Finally Melting

Finally the snow melted enough we could go out and get lunch. It’s supposed to be in the fifties today so hopefully the long nightmare is over here in Mississippi. I hope it makes my middle one feel better, too. My oldest just sent me some pictures of flowers from Micheal’s that she is going to use for bouquets in the wedding–they are beautiful; dark blue roses for hers against her white dress, and pale blue lilies for the bridesmaids so they stand out next to their dark blue dresses. I hope all the planning is as exciting for her as it is for me. It’s so nice to have something to look forward to.

I’m going to start laundry today since the chance of losing power is gone. Bob and mine and my youngest one’s. Then I will go to work on my thesis and on my article on the hometown hero. I feel so much better today than yesterday. Some of it is likely getting my medicine back into my system, but I think most of it is being able to get out in the sunlight and not be so cold. I need to check on my parents and see if they have power yet. I hope so.

Hopefully we can keep up the schedule we have next week–Monday I take my youngest to get her drivers’ license, Tuesday I go see Tillie, and Wednesday we go to the lawyer to get our will updated. A lot to do that needs doing very badly. Then we’ll go out and buy the youngest one a car!

So everything is about to get very busy, I will go work on laundry and see what all I can get done. Have a good day, everybody!


Driving on Ice

Well, Bob got my middle one back up to Starkville yesterday and made it back okay. THe drive was worse than he anticipated so it took him longer both ways. About three hours up and three hours back. I went out on ice for the first time in my life to finally go get my medicine. The highway was fine–all the ice was off of it. But getting out of the driveway and the neighborhood was a bit more complicated. But somebody had to do it and Bob had not offered to do it all the times I mentioned I was out of some of my meds so I suppose it was up to me.

I feel like I’ve been hit over the head with a blanket. I can’t wake up. I don’t want to be up; I don’t want to do anything at all. I want to be left alone. By everybody. I don’t want to talk to anyone; I don’t want ANYTHING AT ALL. Just everyone leave me alone.

My parents still don’t have power or phone. They do have water as far as I can tell. They have heat–my sister found someone with a lot of wood that gave them plenty to carry them through this. So they are cooking on the fireplace. I hope the linemen get to them soon.

Pray that my anxiety will stop spinning me around and that I will get better soon. It’s all chemical form not having my meds for a few days. It will stop soon now that I have them all bak in my system. Godspeed to everyone.

Trying to Thaw Out A Bit

We are melting for the moment then at night the bad weather is supposed to hit again. We lost power last night for an hour and a half because of “rolling blackouts” by our power company but we made it fine. We have a propane heater we can use for half an hour at a time, so we turned that on once we felt the chill moving inside. I handed everyone an extra quilt for the night in case the power went out again. But it didn’t so we made it through the night fine.

Bob and my middle one are going to try to go back to Starkville right after lunch this afternoon while the temps are up and the ice is melting some. She has to get back up there sometime and he says this afternoon looks like the best bet. I will be praying all afternoon for them to get there safely, for her to have power and water, and for him to get back safely. I don’t know what else to do. There’s no use trying to talk them out of it.

After they’re gone I suppose I will go out and get my medicine if the pharmacy is open. I am out of Latuda and Welbutrin and almost out of Vistaril. Bob told me my best bet to get them was going to be Thursday so here I go.

My mood is holding up okay–I did sleep all morning but that’s all right–nothing important is happening. After I get my medicine I will go and sit and do my community hero story this afternoon. I feel like I could go back to sleep. But this afternoon I’ll get my meds and be back on track.

I proposed to my middle one last night about writing a book together someday about bipolar together. She didn’t turn me down flat, but she didn’t sound overly enthusiastic. She can write, too–wrote a whole fantasy novel in high school. We will see.

I guess I will wind up. Hopefully everyone can be safe today as they do what they have to do. Godspeed.

Still Iced In

Bob got called in to work today. I have lots of words for this particular policy decision, but I’m going to save my breath.

I need to turn in my thesis, research note, and my new article today. I may try one more phone call before I write my article.

Success! I had written down one digit incorrectly on her phone number so I got her on Facebook, got the right number, and called. So that’s done and I can write my article this afternoon. Yay! Also send in the paperwork to write the article, financials and whatnot.

My mood is holding, and I think it’s because everyone is in the house and safe. It’s like a big slumber party with us all watching movies, YouTube videos, the weather, etc. And goofing off and sleeping in and such. My oldest is even safer; she has seventy degree temps where she is! 🙂

Bob said if we needed groceries, it’s probably going to have to wait until tomorrow. We’re making it fine so far. Just no fine dining options left. 🙂 I just wish the ice would melt at least some so we could get out and do the necessary things like medicine and groceries.

I guess I will move on and get my work done. I am happy to be working on a new channel of income. Every little bit helps. Hope everyone is staying safe in the weather and the cold and with the virus. Godspeed to you all.

Another Snowy Day

Snow is still coming down a very little bit today. Slow but steady. We’re not supposed to break freezing in temperature until maybe Thursday. So there won’t be any chance of melting the snow or ice until much later this week. We have no idea when it will be safe to travel to get my middle one back to State in case classes reopen. And I think she is tired of us already and ready to get back.

I need to make a phone call in about fifteen minutes for my community hero story. That’s the only reason I’m up. Otherwise I think I would just still be in the bed. Nothing to do really.

That’s not true. Nothing I want to do. I could do my laundry out of the hamper or I could read one of my books for thesis. I just don’t feel motivated.

My oldest is having a good time. Florida is about the only state which isn’t having these temps and winter precipitation. She said yesterday it was seventy degrees. I am so jealous.

Well, I’d better wind up. I am feeling so trapped inside the house. At least I can make phone calls and get some work done. But I’m not going out during this kind of cold. Too cold. Hope everyone is staying safe from their weather. Have a good day!

Good News and Bad News

Good news first: we picked my middle one up out of the hospital yesterday lunch. We went out to a restaurant she likes for lunch and then we came home to sit and wait for the bad news. . .

Bad News: we are iced in. This is worse than snow–this is snow with an ice layer underneath so no one can get out since no tire can get traction through the ice. You might say “snow tires”, but they’re not sold down here. At all. Many, many roads are closed and Bob was told not to come in today because of the dangerous road conditions.

So my middle one is stuck here at home while classes may continue. She is currently working on an online-only class, with the professor talking over Zoom. Her first in-person clas is Wednesday, I think. They have closed in-person classes today, but we don’t know how long this is going to last or when we can drive her up there. I think she is very frustrated to be here instead of Starkville. But she is making the best of it.

I’m not sure I need to try to finish calls for my story because people have other worries right now. I just don’t know.

I think I’m going to go back to bed. Not much else to keep me occupied.

Everyone be careful out there in the weather.