Computer fixed AGAIN!

THis time Geek Squad showed me how to disable the touch screen myself if it ever gets activated again by a Microsoft update.  I have been so frustrated with it the past two days.

My oldest got to Florida safely. Took her a long time due to bad weather but made it around 9 p.m. her time.  Hope she got a lot of sleep last night.

Tomorrow I get my hair cut! I am so looking forward to it.  I’m fairly sure I will keep it short because all the women I have seen with long grey hair just look sad. I wish mine was fully white like my Papaw’Dell’s or Aunt FLoy’s was but it’s not–just streaky grey. But maybe it will lighten with the years.

I’ve got to do some more work on my drug story. Jerry had more questions so I am trying to find out what I can to answer his further questions. They will make the story better if I can dig up the answers.  But it takes time.

Now i am at a quandary with my thesis again. I have a first sections, which is before my diagnosis about   100 pages, a central section on being diagnosed which is 94 pages, then the rest which is longer than either on the aftermath and where I am now.  I don’t know if I need to just pick one section for my thesis and focus on making that as descriptive and interesting as I can, or keep it the way it is and try to tell the whole story. I’m just kind of torn.

I need to start laundry for Bob and get dessert.  Hope everyone is staying safe from coronavirus.  Godspeed.




I go out this morning to interview a friend of mine that’s a counselor for my story.  It’s a combination brunch/social visit/interview. I think we will have fun. So I will be going out in just a little bit to meet her.

Got some news that one of the stories I’ve done may have had a tragic conclusion.  I wrote about a boy back home with mental health issues that disappeared.  I did two stories on him for MCIR, and now Choctaw County has an unidentified body on their hands buried not too far from where he disappeared. So everyone is waiting on the DNA testing to see if it is him.  So sad.   This business can sometimes be hard when it’s a story like that.

I’ve finished another craft book in my bibliography–Lopate on the nonfiction essay.  Now I’l take another crack at Mary Karr. Lopate helped me a lot to solve some narrative problems my thesis had. So hopefully I will get as much out of Karr. Everybody I’ve read so far I’ve taken away something that will help me in thesis, either revising it directly or informing my craft essay I have to turn in. SO this was a really good idea to reread them all.

WEll. if I’m going to meet her I need to get going.  I just realized I forgot about Bob’s laundry yesterday. Yipe! I’ll need to finish it this afternoon. Hope everyone is having a good day.



A Little Stuck

I did most of what I wanted to accomplish yesterday–laundry and grocery shopping and general cleaning up and getting all my sources I wanted to talk to interviewed. But no writing. I froze up yesterday when it came time to start. Oh, i also set up an email account strictly for MCIR work. But I couldn’t put words to paper. I got two paragraphs in and then got really frustrated at that.

So I decided to get up early and start and see if that would jumpstart my creativity.  So we will see.

Today is going to be a bit of a busy day–I’m going to see Candy, then take my youngest to a dentist appointment, then the bug man is coming to spray, then later my youngest has a band practice and we have a parent meeting.  So a lot going on.

My mood is holding up pretty good now that I’m home. Except for being frustrated creatively I’m doing well. Hope everyone else is doing well as well. Keep being safe and stay well. Godspeed.



Chipping Away

Finally got a couple of calls back and re-did the telehealth story. Now I wait for more people on the drug story. This is getting frustrating. I’m keeping a running list of the people who have not replied to my overtures and I’m going to include every one of them in the story as not responding.

I finally made a blueberry cobbler with the same recipe sugaring up the fresh fruit.  It was so good!  I had some for breakfast. I’ll leave Bob the rest of it for dessert after lunch or supper.

My mood is holding up well this morning.  I woke up with Bob then fell back asleep until eight a.m. When I get seriously into thesis I can wake up with Bob and use those early hours to revise.

I wonder if I’m just not going to have to drop the drugs story all together. I’m getting more and more frustrated which makes for antagonistic writing. But I think it’s important to highlight a problem people have in staying stable on meds and say something about it.

We will see what happens throughout the day. It’s barely even started. Hope everyone is having a good day and is staying safe. Godspeed.


Working Away

Finished the teleheath article and now I am about to work on the remission article for BPHope. We will see what happens. I am just taking a short break while I’m on a roll here.

My shopping went well yesterday. I got two outfits for vacation and two pantsuits for church. So much fun.  I’ve even already made bracelets for the two new casual outfits. The beads are too casual for Sunday morning church for my taste so I won’t make them for those.  I made them while watching Sherlock Holmes last night with Bob.  That was fun!

I’m tied up a lot next week.  I have Dr. Bishop, Tillie, and my friend Mary Jane to see during next week and will go on vacation the next week. I need to get all of these stories in before that so I can relax and and goof off while I’m gone.  When I get back I’ll start back in on thesis.  We will see how that goes once it gets here.

Waiting on Bob to call and see how things are going with him. I hope he slept better last night than he has been. He didn’t have to go in early so that was good.

My mood is holding up well so far. I think the change in Latuda was good and that not breaking pills in half is good as well. Hopefully the paperwork for my insurance will go through and I can pay insurance rates on it instead of full freight.

Hope everyone else is doing well. My youngest goes to work with her daddy this afternoon so I will have the house to myself. I hope everything goes well for them there.  Have a good weekend!




Going to try to get back to working today. Not sure how I’m going to. I have people coming over to fix things and don’t know how I can just sit down and write today.  It may have to be in the afternoon. Or maybe it just won’t happen today. I don’t know.

I didn’t sleep well last night, which I kind of expected because I ran out of trazodone accidentally Saturday night.  I need to fill it today. That’s another thing I have to do.

I need to run get dressed; people are supposed to show up at 8:30 a.m. or so.  I’m feeling rushed for the first time since I left the hospital–I hope it’s not mania coming back.

I guess I will go get ready. Hope everyone has a good day and is staying safe. Godspeed.


New Ideas

I had three new ideas percolate up from my brain for stories for the MCIR so I will start work on those Monday. I had wondered last time what I was going to do with June but my editor liked all three ideas so there went that. And I’m glad too because I was so bored yesterday.

Today is going to be an easy day–Bob and my youngest are going driving for a while and we will go eat lunch at Primos’ today. THen not sure what we’re going to to do.  My youngest discovered a coloring scrapbook/journal in her room while cleaning out and has been filling it in the past few days.  SO she has been occupying herself well.

I found out how to make my office CD player go on repeat after finishing a CD. This will make my life so much better not having to get up and switch out CD’s all the time; I can just let it roll over and keep playing, and I’ll keep typing. (I’m all about such small victories now.)

I told Bob yesterday that it was so nice to go about my days feeling blessedly normal. He agreed. I hope to stay like this for quite some time. Watching out for mania as well as depression, but not have anything imminent lurking over the horizon in either department. Doesn’t mean I can’t still speak out on these issues, but it means I can do so from a wellness space instead of a illness one.

Guess I will sign off for the day and see what I can do to get ready for the day. Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Godspeed.



Loose Ends

So now I don’t know what to do with my writing time. I will continue to write here, and I think I have another project that will take up June. So it won’t be too tough, I don’t think.

I so hope my insurance company approves Latuda.  I’ll continue to take it since so far as I can tell, I am in remission again, thank the heavens. Otherwise I wouldn’t have pulled off that book in a month. So I am feeling very good about my mental health right now. But it is obscene that it will eat every bit and then some of my benefit check from Social Security. I need to find some way of writing about this–but finding someone to interview about their experience will be very difficult, I think.

But I can give it a try.

Let’s see what we can get going on.  Hopefully everything will continue to keep coming together and I can do the story I’ve already contracted for and maybe this one on medication prices as well.  Wish me well.

Hope everyone continues to be safe from the virus and is doing well.  Thanks for all your support here. Godspeed.


Another Day

It’s the end of the week and this quarantine is not going to get the best of me. I am hustling work as fast as I can.  I still am having trouble with my school work, which seems irrelevant in the face of this, but I am putting out contacts for other stories and hoping they get picked up on.

I hope to send off pictures for BPHope today. My friend Candy offered to come over and take some pictures of me for it with her camera-phone where she can email them to me and then I can send them on to my editor.  So I am waiting on her.

My youngest actually has had some school work to do so that is keeping her occupied.  She drew me a Charlie Brown picture with a Schultz quote–“Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today, It is already tomorrow in Australia.”  So that was sweet.

I have my document open to work on my school paper so I suppose I will go do that for a while until Candy gets here.  Hope everyone has a good weekend and can manage to make it through another day.  One foot in front of the other.


I’m Really Scared

I’m not getting my writing done  before our Memphis trip and I’m really scared.  Now I can’t even bear to look at what I’ve already typed without getting anxious that I won’t finish it.  I’ve been in bed all morning trying not to think about it. Which of course means I’m REALLY not getting anything done and aking me panic all the more. I am so FRUSTRATED about this project.

Other things are going well, just the trying to write is making me angry. And my cursor has disappeared on my screen so I don’t even know how I’m typing this. Which is making me even angrier.  I;m scared if I listen to anything relaxing I’ll just go back to sleep.

I guess I need to abandon the article for MCIR for a while and concentrate on the craft paper that is due when we get back.  Maybe I will have better luck on that and that will make me feel better.

Hope everyone else is having a better Spring Break than me.  Pray I’ll be able to get all of this stuff DONE. And not have to worry about it any more.