Threw Them Out

I had to throw my class out today.  I got here on time and everything, and the discussion is not moving along–only one kid is talking.  I finally asked who read the story before class and got one hand raised. Only the kid who was doing all the talking.  I said we’re going to double up on Friday, I’m giving a quiz on both readings, and then we’re going to finish our discussion.  No one even looked apologetic.  I’ll do what I can and then I am done with these kids next Wednesday.

Anyway.  So the discouragement continues.  I am trying to be optimistic but it is so hard this week.


A Bit Depressing

ALl the media is filled with 9/11 tributes and Hurricane Irma updates, so I have tried to stay away from it all–I took a long nap this afternoon and am just now really waking up after taking my youngest one to dance.  My church had a big prayer service for Irma victims and people who may be in its path in Florida.  So we will see what happens.

I had a good class period today; we’re in Middle English so that will be fun for the week or so we are spending time on it.  I want to go look up my college notes on Chaucer since I took a class on him, but all I’ve found so far is the text book, which is very heavy in my briefcase.  I had a kid take pity on m e once I got to Jennings and opened the doors for me as I was juggling carrying it all this morning.

It’s a beautiful day out today–no chance of rain but a stiff breeze blowing that is nice and cool.  I wish I had more to say today but I don’t.  Everyone up and down the coastlines be safe as Hurricanes jose and Katia make their way through, too. Hope everyone has had a good start to their week.



I am waiting to go to my cholesterol check so I haven’t eaten today yet.  I am hungry and I miss my Coke.  That means I’m sleepy too.  But other than that, today is going well.  I have already done most of my work for my W class and will get work finished for my class I teach soon too so my week will be easier.  I have a teleconference on  Thursday night that I am not looking forward to.  Two hours.  So we will see how that turns out.



So I spent yesterday getting everything together for my application to the college I hope to work for this fall.  I had to order my college transcripts online and pay for that.  It was a little bit of a tedious thing–I had to fill in an order form and all of that jazz.  But I got them done for MSU and MUW so that should be taken care of.  According to the English Department head, the MC people will approve me, and then he can schedule me for classes.  I don’t know if there is an interview somewhere in this process or not; I hope there is because I have lots of questions.

Today we are packing to go to dance competition.  I am not looking forwards to it but not dreading it either, so I count that as a plus.  We go to Biloxi this afternoon and dance for competition tomorrow.  Then they have two days of classes that we get to sit and read books through 🙂  We are going to try to visit Bay St. Louis Saturday after classes and see what we can find to see there.

So I will not be writing after today until Monday.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.