Experiment Success

So I cooked a Blue Apron meal last night.  I had my middle one help me out with some of the cutting and slicing, but it really all went well.  We had a pork roast with black beans and roasted red onions.  Took less then an hour to get it all together so that was nice.  ALl the ingredients came premeasured and it really was all very easy.

Today we head out for Mobile to the dance competition. I need to finish packing and pick up a batch of medicine before I do.

I have started having a heavy heart for the next generation.  It started when my pastor was preaching Wednesday night when he talked about how young people today will say they’re not concerned that their boyfriend or girlfriend is a Christian or not.  Then the whole spiel with my friend the other night about the young bipolar girl, and finally I found out on facebook that one of my news colleagues now has a  transgendered child.  She was born a girl but passes now for a boy at sixteen.  I just wish it wasn’t so hard to be young nowadays.

Hope every one has a good weekend;  see you back Monday!

Being a Friend

I talked last night to a lifelong friend of mine about her daughter’s friend who was recently diagnosed as bipolar.  The daughter is listening to her bipolar friend talk about things that are distressing.   She doesn’t know how much longer she can be a friend and watch this girl spiral into self-destructive behaviors.

I do not know what advice to give the girl about being friends with someone who is diagnosed bipolar but is resisting treatment.  None of my friends knew how to handle the news of my diagnosis either.  I remember being on the phone with a friend the first time I tried to run away from home and him trying to talk me out of killing myself.  He managed to convince me to go home and tell my husband what was going on. But that is not something I should have made him responsible for doing.  He has his own problems up the same line.

My husband has borne the brunt of my illness more so than my friends.  He has shown more patience that I ever thought possible and he says it’s because he loves me and he took a vow to do so in sickness and in health.  I think it helps that I have been compliant with treatment and have shown that I want to be better, to do better.  There is only so much you can do to help your bipolar friend if they won’t move to help themselves.

I prayed a long time last night for the bipolar girl and her friend.  Sometimes that is all we can do.


Change of Plans

Well, my experiment came too late for supper last night so we will eat on it the rest of the week so I don’t have anything to report on it yet.  I did read up the recipes and they sound fairly easy and step-by-step.  So hopefully I can pull these meals off. We will see how it goes.

I am so sleepy today.  I think I will run out and pick me up a Coke for lunch.  I need to do laundry today so I will get to work on that soon.

Had a good talk with my therapist yesterday.     We talked about dance and how much I hate it and tried to work out if there were new ways to cope with the stress.  I don’t know how much we accomplished but it was good to talk about it.   I told her about the panel I’m going to serve on as NAMI representative so we talked a bit about that.  I’m really looking forward to it.  It’s about a month away so I have plenty of time to figure it out and what all I need to say.

It’s really turned springy here now–I sat outside yesterday and read a book on my back patio and got a bit of a sunburn–I was only out for a little while but it was enough to turn me red.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.  Keep those visits coming!



So I start the experiment with Blue Apron today.  It’s a food delivery service that brings fresh food to your house and directions on how to cook it.  Hopefully it will come in time for me to cook it for dinner tonight.  Bob started making noise about wanting new recipes so we are experimenting with this service.

So I go to my therapist today–we will see how it goes.  I am awake and stayed awake this morning but don’t have much motivation to do anything before I go.  I’ve checked everything on the computer and finished all my work for class so that is no longer a burden.  I’m waiting for a lot of acceptances/rejections still–I have about 20 open submissions that I won’t hear from for a while still.  I’m just impatient, I guess.

I need to run get ready for my appointment so I will leave this post as is.  Not having anything exciting to tell can make for slow reading, but I feel like bipolar has given me enough excitement for a life time.  I’m ready for some slow days.




First Day of Spring

So today looks like it will be a slow day.  I slept in until 10 and am just now getting started on what all I have to do.  I love that the sun is back out and that the temperature is warm again for the first day of spring.  I love that I feel so right and not in any danger of relapsing. Yes, I slept in. But that’s okay if I need to.

Start right back in with classes.  I’ve read the workshop pieces  but not the anthology essays yet.  I’ll get to them after lunch.  One is by Amy Tan, who is not my favorite author.  I don’t know anything about the other author. SO we will see.

All I have scheduled today is laundry and schoolwork. Tomorrow I go see my therapist.  Not sure what were going to talk about.  I’m doing so well.  Probably about ways to cope with the upcoming trip to Atlanta.  That’s in a couple of weeks, and I am not really looking forward to it.  I’m trying to.  But it’s not working.

Hopefully everyone can get back into the swing of things after being out this last week.  We will see how we do here. Hope everyone has a great week back.



I go up and pick up my youngest today from my mom and dad.  It’s about a 2 hour drive the way I do it so I’ll be in the car for a while driving down and back.  But it’s okay–saves my parents from making it again.  They came to get her Wednesday so I can do the trip back.

I slept in late this morning–I haven’t been up very long.  But at least I woke up in time to get dressed and all before I head up on time.  I may even leave early–depends on when I finish this post.  I meant to get up earlier and get the groceries but I suppose that’s going to have to wait until I get back.

I did finally get a little writing done yesterday—wrote a new introduction to my piece I plan to turn in for class at the end of the semester.  I realized that I’m really scared to take  on a piece about the time between Hurricane Katrina and my first time to try to run away from home.  I don’t remember a lot about it as far as events; I’d need to go back and look at the writing I was doing to get a feel for what all went on.  But I think I’m scared because I don’t want to feel those feelings again.



So I got a check from Delta Magazine and went and spent it on music this time.  I bought 12 CD’s with less than $100.  I was proud of the good shopping I did.  SO today I plan to listen to them all straight through.

My youngest got picked up yesterday for her trip to my mom’s.  Hopefully they will have fun.  My oldest went kayaking on her trip to the Grand Canyon, so we know she is having fun.  The middle one is upstairs in her room right now but plans to go watch MSU girls’ basketball with her best friend through the weekend courtesy of Bob’s parents.  SO hopefully she will still have had fun on her spring break.

Got an interesting invitation yesterday.  National ALliance for the Mentally Ill in MS asked me to serve as their representative on a panel discussion a local psychiatric facility is having on spiritual practice and its place in mental health treatment.  I got really excited about the topic once I found it out since that is my whole message.  It’s going to be in late April.

I had planned to write all day today but I’m not sure about that.  I’m not sure what I can work on.  I have the essay that is due at the end of the year and another one that has been forming in my mind for a few months, so I may work on those.  Otherwise I’m not sure what I could work on.

I feel pretty good this morning.  I got up early right after Bob left and took out the garbage since he was running late and have been up ever since. I need to go take my meds If I’m going to stay up.  Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.



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