Baby is Asleep

So I am eating lunch while the baby is napping. My son-in-law is home trying to catch up on his sleep since he couldn’t get tonight off. My daughter had just gone into surgery when he left. He said they told him they wouldn’t need him until 1:30 pm or so. We’ve had an interesting morning–they put their dogs up in their bedroom once they left and they howled and bared and whined and scratched the door intermittently. So when my son-in-law came home he let them go outside.

But the baby has been very sweet most of the time. When he is grumpy, nothing will do but a bottle. He won’t really take a pacifier unless he is already half-asleep. But we’ve played with the toys I brought and sung to each other (Me in Elvis Presley and him in babble). We are getting along pretty good so far.

The rest of the world is turning out there, but I am not really paying attention. I have a special time and I am going to enjoy it. Godspeed to everyone.

Grandbaby Time

I got into Orlando yesterday and got to ride in the car backseat with my grandbaby. He has grown and has quite the sunny personality–until it’s time to go to sleep. Then he turns into a screaming terror. He slept good–only got up once and his daddy had come in and wanted to mess with him, so he put him back to sleep and he slept until almost seven a.m. I’ve been messing with him all morning, but he wanted to be put to sleep by his mom so we did that.

I was up and down with him just because he makes burbly and cooing noises in his sleep so I didn’t sleep too solid. But I am making it so far. My oldest has his surgery tomorrow so I will have him all to myself. (scared emoji). But we’ll manage.

I’m about to eat lunch while he is sleeping. Hope everyone is doing well. I am sleepy but happy I can do this for them and help out. Godspeed.

Packed and Ready

I have everything together and packed. Hopefully my carryon can stay a carryon and not have to be checked. I did put my meds in my purse so I won’t lose those. I have my vaccine card. I think I have everything needed. I certainly hope so. What I really need is calmness and stability to be able to help and be of use and not simply a hindrance.

Bob and my youngest are going to be on their own for the longest time they’ve ever been save when I’ve gone to the hospital. Bob has a plan for food and meals (of course). Not sure if he has a plan for laundry or anything else. Candy and Christy are still supposed to come over on Tuesday so they will work that out with Bob.

Can’t think of much else to say except pray for the surgery to go well, for the cyst to not be malignant, for her to recover well, and for all of us to live in peace and harmony while I’m there. Oh. And for the grandbaby to keep sleeping through the night. 🙂 Godspeed.

One More Day

So tomorrow I will be snuggling with my grandson by late afternoon in Florida. Packed my stuff, got my meds, about to go get toys out of storage. I have about tied up all the loose ends. So glad I will be able to relax.

My youngest had a good time last night for homecoming. She got home after halftime and changed, waited around for the boy; he came with his parents and we and they took pictures at our house, then they went for a quick dinner and photoshoot in Flowood then came back to the school for the dance. She got in right around midnight. They ate at a Mexican restaurant, which is her favorite. SO everything went really well, and now she is on her way to a band competition in Gautier MS, so Bob and I have the house to ourselves again.

There’s a game today but I’m not sure I’ll watch it. I may try to catch up or get ahead on my sleep. We ate a late breakfast and looks like well eat a late lunch as well. I’m feeling pretty good–I can tell I’m a little apprehensive because my back is a little tight and I made sure to buy Dramamine in case I get really anxious on the flight. I may carry all my meds in my purse just so I can get to the Klonopin if I need it. I will have to see if it fits in the carry-on.

Guess I will go find those toys if I can. Love to all.

Lunch Interview

So I am seeing what I can get done before my lunch interview for the writer/editor job. I really hope this goes well and we can see what we can work out. It’s at 12:15 p.m. so I will be done with lunch beforehand and done with the interview before Bob comes in. So fitting in nicely there.

I will start on my stories after the interview. If I don’t finish today I will tomorrow. But I got some dynamite information this morning so that will be good to use.

I am feeling pretty good today. I got up on time and was able to see everyone out the door. Took my medication early so that was good as well. It may be a late night–my youngest is going to the Homecoming Dance with the boy so hopefully she will enjoy that and make some good high school memories. We will see if I can stay up until she comes home. If I don’t, Bob can. But I may just drink me a tea late at night and see if I can be up and get the story directly from her tonight.

So I need to eat lunch real quick and see if I have anything else to do before the Zoom meeting. Think ab9ut me and pray I’ll find favor if this is the job for me. Thanks. Godspeed.

The Worker Shortage is Real

I found another job to apply for on LinkedIn. I have never seen so many PR-sorts of jobs available in Jackson. Hopefully they plan to fairly compensate everyone they hire. It was an online application and they use those sons-of-guns to weed out the less persistent, I swear. Took me thirty minutes to find out the page illustrated on the instructions-to-apply-PDF did not exist, and I just had to start pressing buttons to get the screen I wanted.

Told Bob I had an interview Friday the day they sent me the email. And yesterday he said he didn’t think I could handle working full-time. He might be right. But then again, he might be wrong. And the more he tells me I can’t, the more determined I am to prove I can. I may can only work a few months. I may have to have lots of support and accommodations. But what I cannot do is sit around the house until he retires. That is what he seems unable to understand.

Getting closer to being able to ship out and help my oldest after her surgery. I leave Sunday afternoon and fly direct, thank goodness. We will see how me and the grandbaby get along. We did last time I saw him so hopefully we will this time, too. 🙂 He’s heard my voice over the phone enough he should be a little familiar with it. So hopefully that will help as well.

Well, Bob is about to head out for work and I need to pack up soon so I will be ready to leave. Sort out the last of the laundry today hopefully and go to the grocery store for the next few nights. Hope everything is going well with everyone else. Stay safe from COVID. Godspeed.

Upcoming Interview

I have an interview with a private college that I applied to as a writer/ editor for their marketing department. We’re doing it over Zoom Friday during lunch hours. This one is not my top choice out of the ones I have applied to, but I wouldn’t mind working for them at all–it seems the right amount of responsibility for me that I’m comfortable with. So we will see how it goes.

I’m going to finish laundry today and then start packing. My oldest seems really excited for me to come–I think she is hoping that she will get a solid night’s sleep or so with the meds and me taking care of the baby. I don’t know how well I will do at night with all the meds I take though.

Just got off the phone with her–she did all her pre-op testing this morning, including tests for COVID. So hopefully we are going to get this done and get her healthy again and it’s not going to be bad news with the path reports.

I am feeling good today. I hope I can get things accomplished.

Ear Trouble

For about a week my left ear has felt stopped up. I don’t know if it’s fluid, wax, or something more serious, but I’m going to my doctor to see what this afternoon. So that will be something hopefully resolved/off my mind soon. I just hope it’s non-serious. I don’t like the idea of losing my hearing this young.

Candy and Christy are here so we have had a good time talking. They wanted to know about the boy who came over and Christy thinks she knows his father and that her youngest knows the boy. So she vouched for him. Anyway. We always have a good talk when they come over.

We’re listening to Hamilton this morning. I just like to hear it every now and again. I ordered another Harry Connick Jr. CD for my oldest to give me for my birthday and I’m waiting for it to come in. I’ll give it a good listen once it comes in–it’s supposed to be all gospel and hymns. I think that will be good.

I got up early–Bob’s taken to “forgetting” to turn off his second alarm. So that’s passive-aggressive, but it wakes me up so I may can get something done early. Right now I am waiting for quotes to come in for my story and then I’ll be ready to write it. So I am just hanging out, waiting around. If I get a PR-style job I’m going to be nicer to reporters than these people are to me. 🙂

Soon it’ll be lunchtime. So I think I’m going to do another round through all my sites, etc. and see if anything new has come up. Hope everyone is doing well and having a good week. Godspeed.

Lunch Leftovers

Waiting for my pizza leftovers to warm up for lunch. Went to the grocery store and picked up a few things. I got up early with Bob and my youngest then went back to sleep and took forever to get back up. But I did. Trying to get loose ends tied up for everything here before I head out. I think I’m going to start blocking out the story soon even if I don’t have everything to finish it. At least have an outline to slot everything into.

Friday is the Homecoming Dance and my youngest’s date with the boy. Hopefully she will have fun and not be disappointed in the experience. We are going to do everything we can to help. Hopefully it will all go well.

I feel pretty good today even with the sleeping in. I had stomach trouble yesterday and spent the afternoon in the bed. I finally felt better by bedtime. So that was good. My mood is good today so that helps. I’m not that insane paranoid I was either. So that helps a lot, too. I hope tis little remission holds out for a while. At least long enough to get a job? I haven’t heard anything new yet. Just going to wait around.

Finally lost someone I knew somewhat well to COVID. She is the wife of someone my husband’s company did business with. They were local so I knew her but was not close to her. She fought for two-and-a half months in the ICU and finally had a stroke there that they weren’t prepared for. Her kids are about the same age as mine but went to a different school than mine. Pray for her family.

I suppose I will wind up and check on my pizza. Hope everyone can be safe from COVID in the future months. Godspeed.


I am not feeling so hot. I was really hungry at supper last night and we went to Waffle House. I ate way too muh and paid for it last night with reflux. So I tried to go light at lunch but still feel heavy in my stomach. I didn’t go to church but Bob did–he said our Sunday School teacher decided to resign today. They’re not sure how they are going to keep staffing our class but plan to make it work. So Bob said that made things kind of sad.

I feel like going back to bed. But I need to finish laundry and get some other things taken care of, like grocery shopping. I don’t even feel like going with my stomach so heavy. But we do need a few things so I need to haul myself out and get them.

And we did lose the game but only by three points–not too bad against SEC play.

I need to do a lot to clear the decks for the next week when I go help my oldest. Not sure except for getting laundry done and maybe some extra food shopping. And I need to clear up my two stories and get the ball rolling on a third so maybe I can jump right into it once I get back. I plan to take my laptop and keep blogging while I’m in Florida so you won’t miss out on my adventures with my grandbaby. I am looking forward to it.

I think I will try to get moving again. Otherwise i will sit here all day mindlessly scrolling. Let’s see what we can get done. Godspeed, everyone.