Not quite in so much pain as I have been. Still a lot of visible bruises and cuts so I know I’ve been through something. Yesterday they called with Bob’s cardiology appointment, which is tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. So they are not letting the grass grow under their feet on this, which I am glad of. Everyday they gather data is a day closer to a solution and possibly treatment. So I am all for that.

My youngest has finished school for the year, so she is happy. She is spending the night at a friend’s house with some other friends tonight, so she is excited about that. I got to sleep in again and will be for the rest of the summer (yay!) That’s what I need–rest to recover. I took a tub bath last night for the first time since the wreck–I had been taking showers because I wasn’t sure I could get myself out of the tub once I got in it. But I made it fine last night and credit it with me sleeping so well and feeling so much better.

Eleven days until I defend my thesis. It can’t come quickly enough. I am so ready to defend and learn and read and be done. This limbo between turning it in and defending it is good in that it means the committee gets a chance to really read it, but it has passed so slowly for me. I’ve had a lot to keep me busy, but time seems to have slowed to a crawl here in May. I don’t know why. But it has been.

My mood is generally holding up, I keep having intrusive thoughts about the wreck, but I guess that’s par for the course. My startle reflex is on high alert–anything bangs or makes a crashing sound and I am all scared to death in that instant–sucking in my breath to scream, etc. I don’t feel a need to call Tillie and talk to her so I think that is good. If the thoughts get worse or I start having nightmares, I think I will need to schedule with her earlier than expected. But so far I am okay.

I need to get to work this afternoon. Making phone calls, writing, etc. Hope everyone has a good rest of the week. Get the shot. Godspeed.


Slowly Recovering

I has a hard time getting out of bed this morning. Both sides of my body were very uncomfortable. I finally did and took my medicine and ate breakfast. Bob went on into work this morning to try again. He only made it to lunch yesterday. But we went to his doctor in the afternoon, who said his episode sounded probably cardiovascular in nature (atrial heartbeat irregularities) and he is going to refer him to a cardiologist first. We are supposed to wait on that appointment for them to call us because they will be working us in. So.

I got my BPHope magazine article in and my new blog post so that was good. I am waiting on a bunch of outstanding emails so that may take some time. I am trying to get back into the swing of things. It’s hard.

Candy and Christy came today and we had good conversations. They wanted to know how I was feeling–they helped me sort laundry since I can’t lift. So that was sweet. They worked quickly and got a lot done.

I kind of just want to block the world out? Stay here in the house and not leave so nothing else can go wrong? That’s my state of mind right now. My middle one started her job yesterday and said it went well. She was more in the plant than in the lab so that puzzled her. But it was only the first day so we told her to wait and see how it went. She’s stuck with the job since she moved her whole life there, so she may as well see what all happens later on.

I am going to go try to get some work done. Hope everyone else is having a good day. Godspeed.


So we all still ache a lot but that is getting better. I’m not comfortable lying down so I got up earlier than usual from sleeping in. The insurance people called and I gave them a statement about the wreck; they are supposed to call Bob next.

I keep hurting in new places. My jaw hurts on the left side, my nose is sore up between my eyes, I have a nasty bruise on my left leg up around where it meets my body, etc. My head hurts right around my hairline as well. My right hand is still cut up badly; I’m thinking either I put it through a window as it was breaking or it’s the result of shattered glass falling on me. Unless something serious develops down the road, I don’t think I’m going back to a doctor, nor will my youngest. Bob is going to his regular doctor this afternoon to start the process of finding out exactly why he passed out.

I need to work on stories but I feel so bad I’m not sure I can. Not just physically but mentally, as well. I think I am definitely going to call Debbie and tell her, then just try to do the BPHope blog entry and see how it goes. When Bob gets his new car, I will need to schedule a session with Tillie to process this whole business.

SO let me call Debbie. Everyone have a good day. Godspeed.

God Saves Us

Well, nothing about yesterday went as planned.

WE were driving up to my parents and I looked over at Bob and saw his chin on his chest. I thought maybe he was losing a fight to stay awake. I called his name, then did it again when he didn’t look up. We went into the center median, and I moved to try to grab the wheel. He came to and tried to get the car back on the road, We zigged and zagged on the road, and finally went off the side, rolled over, came up a little airborne, and landed upright. I remember screaming the whole time, hearing all the airbags go off, and rolling over. Then I go a little blank. Bob doesn’t remember anything. He said one second he was listening to the radio–the next the wreck was over and I was still screaming.

Very nice people stopped and helped us call 911. My youngest was trying to do it but handed the phone off to one of the men who stopped by when she didn’t know where we were on the road. I wound up laid out stuck between the front and back seats on my back. No one would believe me when I said I was strapped in. I think I bounced around because I was leaning towards Bob to try to grab the wheel. Bob was kind of incoherent until the ambulances came. They took us back to home to go to River Oaks Hospital.

We were all checked out by the hospital, Bob more than me and the youngest because they were trying to see why he passed out. I had a chest x-ray and have an contusion to the chest wall. The youngest had a bloody nose and her right arm is really hurting. I have cuts and scratches on both arms, a lump on the top of my head, pain in my hips when I sit down and stand up, and a big lump on my upper right arm. Sleeping was hard last night.

Well, I’m about to turn on church. Pray that Bob will follow up with his doctor and try to see what made him pass out.

Blessed Sunday

Finally everyone else in the house is on the mend. I don’t know how long Bob’s cough is going to stick around but that’s kind of a constant with him anyway, so I don’t know if it’s a symptom of covid anymore or just his ordinary coughing by now.

One of my church friends has a husband in the hospital with covid pneumonia so I am praying for him and her; it’s really scary how close to home this is hitting now. Hopefully one of the vaccines can become widely available to at least the hospital people so they’re not putting their lives on the line everyday to treat people.

WE had a good online church service today and I am waiting to log into our Sunday School class at 10:30 a.m. on Zoom. We will see how that goes.

I have the next few days to revise the last of my revisions on my thesis then turn it in and have at least a month off to be thinking about it, reading it again, and seeing what else needs to be done with it. Next semester is polishing and buffing and making it conform to the thesis standards and June is defending and August is graduating! So that is so good to be able to say.

So praying for everyone to stay away from the virus. We aren’t doing anything with our families for Thanksgiving; we are just ordering in Cracker Barrel and having our own Thanksgiving dinner. So sad but with us just getting over this, we don’t want to spread it. Pray for all of you having to make similar decisions. Hope everything goes well. Godspeed.

Off Quarantine

So my youngest and I have finally finished our quarantine period. I know I’ve been talking about going out yesterday but I wore my mask and didn’t go into any stores; just stayed in my car. We’re talking about going and getting lunch and bringing Bob something back; we will have to see where she decides she wants to go.

I’m sorry I haven’t been exactly producing sparkling prose here these weeks. Between feeling bad myself and being worried about Bob, I just didn’t have room to do much except settle down the facts. But we’ve survived the pandemic of 2020 in all fronts so I guess that’s success as defined by the parameters of this year.

I think I woke up too early–I’m tired and sleepy still. But I soon need to pick up the ball and start taking care of house stuff again on a full-time basis. Yay. I think I will wait until Monday.

So keep thinking about Bob; he is doing better but not as good as he wants to be. He’s still under quarantine until Thanksgiving so that is that. Pray that he can fully recover and that my middle one can recover as well. Godspeed.

Turned The Corner

Bob is doing a lot better this morning. He still has an upset stomach and a cough, but no vertigo or shortness of breath that he can see, He’s taking meds for the pneumonia and everything else so he seems to be a lot better today. We’re not going to push him–don’t want a relapse or a worsening of the pneumonia.

But it certainly is a good feeling that we are all feeling better. Praise God for that.

Bob wants me to go out today and pre-order our Thanksgiving dinner from Cracker Barrel so I will do that sometime today. I may go now and order lunch for today as well as a happy. We will see.

I am still so tired. I figure it’s side effects rom my meds plus post-covid effects. I am managing the best I can.

Thanks so much for all the prayers and thoughts offered up for us. We’ve managed to survive and I’ve managed to not have a relapse in my depression. So I call that a good deal. Thanks to you all.

Emergency Room

So that is where Bob wound up yesterday. His doctor sent him to the ER for treatment yesterday—they took a chest x-ray, gave him IV antibiotics, and tried to give him a breathing treatment that failed, then sent him home (!!!) We didn’t know what to think about that so Bob is on the phone letting his doctor know what happened and what to do from here.

They wouldn’t let me set foot in the hospital at all. So Bob kept texting me what was going on while I was home. Very frustrating. The chest x-ray showed that he is developing pneumonia in the right lung. So we want to keep an eye on that,

SO that was that. Otherwise things are going well. I am tired today because I was “on” so much yesterday; I had to run around doing various and sundry things and now that took a lot out of me. I plan to rest more today than yesterday. I am holding up better mood-wise than I have any right to be so that is good too. Our middle one is on an inhaler now and feels much better. I just hope she keeps up with herself and know when to get back to the doctor if she needs to.

Continue to pray for us that we all get better and stay better. Thanks for all you guys do.

Shortness of Breath

That’s Bob’s latest symptom. I am getting really worried about this. He can’t exert himself without coughing and he can’t do anything without getting short of breath. The only positive out of it is that his oxygen numbers are staying in the mid-nineties. So that is good at least.

My middle daughter went back to her doctor and got an inhaler; she told Bob this morning that it made going up the stairs better. So it sounds like she was getting better then got worse. I think I’m going to have to go pick her up for Thanksgiving and take her back when she gets better. We re praying for her too.

I turned in the last pages of my thesis this week and will turn in the whole revised draft next week. We will see what happens over the holidays with that. Glad I was able to keep up with it the past couple of weeks.

Pray for us–that Bob can start getting better, that my middle one will get better, that I can keep my strength up to help Bob, that I don’t relapse, that the youngest will stay well now that she’s had it too. Thanks for thinking of us.