Heavy Heart

Bob’s dad is not doing well at all. It seems to just be a matter of time at this point. My oldest is here to visit and help, and my middle one is probably on her way Saturday on her birthday. Today is the oldest one’s birthday and as she put it, this is not how either one intended to spend their birthday weekend. I have permission to work at home today since the oldest has the baby, and I can sit with him when he naps and she goes to visit her grandfather.

My oldest is worried about me. She told me yesterday that she remembered how I went down at their great-grandmother’s funeral eleven years ago, so I understand. I am trying to be strong and handle everything without going bipolar either way. If I need Tillie or my doctor, I will have them available during the week; I am scheduled to see Dr. Bishop on Monday and Tillie on Friday. We will see how things go.

Pray that we all can bear up under the stress of the next few weeks and maybe months. My worry is my kids and Bob. I think Iwill be all right unless some new crisis develops on top of this. I know I need to depend on God. And I will. I don’t have the strength.