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Good News!

Good news!  I have a meeting set up for next Tuesday with the managing editor of the group I’ve been in talks with about the mental health stories I came up with that needed reporting on.  So it does look like they worked out the financing somehow and we will see what the plan is then.

So I hope to make an announcement nest week as to who I’ll be working for and what exactly I’ll be doing.

Band camp is still moving along–they break for the weekend and start full days on Monday, then do that for a week. THen they have off until school starts on August 7.  I have all the paperwork turned in, but we have high school orientation on August 1 and band pictures that same afternoon. So Thursday of that off week will be busy.

Then I start school on August 22. I’m not sure when my middle one starts back to State–we work that out later in the summer.  But she’s going back to the same apartment and roommate she had before so we are not too worried about that.

SO all in all, the world is looking up today. I am so glad that I may have a job lined up.  I need work right now, no matter how small it is.  Finish these two semesters of one class each and  then start thesis next fall and get cranking on my magnum opus! 🙂



Back to Possibility

Well, the group still wants me to write for them and is trying to work out alternate financing for me.  SO we are back in the land of possibility on that job.  It feels nice to be wanted–I’ll say that much. So back to waiting.

I’m having a potluck dinner party tomorrow so I need to be getting things ready.  Cleaning up the house and what not.  I’ve picked out the music–three Beethoven CD’s and two Henry Mancini’s.   That sounds like a good combination as background for good conversation.

Speaking of music, I bought two new Sandra Boynton CD’s. One came in yesterday and the other is supposed to arrive today.  They sound so, so cute.  The one I got yesterday features a lot of rock/pop acts, and the other one is supposed to be dance music.  So I am in suspense about that.  I look forward to hearing it this afternoon

I keep trying to stop the Cokes, but I am so sleepy all day long without them on this medication. I’m certainly not manic any more.  Now I’m just exhausted without doing anything very much.

I run my youngest back and forth to the high school for band camp,  I need to look up a piece of paperwork and turn it in to the school for registration finalization,  SO I better go do that.

Hope everyone has a good day today and is on the way to a good weekend.



You remember the people who were waiting on a grant to be awarded before they could hire me?

It didn’t come through.

So now they are wondering how to fund hiring me to do those mental health stories I came up with.

So we will see what they say before I get too depressed about it.

But things do not seem to bode well for me to work this fall.



Back To School So Soon?

Getting inundated with Back-to-school paperwork already.  Rather, computer work.  Having to fill out online forms for them to keep up with contact information, etc.  Band, school, and residency forms are coming due.  So that’s just SO MUCH FUN.  I know there are over 1000 kids in the school she is going to, but what happened to the days of carrying over a child’s records unless someone told you they had a change of address during the school year/summer?  We haven’t moved over my youngest one’s entire school career.  Why do we fill out the same forms saying the same things every single year?  It is so annoying.

So I have that challenge to overcome this week.  And I’m trying to get the Cokes out of my system again so I am dragging around like a dead dog.  I have stuff to do and just want to crawl in bed and sleep.  I’m off kilter on my diet so I probably won’t have lost any weight this time when I go unless I do something drastic in the next few weeks.  And I’m having company this weekend so I have to get the house cleaned up for it and decide what plates and whatnot to use.  I’m just in the worst mood ever and don’t know what to do about it.  I want the company and know it will be a good time but I am so tired I can’t face getting ready for it.

ANybody out there got some good news to share?  Leave a note in the comments so I can share in your good fortune.  Hope everyone else is having a GOOD start to their week.


Band Camp

Oh, it’s an early morning this morning.  But the youngest is at band camp on time and that’s what matters. I am so sleepy.  I may go back to bed.

She packed well–water supply, snack, music, instrument, etc.  Not sure if they’re going to do any marching this morning with the remains of the hurricane still lingering around.  I’ts really damp, muggy, and sprinkly this morning so they may not get out and march at all,

I’m finally starting my last stint through high school. I hope it all goes well for her.  We got word this weekend that she’s been placed in Pre-AP English, which is a nice honor but means she has to read the “summer” reading book in the three weeks left in the summer.  Hopefully she can do that and feel good and motivated to do it.  Hopefully she will manage that well.

Listening to the last of my Harry Connick Jr. CD’s this morning.  That’s all I listened to while Bob and my youngest were gone.  So I’m finishing them up today and will pack them back into my car for drives by myself.

I think I will go back to sleep. I can barely hold my eyelids up.  Hope everyone has a good day!

Hurricane Watch 2

So far we’ve gotten just a few sprinkles of rain–not even enough to wet my patio.  Hopefully we can avoid the torrents of rain that the weather people were talking about.  SOuth Louisiana seems to be getting pounded though.  Hopefully the levees in New Orleans will hold because they say it is raining there, too.

I have had an extremely slow day.  Bob and my youngest were at the dance clinic all day and they will come back late afternoon. So it will be nice to have them home.  I haven’t done anything worth doing but computer work and talking on the phone and on facebook.

I also haven’t eaten a proper meal since they left–I’ve been snacking on fruit and nuts all day.  I tried cooking a proper supper, but it was a frozen dinner and it didn’t cook well so I threw it out rather than eat it.

I wish I could hear something about my job opportunity.   I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself if I don’t have a job this fall.  All I can do is wait and see.

Update: THe rain has finally come in, but it’s not torrential.  Just steady.  Not sure how long it’s going to hang around–according to predictions, we may see it for the rest of the day.  But I need to get out today to church and whatnot.  So we will see how that goes.

Update 2:  Still raining–coming and going in intensity. Talked to Bob in Biloxi and he said the rain seemed to be gone from there.  So hopefully they won’t have any trouble getting home after the clinic today.  Looking forward to seeing them back home safe.

Update 3:  Finally stopped raining around 3 p.m.  I’m sure glad that was all there was to this.  And I’m glad that I stayed calm and stable through all the hype and fearmongering of the media.  Of course, it helped that I didn’t turn on the TV all weekend.  But it’s been good to stay calm through one of these considering what happened to me when Katrina came through.

Hurricane Watch

So we are on hurricane watch with Barry coming onshore in Louisiana.  We are expected to get a LOT of rain from it.  Bob’s in Biloxi with out youngest for a dance clinic–I am just hoping he is far enough east so as to miss out on the storm surge and flooding that is expected from Long Beach to west of New Orleans. I’ll keep up with them through the day and see what it going on.  They say it should hit us around 12 noon here in the Jackson Mississippi area.

I’ll know how far I’ve come in my recovery if I can handle this storm without freaking out.  The wind is not expected to be bad here so I know the house will be safe–we are on a fairly high elevation.  But the sheer amount of rain it’s expected to generate may make it hard for Bob to drive in Sunday after the clinic.  I don’t know.  I can dream up hundreds of terrible scenarios.  But that is just my overactive imagination.  I plan to just do my best to relax today and not worry.

It makes me feel better to type out everything here rather than just let it swirl around in my head. We will see what the day brings.

Update  : Saw a very funny meme on facebook.  You see a picture of Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel and the caption says, “Don’t forget to leave out milk and protein bars for Jim Cantore.  If you forget he will turn off your power.”