Gala Night

SO last night was the Welty Gala and it was something of a disappointment.  Joh Feinstein talked basketball the whole time, which is wasted in a football state like ours.  I don’t think he won anyone over to buy his books at his talk.  I was cheeky since he had talked about Title XI so I asked him about trans athletes, and he gave me the typical liberal answer.

Some of the black women in our author lineup applauded me for asking it–one told me “You had a good question and your answer, the answer he gave you, was trash!”  So I though that very interesting.

I am definitely going to try to sell this story to the Bitter SOutherner–I need to write up the proposal and send it off this morning.  See who bites at it.  I hope it does better than the last article I sent them.

I am waiting for my article on rollerskating to finally come out–not sure when it’s supposed to but I will see.  I’ll check the website and see if it is there.  SO I am just a busy bee right now.

Going to eat lunch with my middle child and see what she has to say.  Hopefully we can have a good visit.  I wish we could have met up at some other point, but the schedule wouldn’t allow it.  So there.

SO I will go and send off my proposal and see what we come up with.  Hope everyone has a great weekend and a lovely start to next week.


Night One of Symposium

Had a very good time at the Symposium last night.  We kicked things off with a reception at a professor’s house to meet the authors, which was fun.  Then we went over to the Symposium where we heard Kiese Laymon speak.

I still have a complicated relationship with his work.  I am not the target audience for his work.  His work is written for his people.  But I think I need to read that sort of work to understand what is going on in this country–the anger at people who look like me.  I liked Heavy more than his last book because it felt more intellectually honest.  It didn’t feel like a bid for attention in the sense of “look at me! I’m an angry black man.”  It said “look at me! I am a man with failings and heroics and I’m human just like everyone else.” So to me that was an important difference.

WE have a full day of Symposium today so I will be busy,  I am holding up well so far.  I a thinking about trying to sell a story on the event so I am taking copious notes to capture the flavor of it.  We will see.

I need to run so I can get a good parking spot and a seat.  Hope everyone has a great day and a great weekend.!



Column Publication

SO my personal column for Mississippi Center for Investigative Reporting came out today.   I am so proud of this story and have hopes for where it might land and how it might help people.  Just pray that God uses it as he sees fit to give people hope.

TOday is going to be a long day.  We have class, then lunch, then setup for the Symposium tonight–then a reception for the authors and the keynote talk tonight.  SO it’s going to be a busy day.  TOmorrow is going to be long with Symposium panels morning and afternoon, then we have a panel Saturday morning and then it’s all over and I go back home.  I’ve been talking to Bob and Rachel morning and night–I’m enjoying it here but I miss them.

Today is National Hug a Drummer Day, and I sent my middle daughter a  text telling her so and giving her an electronic hug.  SHe thought that was funny.

I’ll soon need to be leaving for class–I need to look at the syllabus and see what we are discussing today.  I’m ready for whatever the discussion is so I just need to know to take out the books out of my backpack and bring them :).  Hope everyone has a great day and a great end to their week.

Second Day

SO today we discuss a few books in the morning and poetry in the afternoon. So that is going to be interesting today.  We will have one of the authors with us for her discussion so that will be good.  We got so off track last night into social justice issues that Kiese Laymon brought out in his memoir–it felt more like a therapy session than a book discussion.  But no one got onto us for doing that so I guess it was okay.

Tomorrow we start the actual symposium with a keynote reading tomorrow night and then one full day of readings then another half day on Saturday.  Then we get to go out to lunch with the authors or gom on home–I know I’ll be leaving out before lunch because I just want to get back home.  I’ll probably eat at Harvey’s again on my way out of town because getting to the other restaurant takes you out into the country and I’m just not sure if it’s on Google Maps to get out there and back.  So I’m not taking the risk.

I’m feeling pretty good except for itching from everywhere.  We’re sleeping out in a environmental center with cabins and something is itching me up.  My eyes itch, the insides of my ears itch, my skin itches, my nose itches, Etc.  I would take a Benadryl but that would also make me sleepy.

Speaking of that, I think I’m about to go get a Dr Papper.  Hope everyone has a good Wednesday.  Be back with more updates tomorrow!



Welty Residency

So I am awake and everything for residency this morning!  We don’t have to be anywhere until 2 p.m. so I am just spending time chillaxing at Plymouth Bluff where we are staying.  Right now I am in the main lobby since that is the only place where we have internet connections for our computers.  Although I did so want to surf last night I taught myself how to check facebook, wordpress, and submittable from my phone and that kept me busy for a while.  But I went to bed early after eating out last night,

A bunch of us got together at Harvey’s last night and stayed two-and-a-half hours (!)  We had a nice leisurely dinner and then just sat and talked.  I got to meet everyone in the program that I hadn’t met before that were here for this residency–Kyla,  Carrie, and Kaitilin.  So that was good.  Alec came and brought a friend of his and we got to meet her.  SO we had such a good time.

I need to finish up a discussion post for class on one of the books and then all I have left are the poems  That won’t take long as well.  I should have charged up my computer last night and I forgot.  But I will tonight and that will be fine.

I had so much trouble going to sleep last night.  I had a light on and the radio for company–I finally turned the light off and that helped.  I woke up at my normal time, and ate and got dressed and everything then lay back down and just listened to the radio.m  I didnt’ go back  to sleep–I am proud of that.

SO I will keep everyone updated on the week from here.  Hope everyone has a happy Tuesday!

Getting Packed Up

I’m going to residency today at the W so I am excited about that.   A few last minute things have to be done–go get money out of bank,  go to the grocery store for breakfast food, get one of y prescriptions done, etc.  But ti shouldn’t be hard.

I do plan to keep up the blog about what all goes on so you can be interested along with me.  So many fun activities.

I’m about to call and check in with Bob then run my errands.  Hope everyone has a great week and enjoys listening to my trip up to Columbus.


First Day Back

Lots of reading is in my future for this nonfiction workshop.  I naively thought it would just be he required textbooks. Nope.  A lot of supplemental reading as well as keeping and turning  in a reading diary where we’re supposed to pick out passages that struck us while reading.  So that is the way we start off.  I already posted my introduction and will be working on my upcoming flash piece due Sunday. My other class hasn’t opened yet so I am still waiting on its syllabus and whatnot.

I started on my nonfiction piece about the book fest last night–got four-five paragraphs done and sent out a bunch of feelers for further interviews so we will see how things go.  I am still thinking on what I want to do for my fiction piece–I am thinking maybe do two more sections and then wrap it up.  I don’t know.  It keeps saying it wants to be long and include more narrators, but all the other characters would be evil and I don’t want them to have their say so I don’t get the dreaded “unlikeable narrator” trope. Anyway.

So I’m going to start reading and see where I end up with nonfiction workshop.  Looking forward to a new semester!





Home Safe!

Made it home safely this morning.  It was kind of a dicey drive-I got really sleepy on the way but no traffic so I made it fine.  I guess I didn’t sleep as good as I thought I did.  TUrned in my keys and whatnot and got it all taken care of before I left.

Now I am waiting for Bob and my youngest to get back home from church.  They should be coming in soon.  I already have laundry going so that is a good thing.  The house doesn’t look trashed so I am counting that as good.

So I still have assignments for class–I have to write two essays–one about the workshop and what I learned and another about the seminars.  I looked at the essays I wrote for last time I did this and that has helped.  I think I will have a lot to say this time around that I didn’t last time-I felt a lot better about the seminars this time than I did last time.  So that helps.

Well. Bob and she should  be on their way home.  Hope everyone has a great Sunday and a great week next week.  I’ll be back to my regular posting schedule until we go to the Carolinas on the 13th.



Last Day

Today we wind up the meetings etc. of our residency.  We have a final meal together after the last seminar I beleive so that should be fun.  I don’t have workshop this morning since I came in early and we met on Friday afternoon when the others did not.  SO I may go out and get breakfast and eat leisurely this morning.  Not sure yet.

I always enjoy coming here.  I’ll come back in the fall barring something going wrong this summer. I am kind of sad that the end is here but I will be glad to get home snd around familiar things again.  I just hope I don’t fall back into my usual patterns and try to sleep all day.

I so hope the nonprofit I want to work for  gets the grant at some point this summer.  i’d love to start work on this stuff as soon as possible.   I think I am well enough to take on a long project and will see how it goes.

I go home to a week full of appointments–I have somewhere to go every morning of the week–good thing that my youngest is going to be at VBS helping out with the kids.  She always enjoys that.  Then we vacay then we’re home and we vacay again then back home and then band camp starts far too soon.  THe summer is going to be really short but hopefully packed full of fun.

And I am looking forward to staying stable through it all. I’m going to get breakfast.  Hope everyone has a good day and weekend!


Social Scene

So the others have developed a routine of going to Harvey’s for a happy hour immediately following our afternoon seminars but before the nighttime readings.   I feel uncomfortable  because almost everyone goes and I feel left out.  In my more paranoid moments, I wonder if they talk about me and the fact that I don’t drink.  Even the others who are on psychotropics go and drink.  I just don’t get it.

One guy who lives in Columbus invited everyone over to his house last night for a party celebrating the almost-end of residency and his passing his thesis defense, I guess.  I went but only stayed an hour.  I have never been around so much alcohol.  I left when one of the matrons in our program was nearing being drunk enough that she kept touching my shoulder for support.

Otherwise I have socialized well.  We meet up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the cafeteria or at different restaurants.   I seem to get along with everyone so that makes me feel good.  Some I have been around  more than others, so that is just the way that is.  I like to think I’ve made friends. We will see.

Residency is almost over.  We have today and tomorrow, and I will head back Sunday morning.  I’ve enjoyed myself but will be glad to get back home.  I hope I will take away some of the habits I’ve learned here about writing and keep them going.  I hope I can wake up on time and not have to sleep during the day.  I hope I can stay happy.  I plan to take my daughter out more instead of both of us holing up in the house all summer.  Grand plans, I know.  But maybe I can stick to them.