Lazy Sunday

I slept most of the day. I tried to doze off in church; I napped before fixing lunch, then I slept after eating lunch. So that is why I am posting late today. My oldest has called several times asking Bob questions about negotiating for this new place they are trying to get, and it seems things are going well–no crying phone calls yet. So hopefully this is going to manifest for them soon. I pray nothing happens at the last minute to break the deal.

My youngest has gone off with her youth group tonight for dinner and fun with them as summer comes to an end. She should be back before nine. She starts full-day band camp this coming week. I’ll be doing last-minute doctors’ appointments and such so that will wrap every thing up nicely before school starts.

I’ve started submitting stuff again; we will see if we get any more nibbles from people. I am working my way down a list and taking it slow so I don’t get overwhelmed. Then August I’ll start on my new project and see how that goes.

My mood has held up well; I’m not anxious or sad as I have been. So that is good. I will feel most easy once the kids are in their new place. But I’m learning to be more resilient when the bad feelings come. That’s what I need the most.

I guess I will move on to other things tonight. I hope this week goes well for everyone and that the COVID situation starts to cool off and that people will figure out what needs to be done as the kids go back to school.

Hopefully Progress

Well, my oldest seems to have found a house that will work for them; they just have to get the negotiations going and all the inspections completed and the financing worked out. I am so glad this search looks to be over. I know they and I will rest much easier getting out of what kind of fix they are in.

My youngest is too tired to run errands with me so we are just going to hang around the house today. Bob doesn’t feel well and doesn’t want to do much of anything either. He says it’s definitely a sinus infection rather than COVID. So I am feeling safe with that assessment. He knows how he feels better than I do.

My sister called me to find out about the baby and to just talk for a little while. We talked for a long while–we don’t talk often, but when we do it ranges far afield of the original subject because everything has associations for us that no one but us two can understand. 🙂

I am going to pray all day that this house will work out for them, and they can get in it before the beginning of next month. That will be such a blessing.

Guess I will run and see what else I can get done. Pray for all of us through this. As you can imagine, the anxiety I have been feeling is going down quickly. I got in a very bad place there for a while. But things are looking up. Godspeed.


So my oldest and my son-in-law called last night and talked to us about some things to look at in the houses/trailers they are going to see today. My oldest said they were going to see four properties today. I hope they find something soon.

Took my youngest to get her checkup today–they said everything was fine and that she had grown an inch. Her weight is still stable so that is good. They said they saw no problem with her getting the COVID vaccine so we are going to do that tomorrow. I’m just scared to send her to school without it.

Waiting to hear if my middle one has decided between her two job offers yet. I’m sure we’ll hear from her once it’s all done. (EDIT: She took the one she liked; just heard from her and she sounds so HAPPY.) None of them ever tell us anything about their business until they’ve already taken care of it far as they can handle it. So. I suppose that’s a good thing–they have their independence.

My liver profile came back much improved from the last time, just about back to normal . So I suppose it was the NSAIDS. I’ll know to stay away from them from now on. My side still hurts but this just may be something permanent to deal with whenever I exert myself. We will see.

Bob is trying to come down with something–he says it feels like a sinus infection. I hope that’s all it is. I hope he doesn’t have COVID again. So that is a worry as well.

So much on my plate. But school is going to start soon and that will be complicated, too. At least I no longer have to drive my youngest around anymore. She has her own car. So proud of that.

I suppose I will go out and run errands some more. Hope everyone has a great day. Godspeed.

Slow Day

I went back to Dr. Morris today to check on my liver panel. It was elevated when I had my last cholesterol check; I was taking NSAIDs for my chest contusion so the nurse said that may be why it elevated, so I quit. Today we find out if anything is going on or not. I hope not. I don’t need anything stressing me out.

My oldest sounded last night like they were negotiating a deal for a house, so I hope that comes through for them and soon. She said the baby is doing fine–she’s now pumping breast milk for him and said he took really good to the bottle. So that is a big relief.

My middle one called us last night; she has negotiated two job offers from companies since she hates the way the people who first hired her were treating her. So she just needs to decide which one she wants. Both are in the Indianapolis area, so she would only have to move a little ways to be closer to work. She said she had a handle on taking care of that, too. So we hope she will be happier.

I think I may go back to sleep after the youngest one leaves for band camp. The lassitude is overwhelming. I just want to sleep.

My theses should be emailed next week, the press said in a reply email. My other order for Bob’s birthday shows it delivered July 9 on the tracker, so they are investigating that. So hopefully everything will be coming in soon.

I suppose I will run and finish my lunch. Godspeed, everyone.


My anxiety levels are still dangerously high. i am now out looking for something to blame it on. A whole list of candidates is presenting itself. But nothing will solve my anxiety. Only I and God an do that.

I’ve tried relaxing this morning to help, but the phone kept ringing with robocalls and all. I just got back from the grocery store and took care of shopping for today. I’ll likely go back again tomorrow. At least it will drag me out of the house.

I am eating lunch and will see if I can get anything accomplished this afternoon. Laundry and playing catchup are about all I can think to do. I am so wired I can barely sit still at this point. I have all the doctor appointments organized so we will see what happens. I need to go to the school with school registry information but I need to make copies of a ill or two to turn in with the residency requirement. I am getting so testy with the people. There needs to be a box to check somewhere that the information is the same, it has always been the same, it will always be the same for the duration that she is in school and the same it has been all her life. So frustrating.

I guess I will finish lunch and then see what I can do. Hope everyone is having a better day. Godspeed.

Back From Grandson

Yes, we have a very healthy, wiggly, hungry, good-natured grandson. He was so sweet to hold and rock and walk around with and talk to. He loves looking at himself in the mirror. We shopped for a good bit of stuff for him because they were expecting him a few weeks later than he came. Mother is still hurting from the birth because he was so big. Dad is off work this week and will go back next Monday with no scheduling for overtime, they say. We will see when it comes down to it. He can already lift his head off your shoulder and look at what is going on around him. His other grandparents graciously shared him with us since we had to come back today. We made it in one long drive this time so that was good. They still have a lot going on that I am far too depressed to talk about, so I am not easy in my mind about them yet. But I am praying. A lot.

My anxiety levels are through the roof. I am going to check and see when my next appointment with Tillie is and move it up to tomorrow. I have other appointments that had to be rearranged so I will be catching up with those. Had my appointment with Dr. Bishop last week and he said that as far as the “big stuff” (mania, depression, etc.) went, I seemed to be fine. So I suppose that is a good thing. It has been a year since I was last hospitalized, so that is something to celebrate. So it evens out in the end, I guess.

I soon need to be going to bed. Hopefully everything else will turn out right again. Pray for them, please.


My oldest had her first child at 1:30 am this morning at 8 pounds and 3 ounces. They told us it would probably be today so we went out shopping for baby stuff yesterday–clothes, supplies, diapers, etc. I had been good for so long and hadn’t shopped so now we have some gifts to bring to the hospital. We are going down probably this afternoon part of the way so we can see him and my oldest and her husband tomorrow on and off through the day. Run errands for them, etc. Whatever we can do to help. My oldest says he is hungry and wiggly. I told her that made sense as far as what he was like in the womb, kicking all the time.

We got two pictures my son-in-law sent us of him all wrapped up, in one he is either yawning or yowling, and other he looks nice and peaceful. Eyes are shut. I look forward to seeing him all a wake tomorrow and playing with him.

Well I guess I will go pack. Such a nice peaceful morning. Love to all.

Speeding Up

My oldest went to the hospital last night with more contractions and they sent her home again. She went to see her doctor today for her regularly scheduled appointment and he had a fit when she said she was sent her home last night from the regular hospital. So he sent her to a DISNEY hospital and told them to admit her because she was going to have the baby within 24-48 hours. So we will go down Friday and come back Tuesday, which will give us two days of travel and two days with them. They’re no longer talking about the NICU so the baby must be really healthy.

I had to rearrange my appointment schedule and had to sign my youngest up for a sports physical as soon as they could get us in. So life is going to be a bit topsy-turvy for a while. Bob is staying home with me this afternoon because I’m a bit stunned. I literally cannot envision myself as a grandma. I’m 50 almost 51 so it’s not too early to be a grandma, but I still have a child at home! I was hoping for some more time after she got out of the house. But here we are.

I need to go do some laundry, then I think it is high time to go out and do some baby shopping. I’ve been good and not bought anything, but it is time now. Hope everyone has a great day!

Moving Right Along

Our son-in-law called us this morning and said that my oldest daughter had a good night, was able to rest but had really light contractions this morning. So we will see how things track throughout the rest of the week.

I go eat lunch with friends today at a new place in town–Bob and I haven’t been before because the menu looked seafood-heavy online. But today I will see what it is really like and be able to make a decision on if we can both go there or not. I am looking forward to it!

I woke up with Bob this morning so I am sleepy. I may go back to bed after I finish this–I had hoped I could get more done if I woke up early. But it seems like my sleepiness isn’t going to let that happen.

Please pray for patience for me. Several things are going on that I am just going to have to wait out for a while to see the outcome. I am anxious and worrying about too much. I don’t want to have an episode myself because of all of this.

I guess I will run. Hope everyone has a good week and holds us in prayer, especially for my oldest’s situation with the baby and my nerves through all of this. Godspeed.


In A Hurry

My oldest started having contractions again at three this morning. They went to the hospital, and they told her the baby had dropped more and that she had dilated more. Now instead of talking about the baby coming within 30-45 days, they are talking–Thursday. They sent her home with meds and with a list of things to watch out for that would necessitate them coming back to the hospital immediately. If he comes and it’s a premature birth, he will likely stay in the NICU for a week. But they can’t know that until he comes. So things just got really intense for them. They are supposed to look into a loan this morning about some land they want to buy and put a house trailer on. I hope that goes well.

I have made it pretty good today except for the typical worrying I am doing about my oldest and her husband. They have been dealt a really bad hand because of the pandemic and the pressure keeps growing and growing. We don’t have any answers for them, either–all we can do is help as much as they will let us.

I am doing laundry with the idea that we may have to run down there this week. So I am in a hurry, too. Bob’s laundry just finished washing so I am going to go swap it around. Hope everyone else is having a good day. Godspeed.