Good News!

Good news!  I have a meeting set up for next Tuesday with the managing editor of the group I’ve been in talks with about the mental health stories I came up with that needed reporting on.  So it does look like they worked out the financing somehow and we will see what the plan is then.

So I hope to make an announcement nest week as to who I’ll be working for and what exactly I’ll be doing.

Band camp is still moving along–they break for the weekend and start full days on Monday, then do that for a week. THen they have off until school starts on August 7.  I have all the paperwork turned in, but we have high school orientation on August 1 and band pictures that same afternoon. So Thursday of that off week will be busy.

Then I start school on August 22. I’m not sure when my middle one starts back to State–we work that out later in the summer.  But she’s going back to the same apartment and roommate she had before so we are not too worried about that.

SO all in all, the world is looking up today. I am so glad that I may have a job lined up.  I need work right now, no matter how small it is.  Finish these two semesters of one class each and  then start thesis next fall and get cranking on my magnum opus! 🙂



Hurricane Watch

So we are on hurricane watch with Barry coming onshore in Louisiana.  We are expected to get a LOT of rain from it.  Bob’s in Biloxi with out youngest for a dance clinic–I am just hoping he is far enough east so as to miss out on the storm surge and flooding that is expected from Long Beach to west of New Orleans. I’ll keep up with them through the day and see what it going on.  They say it should hit us around 12 noon here in the Jackson Mississippi area.

I’ll know how far I’ve come in my recovery if I can handle this storm without freaking out.  The wind is not expected to be bad here so I know the house will be safe–we are on a fairly high elevation.  But the sheer amount of rain it’s expected to generate may make it hard for Bob to drive in Sunday after the clinic.  I don’t know.  I can dream up hundreds of terrible scenarios.  But that is just my overactive imagination.  I plan to just do my best to relax today and not worry.

It makes me feel better to type out everything here rather than just let it swirl around in my head. We will see what the day brings.

Update  : Saw a very funny meme on facebook.  You see a picture of Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel and the caption says, “Don’t forget to leave out milk and protein bars for Jim Cantore.  If you forget he will turn off your power.”



SO I am a little unsure about the future. I’m not on the schedule so far to teach anything at the school I work at this fall.  I asked and they told me it had not yet been finalized–there were a few slots still open without a professor.  So I may still have some hope.

If I’m not going to work, I need to pull the trigger on signing up for the fall residency to get it out of the way.  SO I am just a little unsettled right now.  I need to sign up for the class so I can get the books this summer and read them ahead of the class.  I will just have to see.

I went and got my oil changed and air filter replaced–I started grading papers there and am afraid that everyone is going to fail the depth of research part–they simply didn’t look up enough sources.  I didn’t give them a minimum or a maximum for the final project and they are averaging about six sources a person–which is not enough for most topics.  So that is going to be depressing.

So now I don’t know what to do about the fall.  I called around to a bunch of other people so I’d hate to sign up for the class and miss the opportunity to teach somewhere else.  I’m thinking I will need to wait on signing up and see what else may turn up,  If nothing  turns up, I think I will abandon teaching until I finish my degree.  I just don’t know the right thing to do right now.

So I need to o get started on the papers again and see what I can accomplish with that before tomorrow.  I hope to hand them back.  If not we will do it Friday.  I also have to write for class so I need to get cracking on that.  Hope everyone has a good day!


Checking Boxes

So today I decided to embrace my bipolar identity in a writing submission so to see if it gets me a better chance to publication and spreading the word about bipolar disorder.  I had the chance to fill out additional information about myself in my submission that might “impact” the publication’s mission to present “underrepresented” voices in their publication.

I feel so conflicted doing this.  I want to be read and published because I write well, not because I enable them to check the “disabled writer” box on their diversity checklist.  The story leaves no doubt that I am a member of the mentally ill community in that it talks about my first admission to the mental hospital.  But I thought I would reinforce my feelings about it with a paragraph that explained the tone of the piece.  So I did.  We will see if it does  me any good.

But on the other hand, I am so tired of being bipolar.  I so want to be normal, get a job, work,  support myself and my family, show my girls that it can be done, realize my dreams, etc.  And bipolar disorder took all of that away from me.  That frustrates me on so many levels.



Twin Acceptances!

Got word yesterday afternoon that China Grove Press is taking another story of mine called “This Side of Heaven” and PAYING me again.  So that was exciting enough.  This morning, though, I got my poem about baseball accepted to an outfit called Cobalt, where it will also be included in a book anthology called “Five Years of Cobalt Baseball”.  So I am excited about everything this morning and looking forward to maybe more acceptances from some of the better magazines that I’ve started sending to.  That’s the next step.

I had to pull both stories from other journals and was able to substitute at one; I’m hoping to see if I can substitute something for my Creative Nonfiction entry as well.  I don’t know what I’ll send, but I will be thinking about it.  I think the only thing I have that would fit would be ‘My Bipolar Story in Pictures”.  But we will see. I’m very excited right now and think it will be a good day today!







Looking Forward

I know I want to look forward in this post, but I’m not sure what exactly I am looking forward to 🙂 .  I look forward to an incredible holiday season because it’s the first one I can remember in a long time that I have joyfully anticipated.  We have great presents picked out for every9one and I can’t wait to see their reactions when they open them.  We look forward to seeing everyone and having a great Christmas together in all of our families.

I have been given a brilliant idea for the next stage of my writing by my nonfiction teacher, who wants me to concentrate on the nine months between Hurricane  Katrina hitting us  and my little trip to Louisiana. It will be difficult because I was spiraling and completely un-medicated and    I just don’t remember that much about it now.  But I will look into what I do have written down and jog my memory about it.

I hope to keep this remission up and running by doing healthier things for myself and maybe relearning how to live a normal life..But to stay healthy at the same time by not taking on too much at one time.  We will see how it goes.

Only ten more days until Christmas, seventeen untiI New Year’s, and  fifteen days after that to a new semester.   I’m looking forward to all of it!


Energetic and Upbeat!

I feel good again this morning.  SO this is nice.  It almost feels like normal.  I’m really apprehensive about saying that in case I scare it  away.  But I really do feel well this morning.

I did something fun yesterday.  I made another dream poster, something I haven’t done in a long time.  I was going through magazines to give away to the daycare, and GOd just prompted me to look through them one more time to find inspirational phrases and images to put on a sheet of paper.   I thought it was going to be inspirational about being where I am right now, which is a wife and mommy.  Instead the Lord led me to put together exciting words about the next year.

I pulled out “Shine”, “Share”, “Strong” and   “Free” out as the main words, then filled in a picture of a water fountain for the center.  The main quote is “You have to really put yourself out there–heart, soul. everything–to do anything well”.   The title of the poster is “Visions”.  Other words are “Awakening”, “Boldest”, “Bravest”, “Wow”and “Power”.  Other phrases are “Ask for it”,  “Keep your mind sharp”, “Surprise Yourself”, “Change for the better”, and  “I will light up every room I walk into”.

I just feel so optimistic about the future right now.  And not about publishing or anything like that.  Just that the future looks bright and that GOd is with me.  Maybe it’s just the Christmas spirit.  But whatever it is I’ll take it.