Need A Nap

Yesterday took more out of me than I thought.  I am very sleepy today and don’t want to do much of anything.  I need to go grocery shopping but am really not looking forward to that.

Got another rejection today, early this morning. I’ve got so many things out there that getting them doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it used to. But we will see what happens with the rest of everything I have out.

I just feel like I’m slogging along today.  I almost want to go back to bed but know that isn’t a good idea.  I start back teaching class tomorrow after our fall break and need to look over my material at some point today.  But it feels like all I can do is stay vertical right now.

My middle child is coming home this weekend to hang out for a day or so.  So that will be fun.  Bob and she are going to see a movie and I will need to think of something to do with the youngest one while they are there. But that shouldn’t be too hard.

Hope everyone has a good week this week!




Had a visit with my mom and dad today.  They came down to see me and my youngest and we had a pretty good day.  Kind of long day but nice to see them.

Can’t believe how quickly the year is going by.  On Saturday we’ll already be halfway through October almost.  But I suppose it’s good that we’re busy and keep active with various things we do.  My youngest went to a concert with two of her friends last night and spent the night at the birthday girl’s house so I had to get her this morning before my parents got here.

Since she was gone last night, me and Bob went out to eat for dinner as a date and went to Table 100, a really fancy place on Lakeland Drive. I had shrimp and oyster risotto with asparagus and Bob had the prime rib.  So we enjoyed ourselves and had a nice quiet night at home afterwards.  Watched part of a movie but I didn’t like it much so we turned it off early and went to bed.

Finished writing down what I have so far for a short story for my W fiction class done.  I need to do a craft paper soon and have it ready to turn in in a couple of weeks.  We will see how it goes.  I hope it goes better than our last craft paper–maybe she will just grade it straight and not send it back for edits.  But it’s her class so she makes the rules.

Hope everyone gets a good start to the week.


So today was the midterm exam and I need to turn in midterm grades so far.  We have fall break next Monday and Tuesday so we will see how it all goes.  I had five students miss class for midterms today so I need to find a way for them all to make it up at one time.  I hate this.  But some are excused for sport-related reasons and I can’t just say they can’t make it up.

.Someone brought Halloween candy for the mailroom and someone else brought doughnuts.  so that was a little tide-me-over snack today.  I really like this place out here.  People are so friendly.   And I seem to have good kids.  So all that together has made for a happy semester so far.

My oldest comes home today for a bit–she will be here until Saturday afternoon and hopefully will put her Fall Break to good use studying. We haven’t heard from the middle one in a bit–she is so busy she can’t hardly take time out to call unless she really needs something.   So I think I will call her and see what is going on or get Bob to text her.

Everything else is going well–I’ve started on my final project for my W class and hope to keep it going through out the rest of the semester and have a good little bit done by the time it is due in workshop.  I have another craft essay to do and think I have a topic for that already so we will see how it goes as well.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!



Well, my oldest isn’t going to Disney after all.  They turned her down after her phone interview yesterday. She was really upset when she first got the news, but she’s calmed down now and is putting her nose to the grindstone in her classes to make sure she gets the main thing done, which is to graduate on time in May. But it was so sad for her.

I am still managing fine and have lost now nine pounds since Labor Day.  I really feel good that I’m seeing results so quickly. Only 99 more pounds to go :).

So sleepy.  I can’t decide whether I need to go back to bed or not.  I have a free day so far except for Bob’s laundry so I am seriously thinking about it.  I also could work on my short story for  fiction, so we will see what I wind up doing.  And I need to go to the grocery store.  I think I will try to do that this morning so Bob has milk for his Slimfast.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.



Today is shaping up to be a blessedly normal day.  No drama, no internal strife, no anxiety, no mood swings.  I’m just happy.  I have longed for days like this for so long.  I hope to hear soon from some of the outlets I have sent work to, but every day without a rejection is a good day.  It means I am still being considered.  And I have sent off to some really high profile journals, so hopefully I will be blessed one day with an acceptance.  I need to send out more in October so I am looking for those opportunities.

I am so blessed so far this semester with everything going well that I wonder what God is trying to prepare me for with so much peace.  Whatever it is, I hope I can endure.  Thanks to all of you who read and who pray for me as we travel along together.  Days like today I can almost forget I have bipolar disorder,


Nothing Much

Nothing much is going on today–I have a couple of errands to run and not much else going on,  I am doing so much better since I cut my Klonopin in half, not sleeping all the time. I’ve lost eight pounds in September and hope to lose more having cut out cokes and whatnot and drinking more water.  So that is a good thing.

We’ve had lots of kerfuffles in classes at the W over papers and what not–three people have dropped out of my class because of the workload and the instructor.  I’m getting along pretty good in that class with an A so I’m sticking with it regardless since it’s the only one I have.  But some people have really gotten angry over  things and  I hope the department head doesn’t just throw his hands up in despair.  I’d hate for the program to end before I get my degree.

Hope everyone else’s week is going well.  Pray for us in America as we recover and process this latest shooting and what it means,




My oldest daughter has a phone interview with the Disney Culinary Apprenticeship program on Wednesday evening!  It’s where she can go work for Disney up to six months and possibly leading up to a full time job with them once she finishes it.  We’re not sure what the next step is after this phone interview, but it sounds very promising so far.  She had to fill out an application and whatnot and she got an immediate response this morning after completing it this weekend. So she is excited and so are we.

I found out that I will be observed teaching by the head of the English Department as a new adjunct.  The date so far is October 23.  So hopefully traffic  shall cooperate and I’ll get there on time :). I have been getting there a little  early lately so it shouldn’t be a problem.  And we’ll be doing Swift’s Modest Proposal.  So I hope that will go well, and I can prepare the students well and myself well also.

The news was absolutely horrible this morning with the mass shooting in Las Vegas.  I hope and pray that everyone hurt will recover and that America can somehow get around to taking care of people in the wake of this mess.  Horrible news.

Let’s a pray for a good week in the nation and in our own lives.