then disappeared.  Which I thought was healthy.

So now I have to write a paper for the symposium and catch up on the New Media stuff.  I have a project worked up for my first portfolio workshop.  It’s an extension of my electronic poem. I added two more stanzas for the workshop and will add music for the final project.  I need to work up my map project and work on my hypertext project.  Then I think I’ll make a book trailer for what I hope will be my second book, Rollerskating Over Forty.  I think that’s all I’ll have to do,  That’s four projects.  I’ll talk to my professor about them this morning.

A Little Worried

SO I am starting to wonder about the Geodon.  I went to bed at 8 last night and did not fall asleep until past midnight.  I got up a few times because I had Ideas for projects running through my head and I decided to write them down to get them out of my head so maybe I could relax.  I finally took me doing one of those relaxing exercises–feeling each body part to relax over and over–for me to go to sleep.  THnn Bob calls at 7:30 am to tell me about his parent teacher conference for Rachel and wakes me up.  I don’t know how long ai would have slept except for that.

SO this morning I am sleepy and a little scared that I may be headed for a manic episode off of the ABilify.  I’m just praying against it and hoping that that isn’t the case. Pray for me as I round out this wake wit the conference and that I can sleep and function well until I get home.


School Day Three

I’m sitting in a college classroom for the second time on this trip.  It’s been 22 years since I’ve done this.  THis is so surreal.  But it feels good and right to be here.  I’m almost finished with my map poem; I have two more locations to take pictures of and then will  post them to twitter after I get loose from my next class meeting.  So that is what is going on with me right this minute.

A few people inn our group know about me and have asked if I’m making it okay..  I really am.  I do see where I’m a little more excitable, but I can’t tell if it’s Geodon or just being around people more is stimulating me.  But I really feel good about howl I’m coping.  So we will see how this more intense events shake out.


I am sitting out in the dark at our conference center which does not have internet access in our rooms. SO I am sitting in front of the doors of the man center as the WiFi does extend.a few feet outside the doors.  I can hear some road noise but mostly crickets and frogs.  I’m trying to figure our how to balance this laptop on my knees so I can type.  But it has been a very good day, so I cannot complain too much. WE spent most of the day discussing the books for our class led by the director of the MFA program and will have more discussions tomorrow before the symposium officially starts on Thursday,  THen we spent the afternoon gong to locations for our geopoem we are doing for the new media class.

We went to different locations around town and took pictures and will tweet them along with hashtags and a line of ooerty on Twitter.  THey can be read as individual poems on our twitter accounts or assemble the lines from the hashtags for each location and read our lines of poetry together as ordered by our hashtags. Complex little assignment, but I am getting the hang of it.  I don’t think I’ll work on that tonight,; I[ll just do this blog post and then go to bed.  Bob and the girls seem to be doing well and everything is fine on the homefront. Keep thinking about me as I continue in this program.

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